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HandleTitleIDTotal hits20202019201820172016
10137/1151Public and Environmental Health Guidelines for Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy and Body Art.pdf1788416711588612900
10137/696TB Guidelines May 2016.pdf112872697115390300
10137/730Northern Territory Health Aboriginal Cultural Security Framework 2016-2026.pdf101641736815317600
10137/1257Northern Territory Graduate Nurse and Midwife Programs 2018-19 FAQs.pdf101052545612423900
10137/911Treatment and Aftercare Plan AMT Template.pdf83181686146200400
10137/698Healthy Skin Program 2015.pdf75023354992217500
10137/2729Northern Territory Health Strategic Plan.pdf7003301629041200
10137/444NT guidelines for control of APSGN.pdf67822074264231100
10137/1417Annual Report 2016-17.pdf63701373062317100
10137/1281Northern Territory Alcohol Policies and Legislation Review - Issues Paper.pdf62521513312278900
10137/1011Time out- minimum periods of exclusion from school, pre-school and childcare facilities for children or staff with, or exposed to, infectious diseases.pdf5520553105236000
10137/781Preventive treatment for LTBI Vietnamese.pdf55111293455192700
10137/729Northern Territory Health Aboriginal Cultural Security Policy.pdf5433302321308200
10137/424Health Kids Under 5.pdf49061733536119700
10137/6935Mothers and Babies 2015.pdf4757170378879900
10137/1649NT Road Ambulance Service Scoping Review.pdf4681393026161600
10137/506Vol. 14 no 4 December 2007.pdf46232402551183200
10137/7187Annual Report 2017-2018.pdf4408155395529800
10137/1279GNMP Application Guidelines 2017-18.pdf4296371915234400
10137/785Melioidosis Bahasa Indonesian translation.pdf42521292623150000
10137/672NT Health Nutrition and Physical Activity Strategy 2015 - 2020.pdf4249832527163900
10137/946Biting Midge Pest Calendar for Coastal NT 2017.pdf4168472060206100
10137/927Remote Area Nurse Safety.pdf4137612349172700
10137/699Sexually Transmitted Infections 2016.pdf398801641234700
10137/639DoH Annual Report 2014-15.pdf3964461827209100
10137/6937Mango Dermatitis PHC Remote Scheduled Substance Treatment Protocol.pdf3934885289515400
10137/778Patient Assistance Travel Scheme (PATS) Guidelines.pdf39211062556125900
10137/7055Northern Territory Suicide Prevention Strategic Framework 2018-2023.pdf37641522481113100
10137/784Mantoux Bahasa Indonesian translation.pdf3758921791187500
10137/253Newsround June 20003552112000154100
10137/798Northern Territory Aboriginal Health Plan 2015 - 2018.pdf3489541914152100
10137/781Preventive treatment for LTBI Bahasa Indonesian.pdf32192351556142800
10137/665Child Care Centre Menu Planner.pdf3082651340167700
10137/885Health literacy communication and cultural competence towards an integrated approach in Indigenous health care.pdf295528927200000
10137/1408Biting Midge Pest Calendar 2019.pdf29392928575300
10137/707Congenital syphilis guidelines for the Northern Territory Nov 2015.pdf2923561455141200
10137/576Overview of Men's Health in the Northern Territory.pdf2904186180191700
10137/517Chronicle, Vol. 23 issue 1 March 2012.pdf274722554217100
10137/7208Meeting and Exceeding Cultural Safety in the Workplace, Resource Toolkit.PDF27429926212200
10137/803Naltrexone & Acamprosate To Assist Dependent Drinkers Maintain Abstinence.pdf2707286206235900
10137/1278Northern Territory burden of disease study Fatal burden of disease and i....pdf2676411212142300
10137/786Personal protection from mosquitoes & biting midges in the NT.pdf2581621145137400
10137/738Stinging and Itchy Caterpillars in the Top End of the Northern Territory.pdf2531851252119400
10137/656Northern Territory Market Basket Survey Summary Report 2015.pdf2461241274116300
10137/1226Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Evaluation Report.pdf2426331035135800
10137/840NT Pharmacist-Led Immunisation Pilot Guidelines (July 2016).pdf24178949146000
10137/2725Healthy Workplace Toolkit.pdf239344947140200
10137/1036Northern Territory suicide prevention action plan 2015-2018.pdf235020787154300
10137/781Preventive treatment for LTBI Arabic.pdf2343341159115000
10137/991Tuberculosis Two Step Mantoux Testing CDC Factsheet.pdf231397141380300
10137/750Tuberculosis treatment Swahili translation.pdf22921031153103600
10137/577The Health and Wellbeing of Older Territorians.pdf2279351053119100
10137/723DoH_Annual Report_2015-16.pdf221616939126100
10137/1276Northern Territory Aboriginal Health Key Performance Indicators Report, 2014.pdf218625117498700
10137/1212Ciguatera Aug 2015.pdf2126481023105500
10137/671Infection Control During Construction Renovation Maintenance NT Hospital Policy.docx2107351049102300
10137/557Notifiable diseases to be reported in the NT.pdf2086682018000
10137/253Newsround April 1997207414785127500
10137/779Ross River virus.pdf204239975102800
10137/735Common Mosquitoes of the Northern territory.pdf203730101599200
10137/7231The Best Opportunities in Life Northern Territory Child and Adolescent health and Wellbeing Strategic Plan 2018 - 2028.pdf203565171125900
10137/961Contact tracing for sexually transmitted infections.pdf201635836114500
10137/241Flour-Drum Stove Cookbook.pdf201155148547100
10137/616Northern Territory Market Basket Survey report 2014.pdf200529943103300
10137/239Challenges to relapse prevention.pdf20007429156400
10137/526Control of Leprosy in the Northern Territory Guidelines.pdf198356172120600
10137/1193Public and Environmental Health Guidelines for Public Accommodation.pdf197531720122400
10137/603Smoking prevalence factsheet 21May2014_FINAL.pdf195422800113200
10137/1010Staff immunisation assessment, screening and vaccination form.pdf18863494890400
10137/6982BDR Process Evaluation_FINAL_28_06_2018.pdf188321525133700
10137/1296Nutrition Education Resource Manual.pdf186936121461900
10137/439MBS PBS Draft8 Final.pdf18351993288400
10137/660TEHS Service Delivery Agreement 2016-17 full.pdf182513630118200
10137/506Vol. 25 no 1 March 2018.pdf182524712108900
10137/1237Mosquito_borne diseases September 2016.pdf17743989683900
10137/750Tuberculosis treatment Indonesian translation.pdf17573797774300
10137/1325Chickenpox July 2017.pdf174952121947800
10137/610NT Cardiac Secondary Prevention Framework.pdf17423478792100
10137/6985Northern Territory Health Services Fees and Charges Manual.pdf171041122744200
10137/1330CAHS Service Delivery Agreement 2017 - 2018.pdf17081077392500
10137/419Chronicle DEC 09.pdf16992196071800
10137/6765Healthy Smiles Oral Health and Fluoride Varnish Information for Health Professionals Manual.pdf169836100965300
10137/506Vol 24 no 3 September 2017.pdf167613581108200
10137/1409Saltmarsh Mosquito Pest Calendar 2019.pdf16725415655300
10137/506Vol. 23 no 1 March 2016.pdf16613269593400
10137/891Requirements for Prescriptions for Schedule 8 Substances (S8s).docx16583575187200
10137/617cancer in the NT.pdf16292378881800
10137/141Section 2.pdf16114894062300
10137/419Chronicle August 09 WEB.pdf15973082074700
10137/1334Freedom of Information_application.docx15911989068200
10137/865Appendix B - Application for Authority to Prescribe a Restricted S8 Psychostimulant Medication.docx15794487965600
10137/506Vol. 23 no 4 December 2016.pdf15791976579500
10137/1167300.18 Fact Sheet Disposal of S8 Substances.pdf15724275177900
10137/253Newsround June 1997155183117629200
10137/1187iGAS guidelines Nov 2015.pdf15433270280900
10137/1001Immunisation recommendations for health care workers.pdf15423758991600
10137/790Good food for people with diabetes.pdf15385596052300
10137/506Vol 25 no 3 September 2018.pdf153045108140400
10137/836Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services Fact Sheet.pdf15292169281600
10137/681Annual Report 2012-2013 Chronic Conditions Prevention and Management Strategy 2010-2020.pdf15146667877000
10137/506Vol 24 no 4 December 2017.pdf15092362586100
10137/781Preventive treatment for LTBI Filipino.pdf15052761786100
10137/799Aboriginal Policy and Stakeholder Engagement Framework 2012.docx15041666782100
10137/751Public Hospital Charter.pdf14952367679600
10137/640Mother and Babies 2013.pdf14861563583600
10137/618DoH Strategic Plan 2014 - 2017.pdf148521416104800
10137/581A New Service Framework for Health and Hospital Services in the Northern Territory.pdf14833457987000
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol 13 no 1 January-March & April-June 2012 .pdf14792486059500
10137/1003Student Placement Form.pdf14696382757900
10137/1198School Toothbrushing Information 2017.pdf14495877561600
10137/1002Student Deed of Undertaking.pdf14467977958800
10137/295validation_report_001 21Nov.pdf14433477463500
10137/776Immunisation Schedule_Children.pdf14322951137000
10137/1391Banned Drinker Register Self referral application.pdf14243979459100
10137/1655Critical Incident Reporting Guidelines.pdf1424701354000
10137/442Summary_Report_Print_Reviseda (2).pdf14082567271100
10137/1335TEHS Service Delivery Agreement 2017 - 2018.pdf13951155982500
10137/1286Suicide Prevention Discussion.pdf13941462675400
10137/570Review of the PATS September 2013.pdf13661264570900
10137/1179AOD Youth Grants Program 2017-18 Flyer.pdf13416472755000
10137/720Possess and Use a Schedule 4 or 8 Substance Application Form.docx13414779250200
10137/633Renal Replacement Therapy Demand Study NT 2001 to 2022.pdf13391160372500
10137/931Termination of Pregnancy Law Reform Discussion Paper.pdf13247160464900
10137/899Entry to Mental Health Services - Form 9.pdf13214564762900
10137/1254Mothers and Babies 2014.pdf1319934796300
10137/947Salt marsh mosquito pest calendar for coastal NT 2017.pdf1316842088800
10137/2731Northern Territory Rehabilitation Strategy 2017 to 2021.pdf13033773852800
10137/1298Updated NT STI Guidelines April 2019.pdf1292661226000
10137/506Vol. 24 no 2 June 2017.pdf12902471455200
10137/506Vol. 23 no 2 June 2016.pdf12901859068200
10137/925Relapse Prevention Program 2014.pdf12872235990600
10137/660TEHS Service Delivery Agreement 2015-16 variation.pdf12661650274800
10137/1430Medical Entomology annual report 1617.pdf12552058365200
10137/901Healthy Choices Made Easy Foods and Drinks Guide.pdf12332861059500
10137/1410The Chronicle August 2017.pdf12211967752500
10137/1398Meningococcal ACWY Vaccination Program Information.pdf12203067251800
10137/1496NT Clinical Senate.docx12061161058500
10137/506Vol. 13 no 2 June 2006.pdf11943458157900
10137/2685Mosquito breeding and wastewater treatment and disposal in the NT - 2016.pdf11925064449800
10137/871Appendix A - Notification of Supply of an Unrestricted S8 Substance.docx11901453763900
10137/593Blaydin Point report V2 Sep09.pdf11811371045800
10137/536Preventable Chronic Diseases in Aboriginal Populations.pdf11681045870000
10137/506Vol. 24 no 1 March 2017.pdf11671155759900
10137/726Privacy Policy.pdf11673562251000
10137/506Vol 25 no 2 June 2018.pdf11611161054000
10137/534CCPMS Annual Report 2010.2020.rtf1159958956100
10137/1316Satellite Dialysis Costs_Renal costing report.pdf11561846567300
10137/649NT Demography Factsheet 2015.pdf11551245069300
10137/438A4 ATSIGTHE flyer 2010 version.pdf11542776036700
10137/654Overweight and Obesity in NT 2011-2012.docx11541344769400
10137/922Contract for Patients Prescribed Benzodiazepines - M&PC.docx11412343068800
10137/506Vol. 22 no 4 December 2015.pdf11361852159700
10137/618DoH Strategic Plan 2014 - 2017.docx11311136475600
10137/1209Box Jellyfish Sept 2015.pdf11272649660500
10137/789Head lice advice.pdf11222576533200
10137/996Tuberculin Skin Test (Mantoux Test) CDC Factsheet (002).pdf11104174532400
10137/419Chronicle - March_09.pdf11041458650400
10137/928Response to the review of Remote Area Nurse Safety On-Call After Hours Security.pdf10951441966200
10137/2724Chronic Conditions Strategy Implementation Plan 2017-2020.pdf.pdf10942959846700
10137/506Vol. 23 no 3 September 2016.pdf10903156549400
10137/975The Northern Territory Immunisation Register information for health practitioners.pdf10812062643500
10137/1341Clinical Criteria - Career Pathway Streams.xlsx10784055848000
10137/263Recommended chlorination procedures for receptacles containing mosquito eggs for quarantine purposes.pdf10707862536700
10137/697The Chronicle August 2016.pdf10501252950900
10137/814Review of Area of Need Provisions.pdf10372051050700
10137/205Biting midges or sandflies in the NT 2003 CDC ver.pdf10302150050900
10137/897Issuing Prescriptions and Supplying Schedule 8 Substances (Volume 1).pdf102563962000
10137/419THE Chronicle - June_09 FA WEB.pdf10251853846900
10137/860Application for employment NT Nursing and Midwifery form.docx10222447652200
10137/944Azithromycin for trachoma - information for health care providers.pdf10221940459900
10137/905Let's Dig! A School Garden Resource.pdf10221548851900
10137/634Injuries in the Northern Territory 1997-2011.pdf10211545455200
10137/614The Chronicle Vol. 26 Issue 3 December 2014.pdf 10211558042600
10137/904Healthy Food and Drink Options for Staff, Volunteers and Visitors in NT Health Facilities Policy.pdf10202346952800
10137/535Northern Territory Chronic Conditions Prevention and Management Strategy 2010-2020.pdf10152359739500
10137/590Report WDR Roper Iron 2013.pdf1012455245600
10137/506Vol. 21 no 4 December 2014.pdf1011655245300
10137/449NT ImplementationPlan_final.pdf10081942356600
10137/418Final Chronicle_August_08.pdf10041657341500
10137/483The Chronicle Vol. 22 Issue 3 Aug 2011.pdf9982940056900
10137/784Mantoux Arabic translation.pdf9942832064600
10137/601Renal Services framework 2012-2017.pdf992944054300
10137/2689Guidelines aquaculture developments Nov 2015.pdf9923545250500
10137/1300Health Advisory Committees Terms of Reference.docx99121970000
10137/595AOD newsletter December 2014.pdf989751446800
10137/253Newsround Oct. 2001988953444500
10137/656Northern Territory Market Basket Survey report 2015
10137/332Consumers Guides to the Mental Health and Related Services Act.pdf9861558738400
10137/755A Cancer Journey Flipbook.pdf9852450445700
10137/7559NT STI and BBV Strategic and Operational Plan 2019-2023.pdf98337946000
10137/1498Report on alcohol-related harm indicators for public hospitals Aug 2016.pdf9801242154700
10137/881Northern Territory Health Promotion Framework.pdf97557918000
10137/932Termination of Pregnancy Law Reform Frequently Asked Questions.pdf9694942449600
10137/993Tuberculosis Vaccination (BCG).pdf9681537058300
10137/417Chronicle - April 07.pdf9671948446400
10137/951Falls Risk Screening and Assessment in the Emergency Department.pdf9661256738700
10137/165Cancer Incidence & Mortality Report2008.pdf9641653641200
10137/976Management of people with infectious diseases who knowingly put others at risk Guideline.pdf9601635658800
10137/801Department of Health Spectrum of stakeholder engagement.pdf9582457635800
10137/1014Reporting of notifiable diseases by doctors.pdf9511354439400
10137/6937Adrenaline (Epinephrine) Infusion PHC Remote Guideline.pdf933778183800
10137/333Carers Guide to the Mental Health and Related Services Act.pdf9331461130800
10137/1396Meningococcal ACWY vaccine program for urban Darwin.pdf9311237754200
10137/238Issue 11 June 2000.pdf9251550740300
10137/1233Irukandji syndrome September 2015.pdf922935955400
10137/1347Elevated Blood Lead Levels - Clinical Guidelines and Public Health Management.pdf9222138251900
10137/658CAHS Service Delivery Agreement 2016-17 full.pdf915530260800
10137/7236Twelve-month evaluation of the Banned Drinker Register in the Northern Territory - Part 1, Descriptive analysis of administrative data.pdf913387809500
10137/1273PS10 Premises Standard for Pharmacy Departments_V1.1_16032017.pdf9112034254900
10137/1302Immunisation information for pharmacists.pdf9032749837800
10137/1029Guidelines for preventing mosquito breeding sites associated with mining sites.pdf8981839748300
10137/378Complete Medical Entomology Annaual Report 0809.pdf8961556032100
10137/253Newsround April 20008921638549100
10137/1256Groote Eylandt survey Apr 2015_final.pdf891533455200
10137/417The Chronicle - November 07.pdf8902249437400
10137/821Drug Loss Discrepancy Report Form.pdf8861540446700
10137/797Making a Difference to Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing.pdf882835851600
10137/1393Post MenACWY vaccination advice.pdf875931355300
10137/741Personal protection from mosquitoes & biting midges in the NT.pdf8723661122500
10137/438ATSIGTHE poster 09 A3.pdf8711268317600
10137/206Medically important insects in the NT and how disasters may affect them 2003.pdf8661951533200
10137/517Chronicle, Vol 24 Issue 1, March 2012.rtf866940944800
10137/418Final_Chronicle - April 08.pdf8631152532700
10137/427CM-FTT Literature review.doc860540345200
10137/1022Radiation Protection Code of Practice Quality Management for Diagnostic Radiography.pdf8602044739300
10137/546The mosquito borne disease environment in the NT - 2011.pdf851946038200
10137/230O'Sullivan Security Review.pdf850753530800
10137/334Full_Market Basket 2008.pdf850739644700
10137/506Vol. 20 no 4 December 2013.pdf850847936300
10137/926Trends in the health of mothers and babies, Northern Territory 1986-2010.pdf842337846100
10137/7234SUS Review Final Report.pdf839237912500
10137/15DHCS annual_report_2005_2006.pdf8371440042300
10137/781Preventive treatment for LTBI Swahili.pdf8371144338300
10137/253Newsround Dec. 20028361837144700
10137/418Web_Chronicle - December_08.pdf8361048334300
10137/253Newsround Feb. 2001835844038700
10137/7753NT Health Workforce Strategy 2019-2022.pdf83339794000
10137/657Stores Newsletter - Dec 2014.rtf833217465700
10137/558Thats Enough Evaluation Report FINAL.pdf8321052829400
10137/14282016 MBS Full Report.pdf8281239841800
10137/784Mantoux Farsi translation.pdf8262534845300
10137/7007Hand Hygiene Compliance Rate KPI Attribute Sheet.pdf825557026800
10137/697The Chronicle October 2016.pdf815538542500
10137/784Mantoux French translation.pdf8112036542600
10137/506Vol. 22 no 3 September 2015.pdf809741638600
10137/1294NT AHKPI Data Management Policy 2.8.pdf809331649000
10137/371Northern Territory chronic conditions prevention and management strategy 2010 - 2020.pdf8081249230400
10137/718Possess Scheduled Medicines in a DoH Emergency Medical Kit Application Form.docx8061142337200
10137/1303NT Pharmacist-Led Immunisation Guidelines_May 2017.pdf8052244234100
10137/999Northern Territory Immunisation Records - user access and registration form.pdf803340539500
10137/1062Triage Form.docx801411368400
10137/561The Chronicle September 2013.rtf7941440237800
10137/528refugees 2012.pdf794833844800
10137/595AOD newsletter December 2013 - June 2014.pdf791646931600
10137/303Weddell Biting Insect Report.pdf788835642400
10137/418Chronicle - March 08.pdf7871144433200
10137/13272016 Healthy Under 5 Kids Annual Report.pdf.pdf786844533300
10137/640Mother and Babies 2013.rtf782742934600
10137/517Chronicle, Vol 24 Issue 4, December 2012.docx7821542234500
10137/608NT Implementation Plan 2014-2016_FINAL.pdf781942934300
10137/441Nursing_Technical_Report_Print_Revised (2).pdf7801348428300
10137/1060R&M Job Sheet.docx7791228947800
10137/506Vol. 21 no 1 March 2014.pdf7761026150500
