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6-Jun-2021Evaluation of an online education module designed to reduce stillbirth.Andrews, Christine; Meredith, Natasha; Seeho, Sean; Weller, Megan; Griffin, Alison; Ellwood, David; Middleton, Philippa; Jennings, Belinda; Flenady, VickiJournal Article-
5-Jun-2021Pediatric Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia: clinical spectrum and predictors of poor outcome.Campbell, Anita J; Al Yazidi, Laila S; Phuong, Linny K; Leung, Clare; Best, Emma J; Webb, Rachel H; Voss, Lesley; Athan, Eugene; Britton, Philip N; Bryant, Penelope A; Butters, Coen T; Carapetis, Jonathan R; Ching, Natasha S; Coombs, Geoffrey W; Daley, Denise; Francis, Joshua; Hung, Te-Yu; Mowlaboccus, Shakeel; Nourse, Clare; Ojaimi, Samar; Tai, Alex; Vasilunas, Nan; McMullan, Brendan; Blyth, Christopher C; Bowen, Asha CJournal Article-
4-Jun-2021From "stuck" to satisfied: Aboriginal people's experience of culturally safe care with interpreters in a Northern Territory hospital.Kerrigan, Vicki; McGrath, Stuart Yiwarr; Majoni, Sandawana William; Walker, Michelle; Ahmat, Mandy; Lee, Bilawara; Cass, Alan; Hefler, Marita; Ralph, Anna PJournal Article*Allied Health Personnel; *Communication Barriers; Hospitals; Humans; Language; Northern Territory
4-Jun-2021Critical care resource use associated with tourism in Central Australia.Robson, Briony; McAnulty, Greg; Secombe, PaulJournal Article-
2-Jun-2021Developing and user testing new pharmacy label formats-A study to inform labelling standards.Tong, Vivien; Aslani, Parisa; Raynor, David K; Shipp, Diana; Parkinson, Brian; Lalor, Daniel; Sobey, Andrew; Gilbert, Alice; Crofton, Jackie; Young, Joanne; Carter, Sophie; Poon, Wing; Chitlangia, ShradaJournal Article-
Jun-2021Incidence of lower limb amputation in Central Australia.Stuart, Laura; Kimmel, Lara; Jolly, AndrewJournal Article-
29-May-2021Recurrent mandibular fractures: a retrospective study over 17 years on aetiology, demographics, fracture patterns, and management.Sadhu Reddipogu, J; Lightfoot, E; Scott, C; Thomas, MJournal Article-
27-May-2021Northern Territory Tobacco Action Plan 2019 -2023Department of Health; Northern Territory GovernmentPlanTobacco; Action plan; Smoking; smoke-free
17-May-2021Pharmacological and surgical interventions for the treatment of gastro-oesophageal reflux in adults and children with asthma.Kopsaftis, Zoe; Yap, Hooi Shan; Tin, Kyi Saw; Hnin, Khin; Carson-Chahhoud, Kristin VJournal Article; Review-
14-May-2021Critical analysis of spirometric patterns in correlation to chest computed tomography among adult indigenous Australians with chronic airway diseases.Heraganahally, Subash S; Howarth, Timothy; Mo, Lin; Sorger, Lisa; Ben Saad, HelmiJournal Article-