10137/563CCPMS Annual Report 2011 FINAL.PDF7742838236400
10137/624Mothers and Babies 2012.pdf773637539200
10137/2718TEHS Volunteer Handbook.pdf7732134141100
10137/955Vaccine Wastage Report.dotx7714349223600
10137/7485Methylated Spirits Fact Sheet.pdf766177589000
10137/1246Scabies Aug 2015.pdf7651547028000
10137/555Guidelines for Malaria 2012.pdf7601449025600
10137/669Mortality in the Northern Territory 1967 to 2012 - Factsheet.pdf7601836537700
10137/506Vol. 12 no 4 December 2005.pdf7581533740600
10137/573Medicare and PBS usage 2003 to 2012.pdf7541233740500
10137/535CCPMS 2010-2020.rtf754441333700
10137/611Murray valley enceph virus detection using honeybait cards in the NT in 2013.pdf754446428600
10137/517Chronicle, Vol 24 Issue 3, September 2012.doc753742132500
10137/1006Central Australian Human Research Ethics Committee application form.docx7501431342300
10137/657Stores Newsletter - Feb 2015.rtf745636837100
10137/365DHF Report 2008-09.pdf7421440032800
10137/417The Chronicle - December 07.pdf7411344728100
10137/595AOD newsletter January - April 2013.pdf7371639932200
10137/591Report Mount Todd 2013 final.pdf736845427400
10137/418Chronicle - October_08.pdf7341243928300
10137/7581Tobacco action plan.pdf73335698000
10137/13152017 Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards Recipient Profiles.pdf7311534736900
10137/1225Head Lice and Nits July 2016.pdf7291536235200
10137/506Vol. 25 no 4 December 2018.pdf72918711000
10137/614The Chronicle Vol. 26 Issue 3 December 2014.rtf728940231700
10137/249Ross River Virus Transmission in Darwin, Northern Territory.pdf724740830900
10137/480Factsheet 2010_mortality_21Mar2011_final.pdf7242140330000
10137/657Stores Newsletter - Aug 2015.rtf723436635300
10137/7009Mental Health Community Follow Up (within First 7 Days of Mental Health Inpatient Discharge) KPI Attribute Sheet.pdf7213050718400
10137/697The Chronicle April 2016.pdf720832638600
10137/7209Community Planning for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in the Northern Territory.PDF718256048900
10137/832Summary of Requirements for Pharmacists - Medicines & Poisons Control.pdf7161538132000
10137/1251Trachoma Aug 2014.pdf7161440130100
10137/6940Drug Storage Room Standards - PHC Remote Guideline.pdf71549660600
10137/1195The Darwin aerial mosquito surveillance and control season 2016_17 and future implications 2017.pdf714929840700
10137/547Guidance on use of rainwater tanks in NT.pdf7141132537800
10137/622Annual report 1314.pdf712442828000
10137/253Newsround Dec.19967111535234400
10137/561The Chronicle June 2013.rtf7091336832800
10137/253Newsround Oct. 20007091235434300
10137/1666Managing OTC Codeine Advice for GPs.pdf7081322646900
10137/1410The Chronicle May 2017.pdf7081131338400
10137/449CCPMS implementation plan 2010-2012.rtf708236434200
10137/517Chronicle, Vol 24 Issue 4, December 2012.pdf7082449618800
10137/556MBS 2005 NT report.pdf707938531300
10137/779Ross River virus Bahasa Indonesian translation.pdf7072832435500
10137/733Cancer Journey - Breast Cancer.pdf7051242227100
10137/1359Courts Banned Drinker Register Information Sheet.pdf7022732435100
10137/941Adverse Event Following Immunisation or Vaccine Failure Report.dotx701851717600
10137/1343Relevant Qualifications for NT Health Nursing and Midwifery Positions.pdf7011634933600
10137/1654Meningococcal vaccines December 2017.pdf7001321547200
10137/1253Typhoid and paratyphoid fever.pdf6982234333300
10137/1410The Chronicle Dec 2017 - Final.pdf6961136631900
10137/253Newsround April 2001694938929600
10137/483The Chronicle Vol. 20 Issue 1 March 2011.pdf6942443923100
10137/1064PR-1 DEP Application and Eligibility Procedure.docx69129559400
10137/610NT Cardiac Secondary Prevention Framework.rtf691135833200
10137/596Mothers and Babies 2011.doc690534034500
10137/684Premises standards for pharmacy business.pdf68804464400
10137/475The Chronicle Vol. 16 no. 1 March 2010.pdf6871847719200
10137/253Newsround April 1998686740427500
10137/414Oct2004 Final.pdf6861133434100
10137/29906 Gulf Survey Report Final.pdf684340227900
10137/561The Chronicle March 2013.rtf6841333733400
10137/1329Shigellosis July 2017.pdf682936730600
10137/995Latent Tuberculosis Infection (LTBI) Factsheet.docx6811337729100
10137/226Market Basket 2007.pdf6811045421700
10137/657Stores Newsletter - Aug 2014.rtf677236331200
10137/701NTM_guidelines August 2014_ LOW RES updated.pdf673739527100
10137/253Newsround June 2002671537329300
10137/541DoH 2011-2012 Annual Report.rtf670425441200
10137/1152Northern Territory Cancer Plan 2013 - 2016.pdf6701444720900
10137/506Vol. 11 no 4 December 2004.pdf6701438027600
10137/525Head lice advice.pdf669837228900
10137/1092DEP CG-7 Ambulant Mobility Aids & standing positioning equipment.pdf669728437800
10137/253Newsround Mar. 20026661142622900
10137/595AOD newsletter April - November 2013.pdf November 2013 pdf6641031633800
10137/517Chronicle, Vol. 24 issue 2 June 2012.rtf6631029735600
10137/515Alcohol Factsheet_2010_2013_Printed Version.pdf663937428000
10137/596Mothers and Babies 2011.pdf6591035529400
10137/791ATSIHP Cultural Statement.pdf659526239200
10137/1220Group A streptococcal disease Jan 2016.pdf6591045319600
10137/654Overweight and Obesity in NT 2011-2012.pdf6561234729700
10137/238Issue 8 Aug 1999.pdf656441323900
10137/734Cancer Journey - Trachea Lung Cancer.pdf655827137600
10137/461Kat Plns 3.pdf654638026800
10137/6952Emergency Medical Kit Order PHC Remote Form.dotx6532143220000
10137/1154Prevaccination checklist 2013.pdf652631233400
10137/298Blacktip Gas Project Report - Final.pdf651434730000
10137/9022016 Nursing And Midwifery Excellence Awards Recipient Profiles.pdf6502032630400
10137/1183A series of exotic mosquito detections at DIA Feb 2015 and Jan 2016.pdf650429035600
10137/156eMJA article Causes of inequaility.pdf650734030300
10137/1318Banned Drinker Register Frequently Asked Questions.pdf6502043219800
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol. 5 no 1 January-March & April-June 2004.pdf649620743600
10137/9092015 Healthy Under 5 Kids Annual Report.pdf646439125100
10137/604Dengue mosquito elimination from Tennant Creek again_June 2014.pdf645532931100
10137/253Newsround Sept. 1996643635428300
10137/1362Overview of the Banned Drinker Register Information Sheet.pdf64129612000
10137/579Mothers and Babies 2010.pdf640535028500
10137/253Newsround Oct. 2002639439024500
10137/517Chronicle, Vol 24 Issue 3, September 2012.pdf6391643319000
10137/7231The Best Opportunities in Life Background Document.pdf6381751310800
10137/253Newsround Aug. 20026381336725800
10137/741Personal protection from mosquitoes & biting midges.rtf6381131930800
10137/963Rheumatic Heart Disease Control Program ARF RHD diagnosis & management flowchart.pdf637323739700
10137/633Renal Replacement Therapy Demand Study NT 2001 to 2022 .docx6371132330300
10137/253Newsround Dec. 2000636531731400
10137/413May 2003.pdf636933629100
10137/645Mosquito investigation Wagait Beach January 2015.pdf636831031800
10137/1155Quality and Safeguarding Framework.pdf63642594000
10137/663Annual report 1415- with all figures all tables.pdf635440622500
10137/445Report Lot 4243 Town of Palmerston.pdf635741421400
10137/506Vol. 1 no 4 May 1992.pdf635437325800
10137/1161My TeleHealth Appointment - Patient Information.pdf635834128600
10137/506Vol. 22 no 2 June 2015.pdf6341233029200
10137/940Management of anaphylaxis.pdf6331636625100
10137/569Use of fluorides in the NT.pdf6321738123400
10137/1339Management Criteria - Career Pathway Streams.xlsx6311035326800
10137/517Chronicle - March 2012 References.pdf630531231300
10137/898Code of Practice S8s-Volume 2-Medicines & Poisons Control_.docx629332729900
10137/6939Anaphylaxis Kit Contents PHC Remote List.pdf6281738522600
10137/889Grants Governance Package.pdf625011151400
10137/253Newsround Dec.1997622940121200
10137/414Hearing stories.pdf6211135925100
10137/1390Lift the Lip Poster.pdf620530431100
10137/1664Student Placement (Non-Medical) Policy.docx6191732927300
10137/238Issue 9 & 10 - Dec 1999 to Jan 2000.pdf619133828000
10137/429Strong Women Babies Culture TE.pdf6191341419200
10137/238Issue 5 Aug 1998.pdf618236225400
10137/1326Shingles July 2017.pdf6162730928000
10137/1148A1 DEP Application Form.pdf6151139720700
10137/545Denge mosquito incursion into Tennant Creek 2011.pdf614738522200
10137/504NT Market Basket report 2011.pdf614839521100
10137/486Good health in the Centre.pdf613433827100
10137/960Vaccine Order Form.dotx61351562000
10137/967Measles Information for General Practitioners.docx613175197700
10137/1300Health Advisory Committees Factsheet.docx61137574000
10137/321PDF Report post construction trapping.pdf610536823700
10137/763Didya wash ya hands Hero poster.pdf609539620800
10137/784Mantoux Swahili translation.pdf609432528000
10137/448Trends in the health of mothers and babies.pdf6071142816800
10137/624Mothers and Babies 2012.docx607733626400
10137/253Newsround Aug. 2000604730329400
10137/1015A Guide to Laboratory Notification in the Northern Territory.pdf603329130900
10137/506Vol. 8 no 1 March 2001.pdf599732826400
10137/781Preventive treatment for LTBI Tamil.pdf5994539915500
10137/2682Guidelines for preventing biting insect problems for urban residential d.._.pdf598825933100
10137/361Child growth charts in the NT 2008 discussion paper.pdf5962338219100
10137/7486NT Health Cancer Care Strategy 2018-2022.pdf59624572000
10137/1000Northern Territory Immunisation Records - user guidelines.pdf595331028200
10137/1218Giardia Aug 2015.pdf594424035000
10137/311Report Andranangoo Creek West and Lethbridge Bay West Sandmining.pdf594539019900
10137/657Stores Newsletter - Aug 2014.pdf594227731500
10137/506Vol. 13 no 4 December 2006.pdf5921335422500
10137/478Aerial control Ilparpa Swamp 12 Mar 2010.pdf59217052100
10137/657Stores Newsletter - August 2016.pdf591624933600
10137/754Needle and syringe program map.pdf5901638918500
10137/300Princess Louise & North Point Final Report.pdf5891038619300
10137/1115PO-2 DEP Financial Eligibility Policy.docx58903955000
10137/614The Chronicle Vol. 26 Issue 1 March 2014.rtf588833424600
10137/253Newsround June 1996588529528800
10137/253Newsround June 2001587533324900
10137/1192Zoster immunisation provider alert.pdf587634623500
10137/1379Career Pathway Frequently Asked Questions.pdf5871631425700
10137/253Newsround Sept. 1997586820837000
10137/253Newsround Dec.19985852032623900
10137/548Imported malaria case investigation and precautionary vector control Leanyer.pdf585435023100
10137/523Congenital Syphilis.pdf5851429827300
10137/974Northern Territory Refugee Vaccination Policy.pdf5851321136100
10137/513Public hospital demographic data assessment .pdf5831038918400
10137/11732017 NMEA Sponsorship Prospectus.pdf5821533123600
10137/1354Triggers and Bans BDR.pdf58218564000
10137/561The Chronicle December 2013.rtf581630027500
10137/236Independent Review of Governance Arrangements at RDH.pdf5811040117000
10137/657Remote Stores Newsletter - November 2016.pdf579325132500
10137/253Newsround Feb. 2000577829627300
10137/7229Engaging Aboriginal Communiy Controlled Organisations in Disability Service Provision .PDF57775304000
10137/1389Give your childs teeth a healthy start flyer.pdf576329827500
10137/1264PS1 Pharmacy Ownership Guideline _16032017.pdf576424133100
10137/998Strong Voices Toolkit.pdf5751531524500
10137/617cancer in the NT.rtf571534422200
10137/1032Application for a licence to the Chief Health Officer.docx56995474000
10137/506Vol. 9 no 3 September 2002.pdf5692027927000
10137/794Getting Out & About Locally.pdf569726529700
10137/938Congential Anomaly Notification Form.pdf5681028827000
10137/650Environmental changes a challenge for mosqu contr in the Lee point area.pdf568430825600
10137/614The Chronicle Vol. 26 Issue 2 June 2014.rtf5681731923200
10137/50-building better services.pdf5651434920200
10137/580Mothers and Babies 2009.pdf565230126200
10137/1277Flyer for Intern recruitment 2018 National intern data audit.pdf564923132400
10137/529Management of sexual health issues in children and young people.pdf5641035320100
10137/574Annual Report_DOH_2013_web ready.pdf563135221000
10137/1245Salmonellosis July 2014.pdf5631438816100
10137/635Detection of the tiger mosquito Ae albopictus in Darwin port areas Nov Dec 2013.pdf563331524500
10137/187Bites and Stings in the Top End and how to avoid them - CDC Bulletin Version - 2005.pdf5611033921200
10137/753RDH Infringement Appeal Form.pdf561121234800
10137/657Remote Stores Newsletter - February 2018.pdf559519036400
10137/657Stores Newsletter - Feb 2014.pdf557525230000
10137/540Women's Cancer Screening_20121105_updated.pdf556535319800
10137/1012Mumps information for General Practitioners June 2016.pdf555223831500
10137/418Final_Chronicle - June 08_web.pdf5541137816500
10137/915Information for Patients on S8 Medications - M&PC.docx554629425400
10137/240Maternity Services Review - December 2007 .pdf554125230100
10137/727Hosp Child Injury Report 2001_2011 report Oct 2016_20161103.docx554725629100
10137/658CAHS Service Delivery Agreement 2015-16 variation.pdf553530324500
10137/1665Leprosy Fact Sheet.docx552521533200
10137/657Stores Newsletter - Jun 2016.pdf551323331500
10137/1182Annual report 1516_final.pdf5511021432700
10137/506Vol. 22 no 1 March 2015.pdf5491429124400
10137/1217Fifth disease June 2015.pdf549623331000
10137/719Possess Scheduled Medicines in a Medical Kit Application Form.docx549329924700
10137/314Report muirhead.pdf549531622800
10137/1063CG-2b ADLs Showering Aids.pdf549410344200
10137/657Stores Newsletter - Aug 2013.pdf548325429100
10137/483The Chronicle Vol. 21 Issue 2 June 2011.pdf5471130023600
10137/483The Chronicle Vol. 22 Issue 4 December 2011.pdf5471135817800
10137/313complete Report Frances Creek mine.pdf547333121300
10137/643Wagait Beach mosquito investigation 15 to 15 January 2015.pdf546628125900
10137/906Travel Management System.docx545104567900
10137/1344Career Pathway planning your future.pdf5451633519400
10137/1307Summary of changes Termination of Pregnancy Law Reform Act.pdf544927625900
10137/1008Review of Schedule 8 of the Northern Territory Health Practitioners Act and the Pharmacy Premises Committee.pdf542232221800
10137/1073CG-4 Supportive Seating and Alternative Position Equipment.pdf5411231421500
10137/506Vol. 15 no 3 September 2008.pdf537937015800
10137/253Newsround Oct. 1999537522131100
10137/6945i-STAT Consumables Order (Community Controlled Health Service) PHC Remote Request Form.xltx5352938711900
10137/1410The Chronicle March 2017.pdf5351025726800
10137/533Trachoma Guidelines for management in the Northern Territory.pdf5341140611700
10137/1240Naegleria fowleri June 2015.pdf534223130100
10137/1324Pine Creek survey Jan 2017 final.pdf534726226500
10137/954Darwin and Palmerston Falls Prevention.pdf5341017534900
10137/1275Government Gazette No. S19 April 2017.pdf533524328500
10137/541DoH 2011-2012 Annual Report.pdf533132820400
10137/377Berrimah Farm and Prison final report email ver.pdf533532220600
10137/1497NT Health Antenatal Referral form.docx5331617634100
10137/1116DEP Policy.pdf533624827900
10137/1023Radiation Protection Code of Practice Service Checks for sealed radioactive material.pdf532310242700
10137/912Opiate Pharmacotherapy Contract-Medicines & Poisons Control.docx5311826724600
10137/792Invasive Group A Streptococcus (iGAS) infection.pdf531236416500
10137/644Katherine survey report April 2015.pdf529527824600
10137/536Preventable chronic diseases in Aboriginal populations.rtf527534317900
10137/506Vol. 16 no 3 September 2009.pdf526627124900
10137/152The Tiwi Sexual Health Progrm-A Case Study.pdf526735316600
10137/506Vol. 8 no 3 September 2001.pdf5241428522500
10137/761didya wash ya hands 5 steps sticker.pdf524630920900
10137/784Mantoux Nepalese translation.pdf524525226700
10137/1338Education Criteria - Career Pathway Streams.xlsx524927723800
10137/506Vol. 19 no 2 June 2012.pdf5231631719000
10137/537PCD Strategy Evaluation 2007.pdf5211334316500
10137/506Vol. 8 no 4 December 2001.pdf5201033018000
10137/323Final Report Sec 4239 Hd Bagot Hidden Valley.pdf520119432500
10137/750Tuberculosis treatment Burmese translation.pdf5192234615100
10137/578Mothers and Babies 2008.pdf519522528900
10137/322Condensate Report Final.pdf518127024700
10137/595AOD Newsletter December July 2014 - 2014.rtf518030321500
10137/518Household survey of alcohol consumption Dept Health.pdf517232319200
10137/666Aerial mosquito control of Ilparpa Swamp Alice Springs 23 Jan 2015.pdf515727922900
10137/738Stinging and Itchy Caterpillars in the Top End of the Northern Territory.docx515423427700
10137/767didya wash ya hands 5 steps poster.pdf5151135315100
10137/506Vol. 11 no 1 March 2004.pdf5131529020800
10137/462Central Plns Cover.pdf513720829800
10137/1207Cerebral palsy Aug 2016.pdf511124426600
10137/620Katherine region survey Report 2014.pdf510827223000
10137/506Vol. 15 no 4 December 2008.pdf5101733016300
10137/506Vol. 18 no 1 March 2011.pdf509534416000
10137/413Oct 2003.pdf509820329800
10137/253Newsround Sept. 1998508329521000
10137/619Ross River virus season in Darwin 2013_14.pdf5062127820700
10137/67662018 Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards Recipient Profiles.pdf5051627421500
10137/506Vol. 20 no 2 June 2013.pdf5051228321000
10137/784Mantoux Tamil translation.pdf5042534213700
10137/506Vol. 9 no 1 March 2002.pdf5041234814400
10137/414Environmental Health.pdf504431518500
10137/1165Strategic Plan Poster for Nursing and Midwifery in the Northern Territory 2015-2018.pdf503225224900
10137/1332Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) Fact Sheet.pdf50259443000
10137/607Tennant Creek dengue mosquito elimination program update_March 2014.pdf501518031600
10137/7230NDIS Community of Practice, The National Disability Insurance Scheme .PDF501124206900
10137/750Tuberculosis treatment Somali translation.pdf500317332400
10137/1039AP-1 DEP Professional Criteria for Approved Prescribers.pdf499425224300
10137/7056Northern Territory Suicide Prevention Implementation Plan 2018 - 2023.pdf49923476000
10137/561The Chronicle September 2013.pdf499527022400
10137/185First record of the mosquito species Aedes nocturnus in Australia.pdf498428021400
10137/538PCDS Stategy Evidbase.pdf496726022900
10137/1118Medicines Poisons Control Information sheet 300_17 - Exit Strategy.pdf494222826400
10137/141Section 4.pdf4941425222800
10137/917Drug Loss Discrepancy Report Form - M&PC.docx4941114933400
10137/594Report Redbank mine.pdf493125723500
10137/506Vol. 14 no 1 March 2007.pdf4932025322000
10137/253Newsround Dec. 2001493323925100
10137/1172Nursing and Midwifery Studies Assistance Grant Scheme 2018 Information Pack.pdf492125024100
10137/304Shoal Bay Receiving Station Final Report.pdf492030219000
10137/965Pertussis information for general practitioners.pdf48966423000
10137/1370Northern Territory Clinical Senate - Information for Clinician.pdf488420028400
10137/459CPS Report 2010.pdf487211137400
10137/490Reception 2013.pdf487332216200
10137/658CAHS Service Delivery Agreement 2016-17 Variation 1.pdf486525922200
10137/939NT Midwives' Collection Department of Health.pdf485827320400
10137/614The Chronicle Vol. 26 Issue 2 June 2014.pdf485529518500
10137/784Mantoux Burmese translation.pdf485224324000
10137/1157Katherine Hospital Site Rules for Contractors, Sub Contractors and Tradespersons.pdf485713234600
10137/506Vol. 19 no 1 March 2012.pdf4821332914000
10137/1186Submissions to Discussion Paper Termination of Pregnancy Law Reform Improving access.pdf4821028718500
10137/506Vol. 26 no 1 March 2019.pdf48121460000
10137/1189DD2018_1510 2018 INFLUENZA National Immunisationa Program (without sig) 2018.docx4801922323800
10137/1185Alcohol Policies and Legislation Review Draft Terms of Reference.pdf480223224600
10137/868Changes for Pharmacists under MPTGA.pdf479923923100
10137/6936Specialist and Clinical Services Outreach PHC Remote Guideline.pdf4781234012600
10137/506Vol. 13 no 1 March 2006.pdf477831115800
10137/534CCPMS Annual Report 2010.2020.pdf475826120600
10137/506Vol. 15 no 2 June 2008.pdf4741330615500
10137/787Head lice advice posters (word).rtf474018728700
10137/506Vol. 21 no 2 June 2014.pdf4731727118500
10137/340Aedes Survey Kath & Mat 03.pdf473725421200
10137/506Vol. 8 no 2 June 2001.pdf4731529016800
10137/417Chronicle August 07.pdf473528118700
10137/1250Strongyloidiasis June 2014.pdf4721430515300
10137/1005Guidelines for access to the NT Immunisation Records Internet Site.pdf472025222000
10137/506Vol. 19 no 3 September 2012.pdf4711130215800
10137/393HLA News-Dec09-Nicole_jovicic.pdf471630715800
10137/721TASTES GOOD 2016.docx471025421700
10137/1656Critical Incident Reporting Form.pdf47111460000
10137/506Vol. 18 no 3 September 2011.pdf4701429416200
10137/7775NT Health Sepsis Management Plan.pdf46910459000
10137/1388Healthy Mouth Messages Flyer.pdf469528418000
10137/178Dengue mosquito incursion and the eradication program on Groote Eylandt NT Kulbac and Whelan DC bull 14,3 Sep 07.pdf469826719400
10137/341Milingimbi survey report 03 final.pdf469427119400
10137/2715Companion - Volunteer Role Description TEHS Handout v2.pdf4691722622600
10137/595AOD newsletter Jan - April 2013.rtf468531514800
10137/360Palmerston Health Precinct Redevelopment.pdf4671228317200
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol 13 no 2 July-September & October-December 2012.pdf466125121400
10137/253Newsround Feb. 1997466525121000
10137/229Smoke Free Policy.pdf4643027216200
10137/634Injuries in the Northern Territory 1997-2011.docx464420925100
10137/873Vendor application form.docx463123622600
10137/515Alcohol Factsheet_2010_2013_Printed Version.rtf463727917700
10137/7005Full Time Equivalents (FTE) KPI Attribute Sheet.pdf463113728000
10137/1224Hand foot and mouth disease Feb 2016.pdf462323122800
10137/1369Expression of Interest_Clinical Membership on the Northern Territory Clinical Senate.pdf462512033700
10137/714Vending Machines RDH Guideline Updated Oct 2016.docx461624620900
10137/1247Scrub typhus Dec 2012.pdf460324321400
10137/1385Clean Your Childs Teeth Poster.pdf460324521200
10137/506Vol. 6 no 2 June 1999.pdf459629915400
10137/563Executive Summary.pdf457727817200
10137/553Evidenc ein Aust Airport dengue 2012.pdf456528916200
10137/257Previous version4561929014700
10137/1308Credentialing For Medical Practitioners.pdf456822822000
10137/759Northern Territory Health Services Fees and Charges Manual.pdf45665391000
10137/1162National eHealth Record System Implementation Guidelines .pdf455515929100
10137/657Stores Newsletter - Mar 2013.pdf454227018200
10137/2687Construction practice near tidal areas Dec 2017.pdf4541022621800
10137/506Vol. 5 no 3 September 1998.pdf454624120700
10137/479Salt marsh mosquito peaks.pdf452528815900
10137/506Vol. 1 no 1 November 1991.pdf451625219300
10137/506Vol. 7 no 2 June 2000.pdf4511128515500
10137/506Vol. 5 no 4 December 1998.pdf4501126017900
10137/95Trends in the health of mothers and babies Northern Territory 1986-95.pdf4472418324000
10137/777Human Papillomavirus Vaccine_HPV_Needle Remote Form_2017.pdf447422521800
10137/595AOD newsletter April - November 2013.rtf447125319300
10137/796Getting Out & About Locally in Alice Springs.pdf446720323600
10137/1164My eHealth Record.pdf445622121800
10137/376Tropical mosquito assemblages demonstarate textbook annual cycles Dec 09.pdf445328315900
10137/506Vol. 6 no 4 December 1999.pdf444628815000
10137/561The Chronicle December 2013.pdf444429314700
10137/234A Mosquito Survey of Dili East Timor and and implications for disease control 2001.pdf4441630012800
10137/567NT Psychogeriatric Report May 2010.pdf443326018000
10137/7737NT Mental health strategic Plan 2019_2025.pdf44147394000
10137/416Chronicle Feb.pdf441729314100
10137/1230Legionella May 2016.pdf441421022700
10137/811Contractors Guide for Visiting Communities.pdf441825717600
10137/750Tuberculosis treatment Dari translation.pdf441320723100
10137/586Incursion of Ae aegypti in port areas of Darwin April & May 2013.pdf441525118500
10137/492A year of mosquito monitoring at Roberson barrcks and nearby Milner swamp NT Aus2011.pdf440528814700
10137/731FULL MOON 2017.pdf438021222600
10137/328Biting midge investigation Archer 2003.pdf437329214200
10137/506Vol. 5 no 2 June 1998.pdf435728414400
10137/258Mothers and babies 2004.pdf435625717200
10137/570Review of the PATS September 2013.rtf434325018100
10137/343Strategic Workforce Plan.pdf4341629012800
10137/457d'Abbs 1990 CAAPS evaluation.pdf434226316900
10137/874Environmental Health Standards for Remote Communities in the NT.pdf433030612700
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol 17 no 1 January-March 2016.pdf432110732400
10137/657Stores Newsletter - May 2015.rtf431721520900
10137/414MYCH Supp BP version.pdf430327715000
10137/1190Measles contact information (003).pdf4306424000
10137/800Department of Health Consumer Community Participation Guidelines.pdf4291322619000
10137/1234Alcohol Policy Review Terms of Reference.pdf429224418300
10137/240Developing an Integrated Maternity Service Model 2008 .pdf429326616000
10137/6938Health Records Documentation PHC Remote Guideline.pdf428123912500
10137/414April _May 2004.pdf427727814200
10137/362Medical Summit Day 1.pdf426029013600
10137/1018Radiation Protection Code of Practice Approved Form for Certificate of Compliance.pdf425323918300
10137/1025Application for a licence to possess a radiation source.docx42529396000
10137/595AOD newsletter December July 2014 - 2014.rtf423022619700
10137/6940Emergency Medical Kits PHC Remote Guideline.pdf4231328412600
10137/7072NT Burden of Disease and Injury Study - revised.pdf42215407000
10137/6760HTLV 1 for Health Practitioners Fact Sheet.pdf422928113200
10137/936Dentistry with a difference.pdf4211021020100
10137/1311Termination of Pregnancy Prescribed Information Reporting Form.docx4201223817000
10137/232The detection of exotic mosquitoes in the Northern Territory of Australia 2001.pdf420626814600
10137/2721Volunteer Expression of Interest TEHS Form.dotx420514626900
10137/660TEHS Service Delivery Agreement 2014-15 V2 full.pdf419319821800
10137/1323Report Jabiru survey Mar 2017.pdf419716225000
10137/11742017 NMEA Sponsorship Form.pdf4171327113300
10137/255Ray Norman Complaints Management Review.pdf417926314500
10137/682Notification of a pharmacist in charge form.docx416118323200
10137/989Grants Management Policy.pdf41603737900
10137/324Post Construction Final Report.pdf414326914200
10137/238Issue 6 Dec 1998.pdf413126614600
10137/1222Melioidosis Dec 2015.pdf4131727212400
10137/1337Career Pathway Planning your future.pdf412422518300
10137/433Aerial control Ilparpa 12Mar 2010.pdf412423817000
10137/50intro-Aboriginal health and families.pdf412429011800
10137/715Possess and Use a Schedule 7 Substance Application Form.docx4121322217700
10137/1169Summary of key issues arising from consultations on the Discussion Paper Termination of Pregnancy Law Reform - 16 March 2017.pdf412123018100
10137/238Issue 4 April 1998.pdf410322418300
10137/9182011 Healthy Under 5 Kids Annual Report.pdf410822218000
10137/1206Pneumococcal disease Feb 2016.pdf409619520800
10137/1366Immunisation Record All Ages Form.dotx409229111600
10137/506Vol. 14 no 3 September 2007.pdf4081326513000
10137/657Stores Newsletter - Feb 2015.pdf408317722800
10137/2732Acute Rheumatic Fever (ARF) Notification Form.dotx407517822400
10137/506Vol. 6 no 1 March 1999.pdf407926713100
10137/1016Radiation Protection Code of Practice.pdf407622317800
10137/506Vol. 17 no 1 March 2010.pdf4061226512900
10137/1333FOI_Application for Waiver or Reduction of Fees.docx406721818100
10137/7235Response_Sobering Up Shelters Review.pdf40693049300
10137/525Kids nit booklet.pdf406328611700
10137/6940Reporting Medication Incidents PHC Remote Guideline.pdf40619382500
10137/1328Groote Eylandt survey Jan 2017 final.pdf405618621300
10137/511MOTHERS AND BABIES 2007.pdf405727412400
10137/531Self collected penile swab poster.pdf405410529600
10137/238Issue 3 Dec 1997.pdf4051219220100
10137/4732010 04 09_interception_Ae aegypti_Perkins ME report 9 April 2010.doc405425015100
10137/6761Sporotrichosis Fact Sheet.pdf404425414600
10137/506Vol. 9 no 4 December 2002.pdf4031129110100
10137/920Area of Need Policy.pdf403918620800
10137/793Aboriginal Cultural Security Policy.pdf403224315800
10137/7312017 RHD PROGRAM CALENDAR.pdf403518521300
10137/1214Gastroenteritis June 2015.pdf403122417800
10137/517Chronicle, Vol. 24 issue 2 June 2012.pdf4031029010300
10137/657Stores Newsletter - Aug 2013.rtf402616323300
10137/466Annual Report 2009-10.pdf402423716100
10137/260Initial Report on the Implementation of the NHPPD Management Tool for Nursing Staffing Levels.pdf4021423215600
10137/660TEHS Service Delivery Agreement 2015-16 full.pdf401218521400
10137/506Vol. 20 no 1 March 2013.pdf401821717600
10137/7207Bush Book vol 2, 2005.pdf401543361100
10137/621Medical Entomology Annual Report 2012-2013_final.pdf401518621000
10137/7209NDIS Regional Community Planning Report - Barkly.PDF400133612600
10137/1096DEP CG-11 Oxygen.pdf400420219400
10137/319Vesteys Lake Jan 08 final report.pdf398226712900
10137/784Mantoux Hazaragi translation.pdf398917921000
10137/1289Development of a Performance Reporting System for Indigenous Primary Health Care.pdf398823815200
10137/506Vol. 10 no 4 December 2003.pdf397627211900
10137/327Alice Springs Report Sept 2006.pdf397723615400
10137/506Vol. 20 no 3 September 2013.pdf397824714200
10137/1020Radiation Protection Code of Practice Disposal of Radiation Source.pdf3971315622800
10137/257Mothers and babies 2003.pdf396422716500
10137/540Women's Cancer & Screening.rtf396515923200
10137/1094DEP CG-9 Home Modifications .pdf396516123000
10137/476Sexually Transmitted Infectionset.pdf395118321100
10137/7039Meningococcal ACWY vaccine poster.pdf394523815100
10137/1223Hendra June 2012.pdf394322616500
10137/506Vol. 13 no 3 September 2006.pdf393523315500
10137/7740CAHS SDA 2019 to 2020 Service Delivery Agreement.pdf39237355000
10137/371Annual report 2010 CCPMS 2010-2020.rtf392724314200
10137/857Healthy Choices Made Easy Fundraising Guide.pdf392320818100
10137/558Evaluation Summary FINAL (A4).pdf391523914700
10137/1163National eHealth Record System Participation Policy.pdf391120218800
10137/1313Having a Termination of Pregnancy in the NT.pdf39031359000
10137/2737When a drain does not drain.pdf390217021800
10137/561The Chronicle March 2013.pdf389622715600
10137/731NEW MOON 2017.pdf389819918200
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol 15 no 2 July-September & October-December 2014.pdf387614723400
10137/1375MVE Sept 2017.pdf3861720616300
10137/886Integrated Grants Management Framework.pdf3850038500
10137/737Biting Midge Pest Calendar for Coastal NT 2016.pdf384615022800
10137/956Vaccine Refrigerator Temperature Chart (Strive for 5).pdf38473311000
10137/141Section 5.pdf383116521700
10137/373The eradication of Aedes aegypti from Groote Eylandt NT Australia 2006-2008 Dec 09.pdf383421916000
10137/141Section 6.pdf383420717200
10137/615eHealthNT Happenings Issue 3.rtf382420517300
10137/141Section 3.pdf382019119100
10137/979Highly specialised drugs (HIV, HBV, and HCV prescribing.pdf382417020800
10137/6951Primary Care Information System (PCIS) User Access and WebClient Form.docx38245337000
10137/1088P-7 Ambulant Mobility Aids and Standing Positioning Equipment.docx382219518500
10137/682New-relocation-alteration of a pharmacy business application form.docx381219418500
10137/785Melioidosis Dari translation.pdf3801319717000
10137/472Karama peaks Jan 2011.pdf3801023513500
10137/195Mosquito vector control in the NT 2007 scanned.pdf380325612100
10137/883NT N&M Studies Assistance Grant FAQs.pdf3791222614100
10137/207Rectification and control practices in a major salt marsh mosquito breeding site, Darwin NT_CDC ver.pdf378518718600
10137/657Stores Newsletter - May 2015.pdf378115122600
10137/414March 04.pdf378624512700
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol 19 no 1 Jan-Mar 2018.docx3771425610700
10137/1288Data Receiving Protocol_v2.0.3.pdf377715521500
10137/413Nov_Dec 2003.pdf377523114100
10137/296Tennant Creek Mosquito Survey Report.pdf376323014300
10137/908External Service Providers AMT Practice Guidelines.pdf376119318200
10137/735Common Mosquitoes of the Northern Territory.rtf376220117300
10137/7001Discharge Leave Against Medical Advice Within 48 Hours KPI Attribute Sheet.pdf375132738900
10137/253Newsround Dec.19993752020515000
10137/290The Prevention of Mosquito Breeding in Sewage treatment facilities - 1997.pdf3741524911000
10137/966Don't get melioidosis poster.pdf3741320016100
10137/784Mantoux Dari translation.pdf374922913600
10137/657Stores Newsletter - Nov 2015.rtf373317219800
10137/1021Radation Protection Guideline on shielding design for new or old medical facilities.pdf373621215500
10137/7520Influenza Vaccine Schedule.pdf3729363000
10137/14282016 MBS Summary.pdf372420016800
10137/1050AP-CS DEP Application for App Prescriber Registration Cheat Sheet.pdf372519617100
10137/266Mosquito Control at Hickeys Lake- 2003.pdf372524212500
10137/534Annual Report - Executive Summary.rtf372819317100
10137/2719Visitor Guide Role Description Volunteer Program TEHS Handout v2.pdf372312524400
10137/632Regular report on alcohol-related harm indicators for public hospitals.pdf372216420600
10137/732Cancer Journeys - Bowel Cancer.pdf371714821600
10137/742Mosquito Species Recorded from the Northern Territory.pdf371717618800
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol. 12 no 2 July-September & October-December 2011.pdf371521015600
10137/893Changes for Medical Practitioners under MPTGA.docx370917618500
10137/414June 2004.pdf369523612800
10137/538Part 1 - Debates - Tuesday 17 August 1999.mht369221914800
10137/1255Groote Eylandt survey Mar 2014.pdf369519017400
10137/1301HAC Expression of Interest.docx369116919900
10137/506Vol. 16 no 1 March 2009.pdf368132678800
10137/416Chronicle Jun colour.pdf367424911400
10137/1660HS Summation Report Sept 2017.pdf367617518600
10137/506Vol. 17 no 2 June 2010.pdf3671222313200
10137/6982Key Messages and Recommmendations (extract).pdf367815320600
10137/657Stores Newsletter - Aug 2015.pdf365414821300
10137/7209NDIS Regional Community Planning Report - Katherine.PDF365132916100
10137/1019Radiation Protection Code of Practice Certificate Compliance for Radiation Place.pdf364320116000
10137/1098AE Alternative funding sources.pdf364321814300
10137/1093DEP CG-8 Personal Emergency Response System .pdf3631020315000
10137/506Vol. 26 no 2 June 2019.pdf36215347000
10137/416Oct 2006 1a.pdf361421913800
10137/1663Student Placement (Non-Medical) Guideline.pdf3611223611300
10137/839Pharmacists Prescribed Qualifications to Supply and Administer Vaccinations - Gazette.pdf361623711800
10137/350Channel Point case May 09 31May 2009.pdf360617018400
10137/1216Dengue July 2014.pdf360616918500
10137/7209NDIS Regional Community Planning Report - East Arnhem.PDF360113054400
10137/1150My eHealth Record to national My Health Record.pdf360522213300
10137/1037Cleaning Guidelines Detailed.docx359219616100
10137/657Stores Newsletter - Nov 2015.pdf359311923700
10137/921Continued Dispensing initiative 5CPA.pdf359618516800
10137/506Vol. 11 no 2 June 2004.pdf35882589200
10137/1188ABL Flow Chart Aug 2013.pdf357117817800
10137/506Vol. 7 no 4 December 2000.pdf3571223910600
10137/812Use of Force AMT Form.pdf357118117500
10137/606Mosquito virus isolation_investigation_BF_ 2013_final.pdf357613921200
10137/6941Thyroxine - Storage, Supply and Issuing PHC Remote Information Sheet.docx355242765500
10137/6952S100 Pharmacist Site Visit Report Form.dotx354252854400
10137/561The Chronicle June 2013.pdf354723011700
10137/525Head lice advice.rtf354219016200
10137/506Vol. 12 no 1 March 2005.pdf3531122311900
10137/506Vol. 16 no 2 June 2009.pdf353112449800
10137/615eHealthNT Happenings Issue 4.rtf353320814200
10137/1213FASD April 2014.pdf352020914300
10137/657Stores Newsletter - Feb 2014.rtf352317917000
10137/657Stores Newsletter - Mar 2016.rtf352516718000
10137/451NT Head Lice Action Pack 4th Ed 2005.pdf351122212800
10137/752Cancer Journey - Prostate Cancer.pdf351517816800
10137/8802014 Healthy Under 5 Kids Annual Report.pdf351420414300
10137/320Ludmilla creek mosquito breeding report.pdf351821712600
10137/443NT tobacco action plan 2010-2013.pdf35092459600
10137/1309Termination of Pregnancy Prescribed Information reporting requirements.pdf350620314100
10137/1270PS7 Mandatory Reference Standard_10032017.pdf350618416000
10137/414Physical Activity Supplement.pdf350918815300
10137/506Vol. 12 no 3 September 2005.pdf349923810200
10137/1042AP-2 DEP Application for App Prescriber Registration.pdf349321513100
10137/287Mosquito vector control in the Northern Territory 1987.pdf349522012400
10137/1291NT AHKPI Annual Reporting and KPI Change Calendars.pdf349216218500
10137/7742TEHS Service Delivery Agreement 2019 to 2020.pdf34823325000
10137/589Report East Arm Port Expansion final.pdf348422212200
10137/181Detection and elimination of Aedes albopictus on cable drums at Perkins Shipping 2007.pdf347322511900
10137/475The Chronicle Vol. 17 Issue 2 July 2010.pdf347122379800
10137/149Aboriginal cultural security.pdf345514519500
10137/484Oral Health Promotion Plan 2011-2015.pdf3451122011400
10137/980Consent and authority to undertake background enquiries - VSA.pdf345716117700
10137/506Vol. 14 no 2 June 2007.pdf3451219713600
10137/358Strategic Information Plan.pdf345422012100
10137/252Evaluation of bifenthrin applications in tires to prevent Aedes mosquito breeding 2009.pdf345420813300
10137/7512Having a Termination of Pregnancy in the NT - Swahili Consumer Information.pdf34518327000
10137/1662Family Carer Guardian application form.docx343719713900
10137/506Vol. 4 no 1 March 1997.pdf342413919900
10137/2723Student Placement (Non-Medical) Flowchart.pdf342717715800
10137/506Vol. 21 no 3 September 2014.pdf339720312900
10137/775Immunisation Schedule_Adult and Special Groups V3.pdf33957282000
10137/264Personal protection from mosquitoes and biting midges in the NT 25 OCT 2011_5_doc.pdf3391517115300
10137/615eHealthNT Happenings Issue 3.pdf338414518900
10137/7209NDIS Regional Community Planning Report - Central Australia.PDF338152735000
10137/50partb-Building a better Department,a better system.pdf337321012400
10137/506Vol. 9 no 2 June 2002.pdf336922310400
10137/506Vol. 10 no 3 September 2003.pdf333622010700
10137/490Sick Bed 2013.pdf333518214600
10137/416Chronicle August for web.pdf333619313400
10137/506Vol. 11 no 3 September 2004.pdf33272329300
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report 2018 June.pdf332413419400
10137/6939Fit Kit Contents PHC Remote List.pdf332917914400
10137/1392Parent information Meningococcal ACWY_exapanded vaccination program Jan 2018.pdf33217825300
10137/506Vol. 10 no 2 June 2003.pdf33182378600
10137/516Smoking prevalence NT.pdf330822010200
10137/6937Standard Reference List PHC Remote Guideline.docx3301019013000
10137/615eHealthNT Happenings Issue 5.rtf330218414400
10137/506Vol 26 no 3 September 2019.pdf32944285000
10137/1135HD Home Modification Diagram.docx328517414900
10137/1103P-2 ADLs.docx328719712400
10137/1149A1-E DEP - special consideration form.pdf328517215100
10137/162DHF Annual Report 2007-2008.pdf327717414600
10137/506Vol. 1 no 8, July 1993.pdf327821610300
10137/268Dendue mosquito eradication project Tennant Creek end jan progress report MCAA ver.pdf326517714400
10137/1417Erratum Notices DoH 2016-17_Annual Report.pdf325213518800
10137/1306Termination of Pregnancy Credential Verification.docx325315716500
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report 2018 April.pdf32519522900
10137/1205Rotavirus Jan 2018.pdf325311320900
10137/1215Cryptosporidiosis Aug 2015.pdf324118314000
10137/1028For user of schedule 7 substances register of all receipts and use of a schedule 7 substances Regulation 49.pdf324317614500
10137/534Annual Report - Executive Summary.pdf322317814100
10137/1314Pregnancy options for women in the NT.pdf32230292000
10137/616Northern Territory Market Basket Survey report 2014 Summary Report.docx321915515700
10137/614The Chronicle Vol. 26 Issue 1 March 2014.pdf321220111800
10137/684Ownership of Pharmacies in the NT FINAL.pdf32101430700
10137/7040Meningococcal ACWY vaccine and meningococcal vaccine information January 2019.pdf32117304000
10137/1345Relevant Qualifications for Nursing and Midwifery Positions NT Health Policy.pdf32013307000
10137/842Authorised Person-Policy and Practice Guideline.pdf319312818800
10137/506Vol. 17 no 4 December 2010.pdf319132258100
10137/615eHealthNT Happenings Issue 7.pdf319117614200
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol. 9 no 1 January-March & April-June 2008.pdf318715515600
10137/750Tuberculosis treatment Tamil translation.pdf318820810200
10137/813Client Search and Seizure AMT Form.pdf318116015700
10137/1227Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Evaluation Recommendations and Response.pdf317210920600
10137/474report interception Ae aegypti 2010 June 2.doc317115116500
10137/490Marg 2013.pdf316118213300
10137/916General Medications Contract - Medicines & Poisons Control.docx316319012300
10137/742Mosquito Species Recorded from the Northern Territory.pdf.rtf316517613500
10137/658CAHS Service Delivery Agreement 2015-16 full.pdf31629022400
10137/1140ACT-1 DEP Approved Prescriber Action Advice.pdf315116315100
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol.10 no 1 January-March & April-June 2009.pdf315216614700
10137/6943Research Proposals PHC Remote Guideline.pdf3151617312600
10137/506Vol. 6 no 3 September 1999.pdf31492149100
10137/310Supplementary trapping report.pdf314418512500
10137/489Mortality-Multiple causes_final.doc314318812300
10137/1090DEP CG-5 Pressure Management equipment.pdf313315215800
10137/934Bachelor of Midwifery Employed Model Program Information Pack.pdf31394219000
10137/787Head lice advice posters (PDF).pdf313518012800
10137/6940Pharmacy Ordering PHC Remote Guideline.pdf312112752600
10137/796Getting Out & About Locally in Alice Springs.txt31277922600
10137/1342Lead exposure questionnaire.pdf31042178900
10137/7741SDA Performance Framework.pdf31023287000
10137/657Stores Newsletter - Mar 2016.pdf309310919700
10137/7062The right age for baby needles.pdf30832386700
10137/973Hepatitis B Immunisation provider letter.pdf308417612800
10137/613Annual Report 2013-2014.pdf306615214800
10137/779Ross River virus Kurdish translation.pdf306715414500
10137/882NT N&M Studies Assistance Grant pack.pdf306516413700
10137/506Vol. 10 no 1 March 2003.pdf30672019800
10137/506NT Disease Control Bulletin Cumulative Index September 2019.pdf30550255000
10137/615eHealthNT Happenings Issue 7.rtf303216813300
10137/657Stores Newsletter - Nov 2013.rtf303717612000
10137/186Update on the Aedes aegypt mosquito eradication campaign in TCK June 2004.pdf303512117700
10137/769No germs on me general poster.pdf303817012500
10137/7451E-cigarette reforms fact sheet.DOCX30229273000
10137/762Didya wash ya hands toilet poster.pdf301718810600
10137/750Tuberculosis treatment Hazaragi translation.pdf301716113300
10137/182Medical Entomology Annual Report 2006-2007 complete.pdf301213016900
10137/615eHealthNT Happenings Issue 6.rtf300717112200
10137/1159Gove District Hospital Site Rules for Contractors, Sub Contractors and Tradespersons.docx30039020700
10137/179Main Report.pdf29931989800
10137/1147A1-CS DEP Application Form Cheat Sheet.pdf299418610900
10137/463E Arn Plns 3.pdf299119610200
10137/1355Self Referral Pathway Banned Drinker Register Information Sheet.pdf2993296000
10137/1058CM Job Sheet.docx29878520600
10137/413July 2003.pdf298615313900
10137/6952Client Specific Department Funded Medicines Request PHC Remote Form.dotx298161919100
10137/736Salt Marsh Mosquito Pest Calendar for Coastal NT 2016.pdf298114814900
10137/6951Travel Management System Access Application Form.dotx29722267800
10137/8452012 Healthy Under 5 Kids Annual Report.pdf296110718800
10137/6951Primary Care Information System (PCIS) Query Group Access Form.dotx29620273300
10137/784Mantoux Somali translation.pdf296110519000
10137/7375Tobacco Product Sales.pdf29510285000
10137/2716Buggy Service Role Description Volunteer Program TEHS Handout v2.docx294610218600
10137/657Remote Stores Newsletter - June 2017.pdf294513715200
10137/937Alcohol Mandatory Treatment (AMT) Service Evaluation.pdf29456822100
10137/1340Guideline for the reporting of elevated blood lead levels in the Northern Territry.pdf293313915100
10137/6940Issuing and Administering Medicines PHC Remote Guideline.pdf293132651500
10137/1038Cleaning Guidelines Summary.docx293215813300
10137/475The Chronicle Vol. 19 Issue 4 December 2010.pdf29241969200
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol. 3 no 2 July-September & October-December 2002.pdf292014914300
10137/362Medical Education and Training Summit Introduction.pdf292217111900
10137/491Annual Report 2010-11 Web 20111012.pdf29282087600
10137/7209NDIS Regional Community Planning Report - Top End.PDF292102542800
10137/876Part B Funding Contract Terms and Condition.pdf291516212400
10137/1429Small Alcohol Management Plan Template.docx291517810800
10137/657Stores Newsletter - Dec 2014.pdf290412616000
10137/848Application for Authority to Prescribe a Restricted S8 Substance for the Treatment of Addiction (Appendix C).dotx29027263000
10137/1120T1 DEP Trial Request.docx289710917300
10137/2733May, Jun 1997.pdf288613215000
10137/749NT Disability Scholarship application form.pdf288416511900
10137/1667NT Child Health Record (002).pdf2878276300
10137/1099P-5 Pressure Management Equipment.docx286311217100
10137/496What is driving Ae vigilax peaks in the Karama trap Mos Bites versionJan 2011.pdf28631899400
10137/464Mothers and babies 2006.pdf28571968200
10137/684Display of names for pharmacy businesses.pdf28501826700
10137/141Section 1.pdf285214613700
10137/8462013 Healthy Under 5 Kids Annual Report.pdf285215812500
10137/494What is driving salt marsh mosquito peaks in Darwin CDC Bulletin version.pdf284416711300
10137/657Stores Newsletter - May 2013.pdf284315912200
10137/7106Data Release NT Health Guideline.pdf28372532300
10137/1288Data Receiving Protocol_v2.0.4.pdf283216112000
10137/6941Approved Scheduled Substance Treatment Protocols (SSTP) and Medicines List PHC Remote.pdf28119262000
10137/531Male self collected specimen poster.pdf281114313700
10137/7521Bush book vol1.pdf28120261000
10137/1156Contractors After Hours Access GDH Procedure.pdf280017910100
10137/506Vol. 16 no 4 December 2009.pdf28071799400
10137/6937Epiphany ECG Workflow for Health Centre Clinicians using Philips TC-50 ECG Carts PHC Remote Information.pdf28071888500
10137/1066CG-2c ADLs Transfer Aids and Lifting Devices.pdf280211616200
10137/1235Malaria Dec 2012.pdf280211016800
10137/514Injury trends NT.pdf27941819400
10137/222Reappearance of human cases.pdf279513014400
10137/199Aedes aegypti mosquitoes vectors for dengue, found in Tennant Creek - Elimination campaign in progress 2004.pdf279417210300
10137/684Mandatory equipment for pharmacy businesses.pdf27901926000
10137/6786Tuberculosis - What you need to know CDC Factsheet.pdf279412015500
10137/1260NF3 Application for a New or Changes to a Pharmacy Department_16032017.pdf278116311400
10137/1244Q fever fact sheet August 2016.pdf2781014012800
10137/339proposed aerial control trials complete report.pdf278815811200
10137/1089P-6 Wheeled Mobility Aids.docx278513913400
10137/380Youth Justice Advisory Committee Annual Report 08-09.pdf278132056000
10137/506Vol. 17 no 3 September 2010.pdf277101977000
10137/539PCD Strategy overview and framework.pdf277316910500
10137/1262NF5 Notification of a Pharmacist in Charge_022017.pdf276510616500
10137/6943Research Proposal Part A Research Application PHC Remote Form.dotx2761215311100
10137/469Efficacy alpha-cy and lambda-cy Aedes tire breeding 2010.pdf276416510700
10137/506Vol. 18 no 2 June 2011.pdf276161827800
10137/829Prescriptions and Orders General - Medicines & Poisons Control.pdf275815211500
10137/7369Issuing and Supplying Restricted S8 Prescriptions - Methadone Buprenorphine and BuprenorphineNaloxone (Vol 1 Part 4).pdf27520255000
10137/525Head lice advice posters.pdf274415311700
10137/273Drainage Considerations for mosquito control.pdf274191569900
10137/1132HM-C DEP Home Mods Certificate of Completion.docx274214213000
10137/220Rainfall and vector mosquito numbers.doc274215611600
10137/1301HAC EOI Response Form.docx274115411900
10137/1107DEP Approved Equipment List.xlsx272414112700
10137/1069CG-3 Bed Equipment.pdf272210216800
10137/7054Meningococcal Disease CDC factsheet Jan 2019.pdf27210262000
10137/1102P-3 Bed Equipment.docx272213014000
10137/1312Termination Of Pregnancy Law Reform Regulations.pdf270013713300
10137/6940Dose Administration Aids PHC Remote Guideline.pdf27013250700
10137/977Vaccine safety for adolescent girls.pdf270413313300
10137/374A geospatial evaluation of Aedes vigilax larval control efforts across Dec 09.pdf26931739300
10137/615eHealthNT Happenings Issue 1.pdf269114412400
10137/506Vol. 18 no 4 December 2011.pdf26861798300
10137/330Groote Eylandt remains dengue vectro free 2009.pdf268314012500
10137/2733Jan, Feb 1997.pdf26828817800
10137/506Vol. 4 no 4 December 1997.pdf267101896800
10137/196First record of Aedes (aedimorphus) vexans vexans in Australia 2005.pdf267615011100
10137/6952Non-S100 Pharmacy Items Request PHC Remote Form.dotx267151668600
10137/291Confirmed case of Ross River virus acquired in Alice Springs, March 1995.pdf267513213000
10137/1083P-12 Continence Aids.docx266112414100
10137/615eHealthNT Happenings Issue 1.rtf265113912500
10137/1091DEP-CG6 Wheeled Mobility Aids.pdf2651313511700
10137/913Medical Practitioner Guide to Supplying Isotretinoin.docx265411115000
10137/657Remote Stores Newsletter - September 2017.pdf264312513600
10137/506Vol. 1 no 5 September 1992.pdf26461629600
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol. 6 no 2 July-September & October-December 2005.pdf264413013000
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report 2017 September.pdf264111814500
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report 2018 February.pdf264410016000
10137/356Lot 5646 Town of Darwin mosquito breeding in the upper tidal reaches of Ludmilla Creek 2009.pdf26351609800
10137/994Tuberculosis (TB) Treatment CDC Fact Sheet.pdf26346719200
10137/215Exotic mosquitoes detected in cargo at east arm port area 19 march 2003 CDC ver.pdf262613811800
10137/1170Nursing and Midwifery Studies Assistance Grant Scheme 2018 Manager's Declarations Form.pdf26201798300
10137/870Ministerial nurse practitioner scholarhsip information pack.pdf262213312700
10137/505Arsenic Poisoning-Guidelines for health care providers.pdf26241698900
10137/506Vol. 1 no 6, October 1992.pdf26251609700
10137/506Vol. 1 no 2 December 1991.pdf26161569900
10137/750Tuberculosis treatment Arabic translation.pdf261213112800
10137/1027For sellers of schedule 7 substances register of all receipts and supplies .pdf26138817000
10137/1322Regions for Prescribed Reporting.pdf26167218300
10137/810AMT Template Appointment of Authorised Officer.pdf26117218800
10137/6940Section 100 Pharmacy Arrangements PHC Remote Guideline.pdf260142222400
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report 2018 January.pdf26009116900
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol. 10 no 2 July-September & October-December 2009..pdf260213812000
10137/349Western Gulf of Carpentaria exotic vector surv.pdf259514610800
10137/1274PS11 Display of Names for Pharmacy Departments_10032017.pdf258314411100
10137/506Vol. 7 no 1 March 2000.pdf25791836500
10137/850Supplying Without a Prescription - Medicines & Poisons Control.pdf256514011100
10137/1097DEP CG-12 Continence Aids.pdf255412412700
10137/485Sexual Health Guidelines.pdf25541688300
10137/682New-relocation-alteration of a pharmacy department application form.docx254112213100
10137/657Stores Newsletter - May 2014.rtf254614510300
10137/982Authorised Person Training Program - VSA.pdf253312612400
10137/506Vol. 1 no 7, March 1993.pdf25361648300
10137/785Melioidosis Arabic translation.pdf252512312400
10137/363Draft National Service Standards for Remote Area Access to Dialysis and Transplantation Services.pdf25261737300
10137/293Australian encephalitis in the NT 1994.pdf252712112400
10137/175Zika virus disease 2008.pdf252214210800
10137/1353Secondary Supply Banned Drinker Register Information Sheet.pdf2516245000
10137/253Newsround Aug. 199925176717700
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol 17 no 3 July-Sept 2016.pdf250110414500
10137/27339 Jul 1996.pdf25048116500
10137/864Quick Guide to the Healthy Food and Drink Options in NT Health Facilities Policy.pdf25031529500
10137/415Dec 05.pdf25081855700
10137/766Didya wash ya hands changing nappy poster.pdf250111598000
10137/6944Western Diagnostic Pathology Stores Order PHC Remote TEHS Form.dotx249131498700
10137/2681Guidelines on urban mosquito control drains 2017.pdf24826817800
10137/531Self collected first catch urine specimen poster.pdf248213910700
10137/208A public health service mosquito survey of Dili East Timor and public health implications 2001.pdf248411413000
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol 15 no 1 January-March & April-June 2014.pdf247411313000
10137/1269PS6 Mandatory Equipment for Pharmacy Businesses_16032017.pdf24749814500
10137/1211Childhood influenza vaccination schedule Mar 2017.pdf24707417300
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol 17 no 4 Oct-Dec 2016.pdf24729714800
10137/6936Specialist and Clinical Service Providers Visits to Remote Health Centres PHC Remote Information Sheet.pdf246212611800
10137/428child malnutrition_failure to thrive Final report.doc24671617800
10137/7008Mental Health 28 Day Readmission Rate KPI Attribute Sheet.pdf244101528200
10137/910Police Notice for the Removal of an Apprehension Order AMT Form.pdf244114010300
10137/1356Service Providers Banned Drinker Register Information Sheet.pdf2444240000
10137/506Vol. 7 no 3 September 2000.pdf24491716400
10137/858AMT Client Information for Emergency Departments and Hospital Wards.pdf24439414700
10137/506Vol. 5 no 1 March 1998.pdf24361776000
10137/972When the BCG (TB) vaccine is not available.pdf243511812000
10137/1061CG-2a Aids for Daliy Living - Toileting Aides.pdf243512811000
10137/7374Smoke free buffer areas.DOCX24223219000
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol. 14 no 1 January-March & April-June 2013. pdf242812111300
10137/245Fatal scrub typhus from Litchfield Park NT.doc24269314300
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol. 8 no 2 July-September & October-December 2007.pdf242411911900
10137/1101P-4 Supportive Seating and Alternative Positioning Equipment.docx241313110700
10137/6841Standard Drug List PHC Remote Master Document.xlsx24128213000
10137/1086P-9 Home Modifications.docx241112711300
10137/276Exotic Aedes Surveillance and Exclusion from the NT of Australia - 1998.pdf24061627200
10137/657Stores Newsletter - Nov 2013.pdf240212910900
10137/764Didya wash ya hands food poster.pdf24071676600
10137/192Interim Report to the National Arbovirus and Malaria Committee on the detection of exotic mosquitoes in tyres at Perkins Shipping, Darwin NT, 12 May 06.pdf23941607500
10137/1304Termination of Pregnancy Law Reform Act 2017.pdf23929614100
10137/1231Leptospirosis Dec 2012.pdf239512011400
10137/660TEHS Service Delivery Agreement 2014-15 V1 full.pdf238412111300
10137/435IFG 2010 final.pdf238313110400
10137/1137GR-D DEP Grab Rail Disclaimer Form.docx237812510400
10137/506Vol. 15 no 1 March 2008.pdf23731696500
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report 2017 December.pdf23739114300
10137/6951East Arnhem Communicare System (EACS) User Access and WebClient Form.docx237152061600
10137/781Preventive treatment for LTBI Somali.pdf23644918300
10137/325Biting Insect Survey & Assessment - Supplementary Trapping Final.pdf23641686400
10137/309The Association Of Blowflies With Wheelie-Bins In Darwin NOV 1991.pdf236612510500
10137/6951Primary Care Information System (PCIS) User Access Cessation or Change Request Form.dotx23523206600
10137/1106P-C Cover Sheet DEP Prescription Form.docx235510013000
10137/1352Authorised Person Referral Pathway BDR.pdf2358227000
10137/27336 May 1996.pdf23506217300
10137/2733Sep, Oct 1997.pdf23518015400
10137/782Checklist Northern Territory - Stay On Your Feet.rtf23518015400
10137/506Vol. 4 no 3 September 1997.pdf23461587000
10137/985Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Quartely Report - July to September 2014.pdf23426416800
10137/414Jan_Feb 04.pdf23351488000
10137/728Companion Card Affiliates 2016.docx23319513700
10137/240Response to recommendations - Developing an Integrated Maternity Services Model 2008 .pdf23341379200
10137/27334 Mar 1996.pdf23325517600
10137/900Catering Guide for Meetings Functions Events and Health Education Activities v10.pdf233911311100
10137/1201How teeth get holes Poster 2017.pdf233111511700
10137/933Anti-Bulling and Appropriate Workplace Behaviour Strategy.pdf23319014200
10137/1360Banned Drinker Register - Reviewing Decisions NTCAT.pdf232410812000
10137/601Renal Services framework 2012-2017.doc23208314900
10137/6940Pharmacy Audits PHC Remote Guideline.pdf23281952900
10137/506Vol. 12 no 2 June 2005.pdf23191675500
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report 2018 May .pdf23125817100
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol 17 no 2 April-June 2016.pdf231011411700
10137/6952Rural Medical Practitioner Specific Medicine Request PHC Remote Form.dotx231111507000
10137/794Getting Out & About Locally.txt23115817200
10137/774Immunisation Schedule_Pneumococcal Vaccination V3.pdf23132199000
10137/95Trends in the health of mothers and babies Northern Territory 1986-95.txt23061259900
10137/657Stores Newsletter - May 2014.pdf230311910800
10137/6999Aged Care Assessment Program Clients Receiving Timely Intervention KPI Attribute Sheet.pdf23071457800
10137/683Complaint guide-Schedule 7 Health Practitioners Act 2004 NT Provisions.pdf230010512500
10137/77112017 NT Market Basket Survey.docx22918211000
10137/204East Timor AusAID Mosquito Project CDC bulletin september 06.pdf22931458100
10137/362Medical Summit Objectives.pdf229012710200
10137/608NT Implementation Plan 2014-2016.rtf22909613300
10137/498Another exotic mosquito interception at Frances Bay port.pdf22831319400
10137/1290Options Paper Population Denominators for Primary Health Care Indicators .pdf228211810800
10137/700To access the article.docx228312010500
10137/788Kids nits booklet.pdf22851576600
10137/907Northern Territory Nursing and Midwifery Strategic Plan 2019 - 2022.pdf22816212000
10137/531Self collected low vaginal swab poster.pdf22727714800
10137/1166Childbirth Education Enrolment form.doc227610411700
10137/1399Meningococcal ACWY vaccine consent form.pdf22641259700
10137/779Ross River virus Arabic translation.pdf22679312600
10137/2733Feb, Mar, Apr 1998.pdf22617814700
10137/273316 Sep 1996.pdf22546415700
10137/765No germs on me general A2 poster.pdf22531279500
10137/506Vol. 2 no 2 June 1994.pdf22441497100
10137/525Head lice advice posters.rtf22361229500
10137/7003Elective Surgery Waiting List Long Waits KPI Attribute Sheet.pdf22331417900
10137/745Gapuwiyak Amended VSA MP 2016.doc22304018300
10137/684Mandatory references for Northern Territory pharmacy premises.pdf22201320900
10137/253Newsround Mar.199922258613100
10137/750Tuberculosis treatment Vietnamese translation.pdf22129112800
10137/1351Information for Clinicians Banned Drinker Register.pdf2213218000
10137/1111PO-5 DEP Client Contribution Policy.docx22137814000
10137/308Control of Blowflies in Wheelie Bins Using Enviroblox Insecticidal Blocks 2005.pdf22131457300
10137/362Medical Summit Wrap Up.pdf22171407400
10137/506Vol. 4 no 2 June 1997.pdf22091555600
10137/970Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) information for medical practitioners.pdf22005716300
10137/188Recommended water receptacle treatment for exotic mosquitoes on foreign fishing vessels arriving in Australia 2005.pdf220411410200
10137/190Imported Malaria Cases at Northern Immigration Detention Facility, Berrimah NT 2006_CDC.pdf22051427300
10137/312Dengue Mosquito Control Assessment - Final.pdf21971664600
10137/2733Mar, Apr 1997.pdf21905916000
10137/422Click on this link to access the article.doc21991228800
10137/827Control Explanation of Key Tasks - Medicines & Poisons Control.pdf219101456400
10137/6937Chest Pain Suspected Cardiac Event in Remote Health Centres PHC Remote Guideline.pdf21871417000
10137/785Melioidosis Kurdish translation.pdf21848013400
10137/6952Pharmacy Items Not Available PHC Remote Form.dotx218131594600
10137/1280Annual Report 2009-2010.pdf21831358000
10137/173A curious coincidence-mosquito biodiversity and the limits of the JE virus in Australia, Hemmerter etal 2007 BMC.pdf21851704300
10137/506Vol. 1 no 3 February 1992.pdf21861318100
10137/238Issue 12 November 2000.pdf218211310300
10137/209Guidelines to prevent fly breeding in domestic situations in the top end of the NT-2001 CDC ver.pdf21891228700
10137/682Change of ownership of a pharmacy business form.docx21728213300
10137/802Alcohol Pharmacotherapies.pdf21716015600
10137/506Vol. 2 no 3 September 1994.pdf217141515200
10137/6936Outreach Health Services Program to Remote Health Centres PHC Remote Information Sheet.pdf21741506300
10137/506Vol. 2 no 1 March 1994.pdf21751605200
10137/7058NTG Response to Northern Territory Road Ambulance Service Scoping Review.pdf21781258400
10137/497arbovirus models practical managt tools mosquito cont disease prevntiopn in NT Aust JME 2011 453-460.pdf21751486400
10137/506Vol. 19 no 4 December 2012.pdf21681535500
10137/990Ultrasound for Remote Area Midwives - Expression of Interest to Attend.pdf216111010500
10137/7063Recommended sites for multiple injections.pdf216141643800
10137/506Vol. 3 no 4 December 1996.pdf21651624900
10137/259Previous version.pdf21631377600
10137/317endogenous and exogenous factors controlling tem abun of mos Ecol Aplic 18(8) 2008.pdf21591357100
10137/1336Lead and health.pdf215510210800
10137/506Vol. 3 no 2 June 1996.pdf21521357800
10137/1310Termination of Pregnnancy Referral for pregnancy services.doc214310610500
10137/301Ranger Mine Report.pdf214310610500
10137/1429Medium Alcohol Management Plan Template.docx21331327800
10137/668article link.docx21371178900
10137/253Newsround Feb. 200321239311600
10137/213Cockroach control in the NT.pdf21231307900
10137/1361Banned Drinker Registrar Information Sheet.pdf2127205000
10137/506Vol. 3 no 3 September 1996.pdf21241684000
10137/7913DoH_Annual Report_2018_19.pdf21113279000
10137/1087P-8 Personal Emergency Response System.docx21131288000
10137/250Malaria and the receptive area in the nT -1995 Bull ver.pdf21141198800
10137/544Anthropogenic ecological change.doc21141149300
10137/1160Site Regulations for Visitors Contractors Sub Contractors Tradespersons and Employees ASH Guideline.docx21107713400
10137/1305Northern Territory Clinical Guidelines for Termination of Pregnancy.pdf21028182000
10137/501A confirmed case of Kunjin virus disease encephalitis - NT 2010.pdf21031258200
10137/988Mental Health Service Strategic Plan 2015 - 2021.pdf21029181000
10137/280The Isolation of Alpha and Flavi viruses from Mosquitoes in the NT 1982-1992 (1993).pdf21069810600
10137/1221Japanese encephalitis Aug 2016.pdf20928312400
10137/7208Meeting and Exceeding Cultural Safety in the Workplace, Workplace Report.PDF209111762200
10137/203Initial survey of undersground mosquito breeding sites in Darwin NT.pdf20941465900
10137/437Molecular phylogeny of Edge Hill virus.doc209210510200
10137/1288Data Receiving Protocol_v2.3.pdf20818811900
10137/306Mosquito Investigation Wollogorang & Borroloola.pdf20831436200
10137/2733Oct, Nov, Dec 1996.pdf20807213600
10137/278Integrated mosquito control and the Katherine flood, January 1998.pdf20851346900
10137/1372Application by Authorised Person for the Making of a Banned Drinker Order Form.doc20718189000
10137/16dhcs_annual_report 2004-2005.pdf20711475900
10137/597Medical Entomology Annual Report 2012-2013_final.pdf20721089700
10137/506Vol. 3 no 1 March 1996.pdf20751544800
10137/1119T2 Agreement to Trial DEP Equipment.docx20739211200
10137/750Tuberculosis treatment Farsi translation.pdf20651059600
10137/1141AP-2 DEP Application for App Prescriber Registration.pdf20618112400
10137/877CDN Membership form.pdf20619810700
10137/6938Electronic Health Records Overview PHC Remote Guideline.pdf2068198000
10137/2733Nov, Dec 1997 & Jan 1998.pdf20617812700
10137/273312 Aug 1996.pdf20517013400
10137/506Vol. 2 no 4 December 1994.pdf20561534600
10137/259Mothers and babies 2005.pdf20541366500
10137/1199Parental Participation in Oral health_Booklet.pdf20536413800
10137/6938Privacy of Health Information Overview PHC Remote Guideline.pdf20531525000
10137/525Kids nit booklet.rtf20451198000
10137/1095DEP-CG10 Vehicle Transfer Aids.pdf20436014100
10137/7724Northern Territory Health Services Fees and Charges Manual.pdf20429175000
10137/475The Chronicle Vol. 18 Issue 2 September 2010.pdf204101108400
10137/1184To access this article.pdf204310110000
10137/1074PR-8 DEP Stock and Re-issue Procedure.docx20338311700
10137/237Surveillance Update January-March & April-June 2007.pdf20331118900
10137/307Nhulunbuy & Wallaby Beach 1995.pdf20241435500
10137/283The NT Remains Free of Dengue Fever Vectors - 1991.pdf20241395900
10137/549Adult trap sensitivity.doc20151039300
10137/1124SL-1 Equipment Register Template.docx20118311700
10137/426Top End Symposium Whitehouse Ritchie paper 2009.pdf20121247500
10137/273311 Jun 1996.pdf20106713400
10137/1208Campylobacter Aug 2015.pdf20039510200
10137/242Biting midge surveillance in Darwin harbour, Culicoides ornatus abundance and dispersal 1997.pdf20061375700
10137/527Nontuberculous mycobacteria.pdf20015514400
10137/282Murrumujuk Gunn Point Peninsula area - Biting Insect Investigation (Extracts) 1992.pdf19931207600
10137/615eHealthNT Happenings Issue 2.pdf19901168300
10137/550Medical Entomology Annual Report_2010_11.pdf19921128500
10137/351batchelor case vers june 09.pdf19941207500
10137/174Medical Entomology Annual Report 2007_08.pdf19831593600
10137/6947Remote Alcohol and Other Drugs Workforce Program PHC Remote Guideline.pdf19808411400
10137/7109Data Release Request Form.dotx19871771400
10137/758No germs on me Cyril Rioli poster.pdf19721217400
10137/684Premises and equipment standard for pharmacy based immunisation programs.pdf1970818900
10137/6952Non-Standard Medicine Local Addition PHC Remote Form.dotx197151245800
10137/1171Nursing and Midwifery Studies Assistance Grant Scheme 2018 Frequently Asked Questions.pdf19711445200
10137/506Vol. 1 no 9 October 1993.pdf19671484100
10137/180Timor-Leste mosquito project - an update, CDC bulletin September 2007.pdf19651157600
10137/211Sentinel Chicken Surveillance Program in Australia July 2003 to June 2004.doc1962989600
10137/657Stores Newsletter - May 2013.rtf19531038900
10137/302McArthur River Mine Baseline Study.pdf19531405200
10137/7513Pregnancy Options for Women in the NT - Swahili Consumer Information.pdf19420174000
10137/1258NF1 Change of Ownership of a Pharmacy Business_022017.pdf19451197000
10137/214Comunicable Diseases Network Australia National Arbovirus and Malaria Advisory Committee Annual report 2005-06.doc1942949800
10137/6933Listeriosis Fact Sheet.pdf19417312000
10137/6937Hearing Health Referral Pathways (002).pdf19391671700
10137/779Ross river virus Dari translation.pdf19377411200
10137/200Mosquito Control and the Katherine Flood April 2006 - Disease Control Bulletin.pdf19341365300
10137/849Authorised Person Application Form.pdf19371097700
10137/6937Chest Pain Suspected Cardiac Event in Remote Health Centres PHC Remote CAHS Flowchart.pdf19391156900
10137/1259NF2 Application for a New or Changes to Pharmacy Business_022017.pdf19351078100
10137/506Vol. 1 no 10 December 1993.pdf19351444400
10137/632Regular report on alcohol-related harm indicators for public hospitals.docx1921949700
10137/6940Disposal of Unwanted Medicines Following an Emergency or Disaster Event PHC Remote Guideline.pdf1927182300
10137/986Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Quartely Report - January to March 2014.pdf19134514300
10137/258Previous version.pdf19131414700
10137/2688extractive industries guideline 2012.pdf19048110500
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report 2018 Sept.pdf19018210700
10137/895Patient Delivered Partner Therapy-M&PC.docx19091008100
10137/6953Medicare and pharmaceutical benefits usage 2007-08 to 2016-17.pdf18947610900
10137/2686Guidelines for preventing mosquito problems for new rural residential 20.._.pdf1893949200
10137/1129OW-1 Transfer Ownership to DEP.docx18935912700
10137/233Dectection of the exotic mosquito Culex gelidus in the NT of Australia- 2000.pdf18941256000
10137/224Australian encephalitis sentinel chicken surv.doc18951048000
10137/1081P- 14 Comprehensive Wheeled Mobility Aids.docx18828610000
10137/1024Single application for accreditation.docx18811177000
10137/7367Dispensing of Restricted S8 Substances - Methadone Buprenorphine BuprenorphineNaloxone - OST (Vol 1 Part 4B) SOP.pdf1886182000
10137/201Recommended interim water receptacle treatment for exotic mosquitoes on international foreign fishing vessels arriving in Australia, 2006.pdf18851374600
10137/1065PR-2 DEP Special Consideration Procedure.docx18821008600
10137/7212Vol 25 no 3 September 2018.pdf188131651000
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol. 11 no 1 January-March & April-June 2010.pdf1887988300
10137/6763Yersiniosis Fact Sheet.pdf1887948700
10137/1121Tier 1 Request for Quotation Template.docx18816212500
10137/7210Patient Assistance Travel Schemel.pdf18761542700
10137/1143EA-O DEP Driving Assessment.pdf18708310400
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol. 3 no 1 January-March & April-June 2002.pdf1864948800
10137/667Campaign to increase awareness of mVE in remote communities 2016.pdf18641325000
10137/1261NF4 Application for a New or Changes to a Professional Services Premises_022017.pdf1862859900
10137/464Previous version.pdf18671027700
10137/1108FS1 - DEP Information Brochure.pdf18531008200
10137/7515Pregnancy Options for Women in the NT - Mandarin Consumer Information.pdf18517168000
10137/597Medical Entomology Annual Report 2012-2013_final.rtf18501127300
10137/500NT Medical Entomologist Ipswich Flood Relief trip January 2011.pdf18541315000
10137/750Tuberculosis treatment Filipino translation.pdf18427011200
10137/1009Department of Health comments on the Tilton Report recommendations.pdf1841869700
10137/279A preliminary investigation of possible oral and transovarial transmission of Ross River Virus 1986.pdf18461186000
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol 14 no 2 July-September & October-December 20131845978200
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report 2018 August.pdf18437410700
10137/1358Alcohol Harm Reduction Act for Clinicians.pdf1835178000
10137/316complete Report Bellamack and Palmerston East.pdf18341027700
10137/6940Regional Hospital Pharmacies PHC Remote Guideline.pdf18341611800
10137/658CAHS Service Delivery Agreement 2014-15 V1 full.pdf18331116900
10137/7212NT Disease Control Bulletin Cumulative Index June 2018.pdf18225151600
10137/962Client Rights Statement (Treatment) AMT Handout.pdf18207710500
10137/615eHealthNT Happenings Issue 5.pdf1813809800
10137/615eHealthNT Happenings Issue 6.pdf18107011100
10137/177Personal mosquito protection while overseas 2008.pdf18131077100
10137/285Potential distribution of the Asian disease vectro Culex gelidus.doc18041047200
10137/1082P-13 Prescription Form for Multiple Level 1.docx1802997900
10137/711330.8 Pest Management Info Sheet.docx18027810000
10137/248A case presenting diagnostic difficulties making sense of flavivirus serology in the Top End 1998.pdf17951116300
10137/847Gazette S4 3 Feb 2016.pdf17921096800
10137/781Preventive treatment for LTBI Hazaragi.pdf1798769500
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol. 7 no 1 January-March & April-June 2006.pdf1792948300
10137/878NT N&M Studies Assistance Grant Applicant support form.pdf179131174900
10137/1288Data Receiving Protocol_v2.0.6.pdf1783918400
10137/554A comparison of adult mosquito trapping regimes seasons and ecosys in Darwin 2012 .pdf17831106500
10137/27338 Apr 1996.pdf17806211600
10137/7212Vol. 23 no 1 March 2016.pdf17811167000
10137/197An imported case of Chikungunya in the NT and a summary of the ecology of the disease 2004.pdf17751205200
10137/251Dengue or Kokobera.doc1774898400
10137/7212Vol. 25 no 4 December 2018.pdf17712165000
10137/1801 Physician report 01-11-01 to 31-05-02.pdf17621205400
10137/587Click this link to access the article.docx17631076600
10137/210Mosquito borne virus warning Nhulunbuy and the Top End June 1998.pdf17631086500
10137/543Case report West Nile virus Kujin subtype disease NTenceph and rev all Gray AJTMH 2011 .pdf17651244700
10137/6940Medicine Counselling PHC Remote Guideline.pdf1768162600
10137/7918The Northern Territory Food Business Risk Classification Framework.PDF17614630000
10137/6937Epiphany ECG Workflow for Medical Practitioners (Signing Doctors) PHC Remote Information (002).pdf17671204900
10137/658CAHS Service Delivery Agreement 2014-15 V2 full.pdf17611106500
10137/771Varicella Chickenpox Vaccine 2017.pdf1765739800
10137/7002Early Intervention for Conductive Hearing Loss (CHL) in Children from NT Remote Aboriginal Communities KPI Attribute Sheet.pdf17621215300
10137/2683Guidelines Mine Site.pdf1750948100
10137/1242Norovirus August 2015.pdf1754898200
10137/6939Obstetric Drug Kit Contents PHC Remote List.pdf17581551200
10137/7514Having a Termination of Pregnancy in the NT - Mandarin Consumer Information.pdf17518157000
10137/903Healthy Choices Made Easy Frequently Asked Questions.pdf17507210300
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report 2018 July.pdf17435012100
10137/757Sean Burgoyne Cyril Rioli footy poster.pdf1747917600
10137/27336 Feb 1996.pdf17436710400
10137/274Construction practice near tidal areas in the Northern Territory - guidelines to prevent mosquito breeding 1994.pdf1746878100
10137/7484Alcohol Substitution Products Fact Sheet.pdf17414160000
10137/1067CG-2d ADLs Miscellaneous Items.pdf1741977600
10137/189TB 2008 Internet.pdf17416211100
10137/244The potential for arbovirus diseases in the Top End of the Northern Territory and and the outlook for the remainder...1996.pdf17331036700
10137/1429Large Alcohol Management Plan Template.docx17321007100
10137/2722AOD Service Information (Darwin) for People Referred to Banned Drinker Register Handout.pdf17321125900
10137/6937Chest Pain Suspected Cardiac Event in Remote Health Centres PHC Remote TEHS Flowchart.pdf173111075500
10137/471A confirmed case of Kunjin virus disease encephalitis - NT 2010.pdf1734987100
10137/286Intergrated Mosquito control in Darwin.pdf17241066200
10137/218Scrub typhus in the NT.doc1723898000
10137/1057CG-1 Communication Aids and Devices.pdf1724848400
10137/853Variation Regular OST Takeaway Unsupervised Doses Buprenorphine Buprenorphine.docx17113158000
10137/1071PR-6 DEP Ordering and Payment Procedure.docx1701828700
10137/292Malaria screening and surveillance in the Northern Territory - protocols for active...1994.pdf17021046400
10137/225Murray Valle encephalitis virus surveill.doc1703917600
10137/6941Medicines the Seven Rights PHC Remote Information Sheet.pdf16941016400
10137/1138GR-C DEP Grab Rail Owner Landlord Consent.docx1698966500
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report 2018 March.pdf1692739400
10137/2733Jul, Aug 1997.pdf1697778500
10137/7160Globalisation article final preprint M Purnell.pdf16951402400
10137/267Increased surveillance of exotic mosquitoes in Darwin after Bali terrorist attack 12 October- 2003.pdf16841184600
10137/6951East Arnhem Communicare System (EACS) User Access Cessation or Change Request Form.dotx16814150400
10137/530NT Management Guidelines for STIs in the Primary Health Care Setting.pdf16811363100
10137/246The characterization of emergence sites of the biting midge Culicoides ornatus in mangroves near darwin 1997.pdf16831125300
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol. 12 no 1 January-March & April-June 2011.pdf1684927200
10137/1248Shigellosis Aug 2015.pdf1675857700
10137/710Northern Territory Hepatitis B Public Health Guidelines.pdf16730137000
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol. 8 no 1 July-September & October-December 2006.pdf1675986400
10137/1127P-B DEP Prescription Form Part B.docx1676768500
10137/524Gonococal Conjunctivitis.pdf16711254100
10137/1285Alcohol Mandatory Treatment AMT Quarterly Report October to December 2016.pdf16635610700
10137/1053CM Job Sheet - Hoist.docx16616410100
10137/1371NT Clinical Senate Terms of Reference.pdf166121431100
10137/6937Acute Coronary Syndrome Medicare Billing PHC Remote Information.pdf1665926900
10137/1134HM-1 DEP Home Mods Agreement Owners and DEP with deed.docx1651729200
10137/269Rapid identification of Aedes albopictus.doc1654897200
10137/657Remote Stores Newsletter - June 2018.pdf1653907200
10137/305report Maud Creek mine complete.pdf16421105200
10137/809AMT Second Quarter Case Studies.pdf1642887400
10137/1072PR-7 DEP Trial and Issue Procedure.docx1641808300
10137/531Self collected anal swab poster.pdf16416010300
10137/721100069 Homemaker services in the Northern Territory.pdf16431421900
10137/6941Midazolam for Emergency Kits PHC Remote Information.pdf16441461400
10137/7517Pregnancy Options for Women in the NT - Vietnamese Consumer Information.pdf16416148000
10137/240Framework - Integrated Model of Public System Midwifery-Led Care - General Principles of Care Pathway .pdf1641937000
10137/6938Electronic Health Records User Access PHC Remote Guideline.pdf1638155000
10137/2717Confidentiality Agreement - Volunteer Program TEHS Form.dotx16335910100
10137/243Scrub typhus in Litchfield Park 1996.pdf16231124700
10137/1268PS5 Standard for Pharmacy Based Immunisation Programs_10032017.pdf1625976000
10137/6941Standard Drug List PHC Remote Master Document.xlsx16212150000
10137/6997Telehealth Occasions of Service (Specialist Consultation) KPI Attribute Sheet.pdf16221243600
10137/6946Evacuation Centre Management PHC Remote Guideline.pdf16251342300
10137/329Final Report Darwin Waterfront.pdf16241055300
10137/261Report of exotic mosquitoes imported into Darwin port area 31 January 2001.pdf16121005900
10137/202Leishmaniasis - An Overview in the Context of an emerging pathogen in the Top End.pdf16141005700
10137/223Exotic Aedes mosquitoes.doc16121065300
10137/430Salt marsh mosquito larval control in Leanyer coastal wetland, NT 2010.pdf16151193700
10137/1100DEP Repair & Maintenance Fact Sheet.pdf1583906500
10137/75222018 Health Under 5 Kids Annual Report.pdf1588150000
10137/247New records of arboviruses isolated from mosquitoes in the nT 1982-1992 ARA ver.pdf15831005500
10137/1408Biting Midge Pest Calendar 2020.pdf15814216000
10137/231An outbreak of Australian encephalitis in Western Australia and central Australia during the 2000 wet season 2001.pdf1584995500
10137/1272PS9 Fit and Proper Persons Standard_10032017.pdf1575935900
10137/6940Standard Drug List Stock Management PHC Remote Guideline.pdf1578149000
10137/275Current usage and future prospects of Bti use in the Northern Territory 1994.pdf1574906300
10137/155Dummy document for MJA articles.doc15751005200
10137/1105DEP Fact Sheet Repair and Maintenance of DEP equipment.pdf1573807400
10137/1130O2 Oxygen DeliveryCollection Request.docx1563658800
10137/1114PO-3 DEP Access to Services Policy.docx15615110400
10137/277envenomation by the billygoat plum stinging caterpillar.doc15631054800
10137/1178Att E NTG Vendor Form (2).docx1560708600
10137/571Biting insect considerations for Palmerston 1983 dry season.pdf15631044900
10137/732712 month TOP Summary Report (public).docx1565151000
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report 2019 April.pdf1560156000
10137/6952Hospital Pharmacy Order PHC Remote Form.xlsx15523132000
10137/281The Epidemiology of Arbovirus Infection NT 1980-92.pdf1552936000
10137/7519Pregnancy Options for Women in the NT - Arabic Consumer Information.pdf15516139000
10137/1070PR-5 DEP Client Contribution Procedure.docx1552738000
10137/362Medical Summit Day 2.pdf15521035000
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol. 5 no 2 July-September & October-December 2004.pdf1553866600
10137/198Exotic mosquitoes detected in tyres at east Arm Wharf Darwin NT-CDC version.pdf1544975300
10137/7212Vol. 20 no 4 December 2013.pdf15415139000
10137/355Guidelines on management of sexual health issues.pdf1544925800
10137/1077PR-11 DEP Pick Up Delivery and Cleaning.docx1541747900
10137/1017Radiation Protection Code of Practice Application for alteration to current radation protection plan.pdf1540847000
10137/1110PO-6 DEP Ownership and Portability Policy.docx1531718100
10137/785Melioidosis Farsi translation.pdf1536499800
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report 2018 Oct.pdf1521727900
10137/271Predictive indicators for Ross River virus.doc1525975000
10137/1368Northern Territory Clinical Senate - DOH Website Information.pdf1520539900
10137/1402Regions for prescribed reporting.docx1521718000
10137/1180Att F Updated Application Form.docx1520599300
10137/6938Request for Access to Health Information and Records PHC Remote Guideline.pdf1523149000
10137/782Checklist Northern Territory - Stay On Your Feet.pdf1524796900
10137/417Communication Planning.pdf15231054400
10137/717Retailer Licence Wholesaler Certificate or Manufacturer Certificate Application Form.dotx1525147000
10137/262Mosquito Control in Ilparpa Swamp - a big step forward- 2002.pdf15231004900
10137/1007Central Australian Human Research Ethics Committee annual progress and final report form.docx15231044500
10137/1142EA-O DEP Optometry Assessment .pdf1523618800
10137/7212Vol. 21 no 4 December 2014.pdf15213139000
10137/1145FC-2 DEP Eligibility Flowchart.pdf1513688000
10137/949Registration Form for person with Cerebral Palsy.pdf1511787200
10137/1210Chikungunya Jan 2013.pdf1513707800
10137/1109PO-7 DEP Management of Equipment Policy.docx1514727500
10137/7204Travel and Entitlements for NT Clinical Senate Policy.pdf15151242200
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol. 4 no 1 January-March & April-June 2003.pdf1502876100
10137/1033Radiation protection information sheet 806 - Process for registration of a radiation place.pdf1503846300
10137/7108Research Data Release Application Workflow Flowchart.pdf15071241900
10137/7212Vol. 25 no 1 March 2018.pdf15081271500
10137/216Communicable Diseases Network Australia National Arbovirus and Malaria Advisory Committee Annual Report 2006-07.doc1502826600
10137/585Case report West Nile virus Kujin subtype disease NTenceph and rev all Gray AJTMH 2011 .pdf14931093700
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol 16 no 2 April-June 2015.pdf1491549400
10137/315complete report Browns Oxide mine.pdf1494895600
10137/7185Exotic mosquito detected in domestic port area in Darwin.pdf14991261400
10137/828Identification of Prescriber - Medicines & Poisons Control.pdf1483717400
10137/7351Domains Elements and Indicators Guide.pdf1482146000
10137/265Sewage effluent dispersal and mosquito breeding 1995.pdf14831024300
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol. 6 no 1 January-March & April-June 2005.pdf1475727000
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol. 2 July-September & October-December 2000.pdf1470598800
10137/191Severe skin reactions from the sap of NT tree Diospyros maritima Blume.doc1472955000
10137/1181Edited NGO registration update form.docx1461628300
10137/7183Client workflow.pdf14601014500
10137/1047CM Guidelines MWC.docx1462836100
10137/1249Sporotrichosis Oct 2014.pdf1461806500
10137/713AMT Quarterly Report July to September 2016.pdf14503011500
10137/952Alice Springs Falls Prevention.pdf1443469500
10137/6996Staphylococcus Aureus Bacteraemia (SAB) Infection Rate KPI Attribute Sheet.pdf1445835600
10137/1288Data Receiving Protocol_v2.0.8.pdf1441638000
10137/1657Mantoux skin test school consent form 2019.pdf14418126000
10137/7212Vol. 20 no 1 March 2013.pdf1438135000
10137/1117T3 DEP Trial Log for Powered Mobility Aids.docx1432608100
10137/194Mosquito control in Leanyer Swamp 2007.pdf1434954400
10137/6948Medical Students PHC Remote Guideline.pdf14391241000
10137/875Environmental Health Standards Addendum No. 1 (June 2002).pdf14321023900
10137/657Stores Newsletter - Mar 2013.rtf14201014100
10137/7516Having a Termination of Pregnancy in the NT - Vietnamese Consumer Information.pdf14214128000
10137/1068PR-3 DEP Prescription and Approval Procedure.docx1424766200
10137/7518Having a Termination of Pregnancy in the NT - Arabic Consumer Information.pdf14120121000
10137/294Describing and analysing primary health care system support for....pdf1414815600
10137/1125SF-1 DEP Satisfaction form.docx1410796200
10137/768Influenza Flu Needle Remote Form April 2019.pdf14113128000
10137/102Link for 1st National Indigenous Male Health Convention - designed by Roy Price, Nutritionist and Dietitian.htm1414607700
10137/830Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Quarterly Report Jan - Mar 2016.pdf1401667300
10137/7212Vol. 21 no 4 December 2014.pdf14014126000
10137/490Family 2013.pdf1403706700
10137/6941Repackaging Medicines PHC Remote Information Sheet.docx1402786000
10137/7212Vol. 24 no 1 March 2017.pdf1408126600
10137/288Exotic Aedes Surveillance - Ovitrap Servicing Procedures - 1997.pdf1403974000
10137/1288Data Receiving Protocol_v2.2.pdf1400657500
10137/7206Meeting Report NT Clinical Senate meeting no 4.pdf14051221300
10137/1048CM Guidelines PWC.docx1406746000
10137/7743Termination of Pregnancy Policy.pdf1407133000
10137/660TEHS Service Delivery Agreement 2014-15 V1 variation.pdf1392776000
10137/7212Vol. 22 no 1 March 2015.pdf13910129000
10137/1049CM Guidelines Commode.docx1392607700
10137/1409Salt Marsh Mosquito Pest Calendar 2020 .pdf13912118000
10137/919Medicines & Poisons Control Explanation of Key Tasks.pdf1390439600
10137/1146Requirements for mining and construction projects - factsheet no_700.pdf13802011800
10137/7014Central Australia Health Service Deed of Amendment to the 2017-18 Service Delivery Agreement.pdf1380805800
10137/482NT MBS report 2010_final.pdf1384934100
10137/1243NTM May 2015.pdf1381845300
10137/615eHealthNT Happenings Issue 4.pdf1371686800
10137/684Direct supervision.pdf13701312400
10137/6937Cytotoxic Therapy PHC Remote Guideline.pdf13710127000
10137/968Falls prevention don't be fooled by falls.pdf1370825500
10137/1076PR-10 DEP Replacement Procedure.docx1370637400
10137/1495Nonhealing ulcers May 2015.pdf1370667100
10137/6940Return of Unwanted Medicines PHC Remote Guideline.pdf1376131000
10137/1252Zika Dec 2014.pdf1360597700
10137/7628Community Management of Possession Supply and use of Volatile Substances Guideline.pdf13614122000
10137/1133HM-1A DEP Home Mods Agreement Owners and Builder Schedule A.docx1364646800
10137/1321MAP outlining regions for prescribed reporting.pdf1362478700
10137/6952Influenza Vaccination for Department of Education Staff Booking List PHC Remote Form.dotx13611125000
10137/254Presumptive case of fatal MVE.doc1363864700
10137/6762Vibrio Bacterial Disease Fact Sheet.pdf1351508400
10137/7212Vol. 21 no 1 March 2014.pdf13411123000
10137/6993Potentially Preventable Hospitalisations (A) National Target KPI Attribute Sheet.pdf1342636900
10137/760No germs on me Sean Burgoyne poster.pdf1345864300
10137/1055CM Job Sheet - Scooter.docx1343656600
10137/851Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Quarterly Report Jul - Sep 2015.pdf1341518200
10137/219Variability of larval identification characters.doc1344795100
10137/183Sentinel chicken program results in the Top End of the NT.pdf1333814900
10137/1122SL-3 DEP Hold Equipment Advice.docx1333696100
10137/7212Vol. 18 no 1 March 2011.pdf13310123000
10137/6994Potentially Preventable Hospitalisations (B) NT Excluding Dialysis KPI Attribute Sheet.pdf1332815000
10137/756Sean Burgoyne Cyril Rioli basins poster.pdf1334844500
10137/997Freedom of Information Application to Correct Information form.pdf1332666500
10137/1004Student Deed of Undertaking - placement supervisor form.docx1331636900
10137/7386Deed to Amend the Service Delivery Agreement TEHS 2017-2018 January 2019.pdf1320132000
10137/7205Meeting Report NT Clinical Senate meeting no 3.pdf13261121400
10137/165200041 Acute Care Divisional Planning.pdf13217115000
10137/212Genetic diversity of the dengue vector Aedes aegypti in Australia and implications for future surveillance and mainland incursion monitoring.doc1323834600
10137/256A polymerase chain reaction based diagnostic to identify larvae and eggs of 2007.pdf1324913700
10137/683Complaint form-Schedule 7 Health Practitioners Act 2004 NT Provisions.docx1311656500
10137/1288Data Receiving Protocol_v2.4.pdf1316745100
10137/221Sentinel Chicken Surveillance Programme.doc1313775100
10137/1104P-1 Communication Aids Devices.docx1302537500
10137/682Notification of a pharmacy superintendent form.docx1304646200
10137/6951Primary Care Information System (PCIS) User Access Rural Medical Practitioners Only Form.dotx13012118000
10137/453Good Health in the Tropics.pdf1303428500
10137/1026Application to register radiation apparatus form.docx1309121000
10137/1052CM Job Sheet- Hospital Bed.doc1303606700
10137/712300.17 Exit Strategy Info Sheet.docx1306695500
10137/7111Deed of Confidentiality and Compliance Form.dotx13011032600
10137/615eHealthNT Happenings Issue 2.rtf1290765300
10137/843Primary Health Care Framework Alcohol Misuse .pdf1291676100
10137/1197Healthy mouth message_poster A5.pdf1292963100
10137/7115Medical Entomology Annual Report 2017 2018.pdf12911062200
10137/6941Drugs Required to be Labelled with a Sedation Warning PHC Remote Information Sheet.pdf12910119000
10137/1059CM Job Sheet - Commode.docx1282626400
10137/7110Data Specification Form.dotx12831131200
10137/7212Vol. 21 no 2 June 2014.pdf1289119000
10137/7212Vol. 17 no 3 September 2010.pdf12812116000
10137/7212Vol. 21 no 2 June 2014.pdf12810118000
10137/1123SL-2 Returned Equipment Advice.docx1281577000
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report 2017 October.pdf1280874100
10137/1056CM Job Sheet - MWC.docx1281606700
10137/7212Vol. 17 no 4 December 2010.pdf12811117000
10137/6945Diabetes Care Analysers (DCA) PHC Remote Guideline.pdf12820108000
10137/1131HM-D DEP Home Modifications Disclaimer Form.docx1272814400
10137/7212Vol. 17 no 2 June 2010.pdf12710117000
10137/1078PR-12 DEP Cyclical Maintenance Procedure.docx1270685900
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report 2018 November.pdf12751111100
10137/7212Vol. 22 no 4 December 2015.pdf12712115000
10137/950Falls Prevention.pdf1272576800
10137/1075PR-9 DEP Triage and Repair Procedure.docx1270676000
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report 2019 June.PDF1272125000
10137/1084P-11 Oxygen.docx1271606600
10137/6934Australian Bat Lyssavirus CDC Fact Sheet.pdf1274537000
10137/1624National Code of Conduct_Info paper.pdf1277922800
10137/7212Vol. 19 no 3 September 2012.pdf1279118000
10137/945Azithromycin for Contacts of a Person with Pertussis Fact Sheet.pdf1273487600
10137/7212Vol. 17 no 1 March 2010.pdf12710117000
10137/1080PR-14 DEP Roles and Responsibilities.docx1265774400
10137/914Interstate Health Departments - S8 Drug Monitoring.docx1260685800
10137/1139GL DEP Glossary.docx1263576600
10137/7212Vol. 24 no 2 June 2017.pdf12610111500
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol. 2 no 1 January-March & April-June 2001.pdf1261804500
10137/270Report of detection of exotic mosquito importation into Darwin NT Australia 2000.pdf1264744800
10137/7212Vol. 22 no 2 June 2015.pdf12512113000
10137/7212Vol. 18 no 2 June 2011.pdf1258117000
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report 2019 February.pdf1250125000
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol. 1 January-March & April-June 2000.pdf1250903500
10137/7212Vol. 18 no 3 September 2011.pdf12510115000
10137/658CAHS Service Delivery Agreement 2014-15 V1 variation.pdf1254467500
10137/1266PS3 Display of Names for Pharmacy Businesses_23032017.pdf1253655700
10137/6983Key Messages.pdf1240408400
10137/888The Scheduled Substances Clinical Advisory Committee - M&PC.docx1240596500
10137/75232017 Healthy Under 5 Kids Annual Report.pdf1247117000
10137/7212Vol. 20 no 2 June 2013.pdf1249115000
10137/7212Vol. 19 no 2 June 2012.pdf12310113000
10137/531Female self collected specimen poster.pdf1232606100
10137/7212Vol. 19 no 4 December 2012.pdf12311112000
10137/7212Vol. 18 no 4 December 2011.pdf1238115000
10137/1348Family Carer Pathway Banned Drinker Registrar Information Sheet.pdf1233116400
10137/844Guide to uploading to the S8 website - Medicines & Poisons Control.docx1228476700
10137/1079PR-13 DEP Complaints Compliments and Suggestions Procedure.docx1220616100
10137/7212Vol 24 no 4 December 2017.pdf1226111500
10137/7212Vol. 22 no 1 March 2015.pdf1229113000
10137/1200Lift the lip to check for decay_A3 Poster 2017.pdf1221487300
10137/1288Data Receiving Protocol_v2.1.pdf1222576300
10137/519Anaphylaxis management rural centres.pdf1211467400
10137/6937Patient Input and ECG Data Transfer to Epiphany using Philips TC-50 ECG Carts PHC Remote Information.pdf1212784100
10137/825Guide to downloading from the S8 website-Medicines & Poisons Control.docx1213675100
10137/781Preventive treatment for LTBI Dari.pdf1204486800
10137/7292Central Australia Health Service Deed of Amendment to the 2017-18 Service Delivery Agreement - January 2019.pdf1200120000
10137/6941Prescription and Medicine Supply PHC Remote Flowchart.pdf1202110800
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol. 11 no. 2 July-September & October - December 2010.pdf1202734500
10137/1263NF6 Notification of Pharmacy Superintendent Form_022017.pdf1203546300
10137/1136DEP A1-E Disability Equipment Program Application for Special Consideration Part E.pdf1194556000
10137/747300179 Review of Royal Darwin Hospital GP-Hospital Liaison Project.pdf1194115000
10137/6941Morphine for Emergency Outreach Drug Box PHC Remote.pdf11841031100
10137/2727Mental Health Education Studies Assistance - Information Pack.pdf1182655100
10137/583NT MBS Report 2012.pdf1185753800
10137/1126P-CS Prescription Form Cheat Sheet.docx1182566000
10137/7212NT Disease Control Bulletin Cumulative Index December 2017.pdf1176106500
10137/6998Adult Health Checks Proportion of Resident Remote Aboriginal Population Attribute Sheet.pdf1170655200
10137/1112PO-4 DEP Prioritisation Policy.docx1174595400
10137/863Voluntary Contract Notification Scheme- M&PC.docx1174595400
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol. 9 no 2 July-September & October-December 2008.pdf1164733900
10137/1203Do's and Don'ts_A4 Poster_2017.pdf1150546100
10137/6990Timing of First Antenatal Visit for Regular Aboriginal Clients KPI Attribute Sheet.pdf1152555800
10137/702Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Quarterly Report - April to June 2016.pdf1151526200
10137/1128OW-2 DEP Transfer Ownership from DEP.docx1141516200
10137/6941Return or Disposal of Unwanted or Expired S8 and RS4 Medicines PHC Information Sheet.pdf11410104000
10137/841Methylated Spirits - Medicines & Poisons Control.pdf1140298500
10137/6939Emergency Outreach Drug Box Contents PHC Remote List.pdf1144110000
10137/1158Presenter Bios for NT Nursing and Midwifery Roadshow - Day Two.pdf1141684500
10137/892AMT Client Rights Statement Handout.pdf1132565500
10137/184Complete Report.pdf1131803200
10137/7233PS12 Standard for Compounding Laboratories in Pharmacies and Professional Services Premises.pdf1136961100
10137/7212Vol 24 no 3 September 2017.pdf1126101500
10137/1113FSP DEP Fact Sheet Moving Interstate Aids and Equipment .pdf1122585200
10137/509Tennant Creek Community dengue eratication.pdf1120476500
10137/520Anaphylaxis management urban centres.pdf1122298100
10137/237Survellance Update Vol 16 no 1 January-March 2015.pdf1110634800
10137/1144FC-1 DEP Flowchart .pdf1110624900
10137/887Grants Management Operating Guidelines.pdf1100011000
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol. 4 no 2 July-September & October-December 2003.pdf1101674200
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report 2018 December.pdf1101109000
10137/1051CM Job Sheet - Pressure Care Mattress.docx1103495800
10137/859Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Quarterly Report Apr - Jun 2015.pdf1100525800
10137/7511Vol. 6 no 3 September 1999.pdf1091099000
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report 2019 July.pdf1091108000
10137/599VTS_01_1.VOB Kriol part 11091614700
10137/1349Interpreters Banned Drinker Registrar Information Sheet.pdf1092674000
10137/193Malaria Guidelines April 07 (for online).pdf1090674200
10137/6764Healthy Smiles Training Flyer.pdf1095104000
10137/521Australian Bat Lyssavirus.pdf1090525700
10137/6938Requests for Health Records PHC Remote Flowchart.pdf1091108000
10137/7537Aboriginal Health Workers Banned Drinker Register (BDR) Authorised Persons Fact Sheet.pdf1087101000
10137/773Pneumococcal vaccine school consent form 2019.pdf1081296000
10137/838AMT Application for Variation.pdf1081505700
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol 16 no 3 Jul-Sep 2015.pdf1082644200
10137/6941Supply of Non PBS S100 Medicines PHC Remote Guideline.pdf1085103000
10137/143700028 Review Mental Health.pdf107899000
10137/1288Data Receiving Protocol_v2.0.7.pdf1070555200
10137/884Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Quarterly Report Jan - March 2015.pdf1062515300
10137/599VTS_03_1.VOB English1061584700
10137/7378Electronic cigarettes and smoke-free requirements.DOCX1063103000
10137/1219Influenza and its prevention Fact Sheet.pdf1051392000
10137/1044CM Guidelines Stroller.docx1052396400
10137/7738Jabiru and Cooinda exotic mosquito survey 20 - 21 March 2019.pdf1052085000
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report 2017 November.pdf1040673700
10137/7511Vol. 6 no 4 December 1999.pdf1041094000
10137/959Childhood vaccination record.pdf1042525000
10137/1043CM Guidelines - Hoist.docx1033475300
10137/7011Aboriginal Clients with Type II Diabetes with HbA1c Measurements within Certain Levels KPI Attribute Sheet.pdf1032653600
10137/804Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Quarterly Quarterly Report Oct - Dec 2015.pdf1032475400
10137/2727Mental Health Education Studies Assistance - FAQs.pdf1021653600
10137/7212Vol. 20 no 3 September 2013.pdf102795000
10137/772Diptheria tetanus pertussis vaccine school consent form 2019.pdf102696000
10137/762000285 Alcohol and other drugs treatment services national minimum data set data collection.pdf1021092000
10137/7004Emergency Department Presentations Departing Within 4 Hours KPI Attribute Sheet.pdf1011643600
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report 2019 March.pdf101299000
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol 16 no 4 October-December 2015.pdf1010515000
10137/7212Vol. 23 no 2 June 2016.pdf1001189000
10137/872Student Placement Agreements.pdf1000524800
10137/7010Mental Health Seclusion Rate KPI Attribute Sheet.pdf993583800
10137/7704Deed of Amendment TEHS SDA_FINAL _signed 30062019_for publication.pdf99594000
10137/7703Deed of Amendment CAHS SDA _FINAL _signed 01072019_For publication.pdf99792000
10137/7626Declared Volatile Substance Management Area Application Form.dotx991683000
10137/971Influenza 2016 National Immunisation Program letter.pdf993573900
10137/795Companion Card Application Form.docx976334000
10137/964Client Rights Statement (Assessment) AMT Handout.pdf971455100
10137/490Steve 2013.pdf972613400
10137/894Employee complaint form.docx971514500
10137/6952Record for Return of Unwanted Medicines (RUM) - Standard Drug List Medicines Only PHC Remote Form.dotx971087000
10137/2722AOD Service Information (Nhulunbuy) for People Referred to Banned Drinker Register Handout.pdf965613000
10137/866Ministerial Nurse Practitioner FAQs .pdf960405600
10137/7006Full Year Forecasted Surplus Deficit Against Operating Target KPI Attribute Sheet.pdf961623300
10137/22720090606 David Ashbridge950108500
10137/987Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Quartely Report - April to June 2014.pdf950464900
10137/748Complaint Form.pdf952633000
10137/1041CM Guidelines Hospital Bed.docx952494400
10137/1204Healthy Start DL_2017.pdf944315900
10137/6991Percentage of Children under 5 Checked for Anaemia KPI Attribute Sheet.pdf931454700
10137/7699Deed of Amendment TEHS SDA.pdf92488000
10137/1331NF7 Notification of Closure of a Pharmacy_20172107.pdf923454400
10137/2722AOD Service Information (Alice Springs) for People Referred to Banned Drinker Register Handout.pdf92488000
10137/7012Aboriginal Health Practitioner Workforce KPI Attribute Sheet.pdf910791200
10137/984Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Quartely Report - October to December 2014.pdf912385100
10137/780NT RHD Register Access Policy statement and user access application form.docx90486000
10137/770Human papillomavirus (HPV) school consent form 032019.pdf90387000
10137/779Ross River virus.rtf901395000
10137/1085P-10 Vehicle Transfer Aids.docx891474100
10137/852Clinical Risk Assessment for the Level of Supervised Dosing Form (Appendix D).dotx89188000
10137/1357Income management Order.pdf89782000
10137/890Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Quarterly Report Oct - Dec 2013.pdf890612800
10137/7627Volatile Substance Management Plan Amendment Application Form.dotx881573000
10137/22720090306 David Ashbridge8816571500
10137/381090520_Jenny Cleary_ABC_Palmerston Super Clinic.mp3879483000
10137/147Child_sexual_abuse_Toolkit Final.pdf871612500
10137/896Opioid Substitution Therapy (OST) Takeaway Unsupervised Travel Application Form (Appendix F).dotx87483000
10137/164800040 Acute Care Division.pdf86482000
10137/6988Application to Renew Registration of a Food Business.pdfEDOC2019/0339494861373000
10137/7511Vol. 9 no 3 September 2002.pdf861076000
10137/1293Application to Renew Registration of a Commercial Visitor Accommodation (CVA) Business.pdf861571000
10137/1054CM Job Sheet - Stroller.docx853443800
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report 2019 January.pdf85283000
10137/584Maningrida mosquito survey 2010_11.pdf842641800
10137/2722AOD Service Information (Katherine) for People Referred to Banned Drinker Register Handout.pdf844522800
10137/289Exotic Mosquitoes Arriving on Seagoing Vessels-Recommended inspection and eradication procedures - 2002.pdf843344700
10137/237Surveillance Update Vol. 2 no 2 July-September & October-December 2001.pdf842503200
10137/6945i-STAT 1 Analysers PHC Remote Guideline.pdf832162000
10137/739900113 Alice Springs Hospital Management Board-Annual Report 2004-05.pdf831271000
10137/1046CM Guidelines Scooter.docx832404100
10137/7212Vol 25 no 2 June 2018.pdf83272900
10137/761800283 1999 Australian Secondary School Alcohol and Drug Survey Northern Territory findings.pdf821072000
10137/745800163 Royal Darwin Hospital Management Board Annual Report 2004-05.pdf821369000
10137/748Complaint Form.docx820453700
10137/7212Vol. 21 no 3 September 2014.pdf81477000
10137/992Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards - 2017 Nomination Posters.pdf810285300
10137/742900144 Katherine Hospital Management Board Annual Report 2004-05.pdf811368000
10137/7212Vol. 21 no 3 September 2014.pdf81675000
10137/7511Vol. 14 no 4 December 2007.pdf81972000
10137/6941Protocol for Receiving a Pharmacy Order PHC Remote.pdf81277200
10137/6992Percentage of Measured Children under 5 who are Anaemic KPI Attribute Sheet.pdf811324800
10137/1284Application to Renew Registration of a Hairdressing Beauty Therapy or Body Art (HBB) Business.pdf811170000
10137/10600009 Mortality in the Northern Territory 1979 - 1997 - original missing pages 190 and 191.pdf80179000
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report 2019 May.pdf80278000
10137/7497Northern Territory Cancer Registry Notification Manual.pdf80575000
10137/824Wadeye Community Area Volatile Substance Management Plan.pdf80575000
10137/7511Vol. 8 no 1 March 2001.pdf791168000
10137/7801Application to Register a Commercial Visitor Accommodation (CVA) Business.pdf791366000
10137/7511Vol. 12 no 2 June 2005.pdf791069000
10137/599VTS_01_2.VOB Kriol part 2782482800
10137/431Interceptions of Ae. aegypti and Ae. albopictus in the port of Darwin 2010.pdf781473000
10137/22720091023 David Ashbridge788502000
10137/384100120_Ashbridge ABC Julia Christensen Coroner Child Protection.mp3787492200
10137/7511Vol. 16 no 4 December 2009.pdf78969000
10137/7511Vol. 15 no 2 June 2008.pdf781068000
10137/7705Katherine mosquito survey report March 2019.pdf78276000
10137/7511Vol. 11 no 1 March 2004.pdf78969000
10137/7511Vol. 12 no 1 March 2005.pdf78969000
10137/6940Section 250 NT Medicines Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act PHC Remote Guideline.pdf784434000
10137/7511Vol. 8 no 4 December 2001.pdf781068000
10137/7057NT Suicide Prevention Grant Application Form.docx771512500
10137/7511Vol. 15 no 1 March 2008.pdf77968000
10137/7511Vol. 16 no 1 March 2009.pdf76967000
10137/7212Vol. 22 no 3 September 2015.pdf76472000
10137/7511Vol. 10 no 3 September 2003.pdf761066000
10137/7511Vol. 16 no 2 June 2009.pdf76868000
10137/7511Vol. 11 no 2 June 2004.pdf76868000
10137/1035Application to register radiation place.docx76769000
10137/22720090522 David Ashbridge759481800
10137/7625Vol. 5 no 3 September 1998.pdf75966000
10137/387090323_Vicki Krause_ABC Drivetime_MVE.mp3759481800
10137/7511Vol. 9 no 4 December 2002.pdf75966000
10137/7511Vol. 14 no 3 September 2007.pdf75966000
10137/142600019 Department of Health and Community Services.pdf75075000
10137/958Vaccination record form for those 7 years and over.pdf751502400
10137/7511Vol. 12 no 3 September 2005.pdf75966000
10137/7511Vol. 11 no 4 December 2004.pdf75966000
10137/7511Vol. 7 no 2 June 2000.pdf74965000
10137/7511Vol. 8 no 3 September 2001.pdf741064000
10137/459CPSR Summary.pdf743531800
10137/7511Vol. 13 no 1 March 2006.pdf74965000
10137/7511Vol. 13 no 4 December 2006.pdf741064000
10137/22720090911 David Ashbridge7412491300
10137/7776Restrictive Practices Authorisation Guidelines for NDIS Service Providers RPG-1.docx74470000
10137/757500236 Making a difference for Northern Territory Women.pdf743836000
10137/1045AP-3 Approved Prescriber Registration.pdf731611100
10137/867Application for Variation to Regular Opioid Substitution Therapy Takeaway Unsupervised Doses - Methadone (Appendix E2).docx73172000
10137/7511Vol. 12 no 4 December 2005.pdf73964000
10137/7511Vol. 15 no 4 December 2008.pdf73964000
10137/7511Vol. 14 no 2 June 2007.pdf73964000
10137/1034Application to register sealed radiation source.docx73469000
10137/74982017 NT MBS summary report - corrected.PDF73766000
10137/7511Vol. 7 no 3 September 2000.pdf731063000
10137/6987Application to Register a Food Business.docxEDOC2019/0339494732393200
10137/7700Private Water Supplies Guidelines.pdf72270000
10137/748100188 Tennant Creek Hospital Management Board Annual Report 2004-05.pdf721062000
10137/2730Ministerial Nurse Practitioner Scholarships Information Pack.pdf720601200
10137/869NT N&M Applicant Support Form .pdf720462600
10137/162200030 Review of Tobacco Act 2002.pdf72072000
10137/7107Conditions of Publications Form.dotx71458900
10137/390090312_Chris Nagy_ABC Darwin_Whooping Cough.mp3719471500
10137/741600131 Gove District Hospital Management Board Annual Report 2004-05.pdf711160000
10137/737300091 Core public health outcome funding agreement 2004-05 to 2008-09.pdf70466000
10137/758200144 Katherine Hospital Management Board Annual Report 2004-05.pdf70268000
10137/37920091118_David Ashbridge ABC Leon Compton3.mp3709501100
10137/7511Vol. 13 no 3 September 2006.pdf70961000
10137/599VTS_02_2.VOB Anindilyakwa part 2694432200
10137/2727Mental Health Education Studies Assistance - Manager's Declaration Form.pdf690393000
10137/935Post Graduate Employed Model Program Information Pack.pdf693138000
10137/7920CCPMS Evaluation Framework 2019.PDF693039000
10137/1202Clean Your Childs Teeth_A4 Poster_2017.pdf691482000
10137/923Healthy Pregnancy order form for NTG employees.pdf692224500
10137/807Gapuwiyak Locality Volatile Substance Management Plan.pdf68266000
10137/6995Proportion of Resident Clients 15 years or Over with Type II Diabetes who have had a HbA1c Test KPI Attribute Sheet.pdf681234400
10137/22720090731 David Ashbridge681247900
10137/7116Jabiru exotic mosquito survey March 2018.pdf68060800
10137/465Consultation Paper - Local Hospital Network.pdf681402700
10137/747Cerebral Palsy Register Consent Form for internet.docx67364000
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report Sep 2019.PDF67364000
10137/978Childhood influenza vaccination schedule.pdf670234400
10137/7800Application to Renew Registration of a Hairdressing Beauty Therapy or Body Art (HBB) Business.pdf671156000
10137/569Use of fluorides in the NT.rtf671422400
10137/22720090626 David Ashbridge67851800
10137/7623Hepatitis C Fact Sheet.pdf67463000
10137/391090320_Barbara Paterson ABC Smoke Free Policy.mp3669471000
10137/779Ross River virus Farsi translation.pdf661283700
10137/6941Influenza Vaccination for Department of Education Staff PHC Remote Information Sheet.pdf65263000
10137/7000Chronic Disease Management Plan - Proportion of Type II Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease Clients KPI Attribute Sheet.pdf653273500
10137/7013Aboriginal Health Workforce as a Proportion of Overall FTE KPI Attribute Sheet.pdf650303500
10137/862Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Quarterly Report July - Sept 2013.pdf651432100
10137/22720090925 David Ashbridge6411431000
10137/506NT Disease Control Bulletin Cumulative Index June 2019.pdf64757000
10137/599VTS_02_1.VOB Anindilyakwa part 1631481400
10137/7938Cancer screening in the Northern Territory 2019.pdf633231000
10137/7779Restrictive Practices - Evidence of Consultation Form RPA-2B.dotx631053000
10137/7041Halo L.pdf63558000
10137/1176Ministerial Nurse Practitioner Scholarships FAQs.pdf62252800
10137/386090330_David Ashbridge_ABC Darwin_Gove Obstetrics.mp362948500
10137/284Importance of endogenous feedback.doc62845900
10137/399090525_Vicki Krause_ABC Darwin_Swineflu update.mp3616371800
10137/623Clinical Bulletin November 2014.pdf61095200
10137/388090324_Vicki Krause_Mix 1049_MVE.mp361947500
10137/7112Tennant Creek exotic mosquito survey report 20 to 24 febrauary 2017.pdf60153600
10137/7780Restrictive Practices - Summary of Restrictive Practices Form RPA-3.dotx60951000
10137/806Galiwin'ku Community Area Volatile Substance Management Plan.pdf59257000
10137/623Clinical Bulletin March 2013.pdf590223700
10137/7777Restrictive Practices Application for Authorisation Form RPA-1.dotx58949000
10137/7778Restrictive Practices - Disclosure Agreement by the NDIS Participant Form RPA-2A.dotx57948000
10137/658CAHS Service Delivery Agreement 2017 - 2018.pdf57255000
10137/22720091204 David Ashbridge57942600
10137/164100027 Mental Health.pdf573918000
10137/22720090612 David Ashbridge570342300
10137/7113Tennant Creek exotic mosquito survey report 15 to 19 January 2018.pdf56051500
10137/398090520_Peter Whelan_Territory FM_MVE and mosquito safety.mp3567351400
10137/6940Vaccines PHC Remote Guideline.pdf561739000
10137/623Clinical Bulletin Sept 2013.pdf560213500
10137/6949Mens Business PHC Remote CAHS Guideline.pdf561343000
10137/831Yirrkala Locality Volatile Substance Management Plan.pdf56452000
10137/22720090703 David Ashbridge56940700
10137/456DHF Annual Report 2009-2010.external funding.pdf562371700
10137/7624March flies and their Medical Importance Fact Sheet.docx55154000
10137/40720100304 0830 ABC DWN Breakfast - Chief Minister says he's supportive of health reform (2).wav556381100
10137/6940Cold Chain PHC Remote Guideline.pdf551342000
10137/164700038 Community Welfare.pdf54054000
10137/22720090529 David Ashbridge54839700
10137/7511Vol. 6 no 1 March 1999.pdf53449000
10137/757200232 Work evaluation system for nursing professionals.pdf53053000
10137/7782SuicideFramework UPDATE1E.pdf53053000
10137/22720090320 David Ashbridge53841400
10137/815Hoppys Camp Locality Volatile Substance Management Plan.pdf52646000
10137/757200232B Work evaluation system for nursing professionals - attachment 2.pdf52052000
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report - Oct 2019.PDF52844000
10137/716Pest Management Technician Licence Application Form.dotx52349000
10137/757200232A Work evaluation system for nursing professionals - attachment 1.pdf52052000
10137/7640Pest Management Technician Licence Application Form.dotx52349000
10137/5111NTCR Reporting of Cancer Form interactive PDF.pdf52052000
10137/3972010 02 09 Dr Maureen Mitchel_Leon Compton .wav52638800
10137/6986Ali Curung Volatile Substance Management Plan.pdf51249000
10137/771400323 Tobacco use in the Northern Territor.pdf51645000
10137/7511Vol. 6 no 2 June 1999.pdf51546000
10137/141300006 Maternal and Child Health Collection 1988.pdf51348000
10137/6940Schedule 8 and Restricted Schedule 4 Medicines PHC Remote Guideline.pdf511140000
10137/1319Banned Drinker Register Flyer.pdf513813000
10137/1168List of current Pest Management Technicians as of 22112019.pdf511833000
10137/7377Minimum age of tobacco retail staff.DOCX51150000
10137/623Clinical Bulletin Sept 2014.doc500123800
10137/382090309_Jenny Cleary_ABC Darwin_Palmerston Afterhours clinic.mp3509271400
10137/22720090515 David Ashbridge50839300
10137/395090417_0730am_Len Notaras_ABC Breakfast.mp3506341000
10137/396090528_Territory FM_Steven Skov_Swine Flu.mp350635900
10137/7701Water Supply Management Plan.docx49049000
10137/623Clinical Bulletin May 2014.docx49094000
10137/22720091009 David Ashbridge49838300
10137/7483Milingimbi Community Area Volatile Substance Management Plan.pdf49148000
10137/623Clinical Bulletin July 2013.pdf492143300
10137/969Influenza vaccine recommendations for children in the NT.pdf493232300
10137/762200287 Taking care of business booklet.pdf48345000
10137/22720091002 David Ashbridge48835500
10137/623Clinical Bulletin February 2015.pdf48093900
10137/7511Vol. 8 no 2 June 2001.pdf481038000
10137/623Clinical Bulletin March 2013.docx48064200
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report 2019 August.pdf47344000
10137/769600317 A framework for addressing underage drinking.pdf47443000
10137/623Clinical Bulletin February 2015.docx471103600
10137/7053NTG Response to BDR Evaluation Report recommendations.pdf471532000
10137/834Jilkminggan Community Area Volatile Substance Management Plan.pdf47245000
10137/22720090918 David Ashbridge47834500
10137/7328Meningococcal ACWY vaccine school consent form 2019.pdf47146000
10137/7236Compandium Report - Twelve-Month Evaluation of the Banned Drinker Register in the Northern Territory Part 2 A qualitative analysis of selected stakeholder perspectives.pdf471631000
10137/854Kakadu National Park Volatile Substance Management Plan.pdf46640000
10137/623Clinical Bulletin July 2013.docx460143200
10137/7625Vol. 5 no 2 June 1998.pdf45441000
10137/6952S8 and RS4 Medicines Delivery Notification PHC Remote Form.dotx451035000
10137/808Gunbalanya Volatile Substance Management Plan.pdf45144000
10137/7212Vol. 19 no 1 March 2012.pdf45342000
10137/623Clinical Bulletin Sept 2014.pdf450103500
10137/7511Vol. 9 no 2 June 2002.pdf441232000
10137/623Clinical Bulletin May 2014.pdf440123200
10137/1299NT AHKPI Frequently Asked Questions FAQs.PDF44440000
10137/141600009 Mortality in the Northern Territory.pdf43142000
10137/623Clinical Bulletin May 2013.doc430103300
10137/924Healthy Pregnancy Interstate order form.pdf431123000
10137/1177Ministerial Nurse Practitioner Scholarships Manager's Declaration Form.pdf420311100
10137/22720091211 David Ashbridge42830400
10137/1153Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Fact Sheet .pdf421527000
10137/142500018 Information Privacy Code.pdf42735000
10137/735300079 Patients Assistance Travel Scheme PATS .pdf42339000
10137/623Clinical Bulletin May 2013.pdf42093300
10137/722200001 History of Central Medical Library.pdf41635000
10137/826Walangeri Community Area Volatile Substance Management Plan.pdf41635000
10137/6940Prescriptions PHC Remote Guideline.pdf41833000
10137/1624National Code of Conduct _Consult response sheet.docx411301000
10137/176Mosquito borne disease warning for the Top End of NT 28 March 08.pdf411261400
10137/162300031 Magistrates' Handbook 1999-2000 edition.pdf40040000
10137/7511Vol. 10 no 1 March 2003.pdf40535000
10137/1228FACT SHEET - Hepatitis A.DOCX40238000
10137/856Numbulwar Community Area Volatile Substance Management Plan.pdf40139000
10137/819Ntaria (Hermannsburg) Locality Volatile Substance Management Plan.pdf40436000
10137/738700101 East Arnhem Region Strategic Plan 1991.pdf40040000
10137/143600025 Food Consumption.pdf40436000
10137/143500024 ANDRG costing study.pdf39039000
10137/755800216 Northern Territory a review of health facilities.pdf39336000
10137/623Clinical Bulletin November 2014.doc39093000
10137/1350Assessments and therapeutic supports.pdf39435000
10137/786300386 - Oral Health Services - NT.pdf391227000
10137/786000361 - Adult Assessment & Co-ordination Team 6 monthly report September 1986.pdf39633000
10137/7877Information for Health Professionals using the childhood obesity education resource.pdf38929000
10137/7511Vol. 11 no 3 September 2004.pdf38632000
10137/7511Vol. 9 no 1 March 2002.pdf38434000
10137/759300269 The establishment and evaluation of an alcohol and drug group for women in Darwin.pdf38434000
10137/658Deed to Amend the Service Delivery Agreement TEHS 2017-2018 January 2019.pdf371126000
10137/763200293 Alcohol use in the Northern Territory a statistical summary.pdf37334000
10137/7872PG4 - NT Guidance - Loan and security agreements.pdf37532000
10137/7511Vol. 10 no 4 December 2003.pdf37433000
10137/1232Listeriosis June 2012.pdf370181900
10137/7511Vol. 14 no 1 March 2007.pdf36432000
10137/1196Ramingining Community Area Volatile Substance Management Plan.pdf36135000
10137/7511Vol. 15 no 3 September 2008.pdf36531000
10137/164600037 Budget.pdf36036000
10137/7625Vol. 1 no 10 December 1993.pdf35431000
10137/7625Vol. 2 no 4 December 1994.pdf35431000
10137/7625Vol. 1 no 2 December 1991.pdf35332000
10137/7625Vol. 5 no 1 March 1998.pdf35332000
10137/623Clinical Bulletin Sept 2013.doc350112400
10137/818Mt Liebig Community Area Volatile Substance Management Plan.pdf35134000
10137/822Papunya Community Area Volatile Substance Management Plan.pdf35134000
10137/1229FACT SHEET - Hepatitis B.DOCX35134000
10137/7511Vol. 16 no 3 September 2009.pdf35431000
10137/7511Vol. 7 no 1 March 2000.pdf35431000
10137/7511Vol. 10 no 2 June 2003.pdf35530000
10137/7869PG1 - NT Guidance - Trusts.pdf34331000
10137/7511Vol. 7 no 4 December 2000.pdf34430000
10137/2722AOD Service Information (Barkly) for People Referred to Banned Drinker Register Handout.pdf34232000
10137/758000243 Ambulatory Care Committee report.pdf34034000
10137/746400169 Royal Darwin Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1993-94.pdf34232000
10137/7870PG2 - NT Guidance - Partnerships.pdf34331000
10137/7625Vol. 1 no 3 February 1992.pdf34430000
10137/7625Vol. 1 no 7, March 1993.pdf34430000
10137/7511Vol. 13 no 2 June 2006.pdf34529000
10137/7625Vol. 4 no 4 December 1997.pdf34529000
10137/7625Vol. 1 no 8, July 1993.pdf34430000
10137/389090309_Rosalind Webby_TerritoryFM_Immunisation Awareness Week.mp334062800
10137/983Kalano Community Area Volatile Substance Management Plan.pdf34232000
10137/141200005 Maternal and Child Health Collection 1986.pdf33330000
10137/142400017 Maningrida Community.pdf33132000
10137/7625Vol. 2 no 3 September 1994.pdf33429000
10137/7625Vol. 2 no 8 December 1995.pdf33429000
10137/7625Vol. 1 no 4 May 1992.pdf33429000
10137/7625Vol. 1 no 1 November 1991.pdf33429000
10137/7698Deed of Amendment CAHS SDA .pdf33033000
10137/164300034 Adult Guardianship.pdf33033000
10137/167200226 Batchelor Community Health Centre.pdf33033000
10137/6989Immunisation Schedule_Additional notes V5.pdf33429000
10137/7625Vol. 2 no 6 June 1995.pdf33429000
10137/7625Vol. 4 no 2 June 1997.pdf33429000
10137/7625Vol. 2 no 2 June 1994.pdf33429000
10137/7625Vol. 3 no 3 September 1996.pdf33429000
10137/7625Vol. 3 no 4 December 1996.pdf33528000
10137/7625Vol. 2 no 1 March 1994.pdf32428000
10137/7875PG7 - NT Guidance - Service Agreements.pdf32329000
10137/7876PG8 - NT Guidance - Intellectual Property Licence Agreements.pdf32428000
10137/22720090710 David Ashbridge32028400
10137/658Deed of amendment 2017-18 service delivery agreement - June 2019.pdf32230000
10137/7625Vol. 1 no 5 September 1992.pdf32428000
10137/7625Vol. 5 no 4 December 1998.pdf32428000
10137/7625Vol. 2 no 7 September 1995.pdf32428000
10137/7625Vol. 4 no 3 September 1997.pdf32428000
10137/7625Vol. 3 no 1 March 1996.pdf32428000
10137/7871PG3 - NT Guidance - Sale of Business.pdf32329000
10137/7625Vol. 1 no 9 October 1993.pdf32428000
10137/7874PG6 - NT Guidance - Franchising.pdf32329000
10137/6937Cyanide Poisoning PHC Remote Clinical Guideline.pdf31229000
10137/816Ikuntji (Haasts Bluff) Community Area Volatile Substance Management Plan.pdf31130000
10137/660Deed of Amendment 2017-18 Service Delivery Agreement TEHS June 2019.pdf31229000
10137/7625Vol. 1 no 6, October 1992.pdf31328000
10137/7625Vol. 2 no 5 March 1995.pdf31427000
10137/22720090619 David Ashbridge31027400
10137/759200268 Psychiatric services in the Northern Territory.pdf30327000
10137/743200147 A look at pre-operative cancellations at R.D.H.-September October 1989.pdf30426000
10137/7873PG5 - NT Guidance - Leases.pdf30327000
10137/855Kaltukatjara Community Area Volatile Substance Management Plan.pdf30129000
10137/754500195 Tennant Creek Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1991-92 .pdf29326000
10137/722700075 Common abbreviations and acronyms.pdf29227000
10137/805Beswick (Wugularr) Locality Volatile Substance Management Plan.pdf29524000
10137/735200078 Isolated Patients Travel and Accom Assistance.pdf291118000
10137/722800076 Detailed specification for a community health information system.pdf28028000
10137/142700020 Nursing Labourforce NT 2001.pdf28028000
10137/764700315 Techniques of early intervention clinical experience.pdf27423000
10137/7376Tobacco Vending Machines.DOCX27324000
10137/141500008 Maternal and Child Health Collection 1991.pdf27225000
10137/722800077 Detailed specification for a community health information system, vol 2.pdf27126000
10137/764800316 Review of alcohol counselling services in Northern Territory urban centres.pdf27423000
10137/6939Emergency Equipment and Drugs Overview PHC Remote Guideline.pdf27522000
10137/764200308 Alcohol and young people in the Northern Territory.pdf26521000
10137/165100042 Health and Community Services.pdf26125000
10137/879NT DoH Healthy Pregnancy Healthy Baby Book Order Form.DOC26719000
10137/817Kintore Community Area Volatile Substance Management Plan.pdf26026000
10137/791200415 Evaluation of Health Promoting School Nursing Model in Darwin Urban-evaluation report.pdf26719000
10137/722600073 Thirteenth Regional Directors Conference.pdf26026000
10137/757300234 Northern Territory Health Department nursing staff utilisation study.pdf26026000
10137/745900164 Royal Darwin Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1997-98.pdf26224000
10137/764400312 A trial of coin-operated breathalysers in the Northern Territory.pdf26422000
10137/747400181 Understanding the concept of role delineation of hospitals in the Northern Territory.pdf26422000
10137/746000165 Royal Darwin Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1997-98.pdf25619000
10137/792600449 Baseline biting insect assessment, Blackmore River Prawn Farm, June 2003-May 2004.pdf251213000
10137/22720090501 Jenny Cleary25615400
10137/1271PS8 Obligations of the Pharmacist-in-Charge - 1 November 2019.DOCX25817000
10137/746600171 Royal Darwin Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1991-92.pdf25223000
10137/792500448 Biting insect survey of Milingimbi, 7-9 April, 2003.pdf251114000
10137/164500036 Nguiu Aboriginal Community.pdf25025000
10137/743100146 A look at pre-operative cancellations at R.D.H.-September October 1989.pdf25421000
10137/742800143 Katherine Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1997-98.pdf25619000
10137/162500032 Discussion Paper.pdf24024000
10137/835Alpurrurulam Community Area Volatile Substance Management Plan.pdf24222000
10137/22720090417 David Ashbridge240141000
10137/741700132 Casemix Funding for Northern Territory Hospital 1996-97 Technical Paper 1.pdf24321000
10137/748200189 Tennant Creek Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1997-98.pdf23320000
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report Nov 2019.PDF23230000
10137/758300248 Breaking down the barriers.pdf23023000
10137/746100166 Royal Darwin Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1996-97.pdf23320000
10137/764500313 Alcohol intervention in Alice Springs Hospital what's possible.pdf23419000
10137/737200090 Health Development Central Australia Report 2000-2001.pdf23023000
10137/658Central Australia Health service deed of amendment to the 2017-18 service delivery agreement August 2018.pdf22220000
10137/1365Vaccine wastage report.pdf22016600
10137/753900190 Tennant Creek Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1996-97.pdf22517000
10137/747700184 Tennant Creek Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1987-88.pdf22319000
10137/771500324 Northern Territory smoking action plan 1995-1998.pdf22022000
10137/739700111 Alice Springs Hospital Management Board-Annual Report 1996-97.pdf22121000
10137/660Deed to Amendment 2017-2018 Service Delivery Agreement TEHS January 2019.pdf22220000
10137/754200193 Tennant Creek Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1993-94.pdf21120000
10137/742300138 Katherine Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1991-92.pdf21120000
10137/789000401- Bush Book vol 2, 2002.pdf21021000
10137/742500140 Katherine Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1994-95.pdf21318000
10137/746300168 Royal Darwin Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1994-95.pdf21219000
10137/771300322 Tobacco consumption in Darwin.pdf21714000
10137/738800102 Top End Service Network Resource Manual 2001.pdf21318000
10137/741200127 Gove District Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1993-94.pdf20218000
10137/797000504 Katherine vector surveillance and control annual regional report 2002-2003.pdf20119000
10137/796800503 Groote Eylandt vector surveillance and control annual regional report 2002-2003.pdf20119000
10137/754100192 Tennant Creek Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1994-95.pdf20416000
10137/758800260 Psychiatric services in the Northern Territory.pdf19415000
10137/7820Mosquito engineering works.pdf19118000
10137/142300016 Five Year Aboriginal community development process.pdf19217000
10137/385090223_TerritoryFM_David Ashbridge.mp319061300
10137/1239Murray Valley encephalitis Jan 2013.pdf18010800
10137/22720090508 David Ashbridge18112500
10137/756900229 A review of nursing staff establishment in the Northern Territory July-August 1979.pdf18018000
10137/141100004 Statistical Tables for 1991.pdf18018000
10137/739800112 Alice Springs Hospital Management Board-Annual Report 1997-98.pdf17413000
10137/741000125 Gove District Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1991-92.pdf17413000
10137/450Trachoma guidelines 2008.pdf17010700
10137/754400195 Position Paper The Use of the Darwin Hospital As a Private Hospital.pdf17116000
10137/769700320 Review of treatment for opioid dependence in the Northern Territory.pdf17215000
10137/763700301 Report on 1982 public education campaign against alcohol abuse the Boozers are losers campaign.pdf17314000
10137/22720091030 David Ashbridge17310400
10137/7975#12 Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Procedure.pdf16160000
10137/1386Dos and Donts Poster.pdf16010600
10137/1040CM Guidelines Pressure Care Mattress.docx16112300
10137/273400045 Part A.pdf16016000
10137/722300070 Ninth Regional Directors Conference.pdf16214000
10137/943Post Exposure Prophylaxis for Rabies and ABL Flow Chart 2019.pdf16214000
10137/833Yarrenyty Arltere (Larapinta Valley) Community Area Volatile Substance Management Plan.pdf16214000
10137/758500251 Darwin region dental services programme 1985.pdf16016000
10137/758700257 Mental Health Act annual report 19848-85.pdf15114000
10137/1317Banned Drinker Register Poster.pdf15141000
10137/757000230 Prototype nursing resource management system.pdf15114000
10137/757300233 Consultancy on nurse staffing at Alice Springs Hospital.pdf15114000
10137/1265PS2 Premises Standard for Pharmacy Business.pdf1587000
10137/756600224 Report on the review of urban based community health centres in the Northern Territory of Australia.pdf15114000
10137/756300220 Katherine region community health services five year planning document.pdf15114000
10137/6937Authorised Clinical Protocols and Procedures Manuals PHC Remote Guideline.pdf1569000
10137/738900103 Alice Springs Hospital Management Board-Annual Report 1984-85.pdf15015000
10137/747000175 Royal Darwin Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1984-85.pdf15213000
10137/1236Melioidosis FACT SHEET- OCTOBER 2019.pdf15150000
10137/7971#30 Non-psychiatric Treatment, Major Medical Procedures, Clinical Trials and Experimental Treatments.pdf15150000
10137/7982#22 Designated Mental Health Practitioners (DMHP) Appointment Procedure.pdf14140000
10137/7980#21 Authorised Psychiatric Practitioners (APP) Appointment Procedure.pdf14140000
10137/141800011 Maternal and Infant Mortality 1974 - 1979.pdf14014000
10137/772100332 Darwin Rehabilitation Centre survey.pdf14212000
10137/740300118 Routine Admission Procedures and General Information for Patients-Darwin Hospital.pdf14311000
10137/756500223 Papunya health worker book.pdf14113000
10137/757600238 Alice Springs Hospital casualty handbook.pdf14014000
10137/837Central Arnhem Regional Area Volatile Substance Management Plan.pdf14113000
10137/758600253 Alice springs Hospital Maternity Report 1981-83.pdf14014000
10137/22720091106 David Ashbridge14011300
10137/22720090717 David Ashbridge14211100
10137/1288Data Receiving Protocol_v2.5.pdf14014000
10137/796900503a Tennant Creek vector surveillance and control annual report 2002-2003.pdf1349000
10137/759100267 NT mental health services five year development plan.pdf13112000
10137/722500072 Eleventh Regional Directors Conference.pdf13112000
10137/953Rabies_Lyssavirus Post Exposure Prophylaxis Report Form 2019 .pdf13112000
10137/7976#12A Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Licensing of Premises Procedure.pdf13130000
10137/763100292 Alcohol consumption and interstate visitors.pdf13211000
10137/740200117 Darwin Hospitals Group, Casuarina Hospital, information booklet for patients and visitors.pdf12012000
10137/783Companion Card Transfer Form.doc1248000
10137/143100022 Land Use & Biting Insects.pdf12111000
10137/800700510 Katherine vector surveillance and control annual regional report 2004-2005.pdf12120000
10137/761700282 Summary of the 1996 Australian secondary school alcohol and drug survey Northern Territory findings.pdf12210000
10137/785900363 - Adult Assessment & Co-ordination Team 6 monthly report Oct 1987 _ March 1988.pdf12210000
10137/785800362 - Adult Assessment & Co-ordination Team 6 monthly report March 1987.pdf1239000
10137/740100115 Casuarina and Darwin Hospitals, future role.pdf12012000
10137/798500507 Katherine vector surveillance and control annual regional report 2003-2004.pdf12120000
10137/741400129 Gove District Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1996-97.pdf12210000
10137/783000364 - ocrd by rose.pdf12111000
10137/754600196 Hospital Related Statistics.pdf11011000
10137/747100176 Royal Darwin Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1983-84.pdf1129000
10137/142200015 Foster Parent information pack.pdf11011000
10137/763600299 Living with Alcohol Program.pdf11011000
10137/7625Vol. 3 no 2 June 1996.pdf11110000
10137/761500280 Agency review system.pdf11011000
10137/738400097 Annual report 1978-1979 - Southern Region.pdf11011000
10137/741900134 Katherine Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1987-88.pdf11110000
10137/759400275 Chewing, Drug use patterns in NT aboriginal communities a report.pdf11110000
10137/764100307 Alcohol and tobacco use among Northern Territory students in 1993.pdf1129000
10137/742700142 Katherine Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1996-97.pdf11110000
10137/7974#25 Clinical Trial or Experimental Treatment Informed Consent Form.dotx10100000
10137/788800399 - Alice Springs community services handbook.pdf1082000
10137/138300002 Staff orientation to contemporary Aboriginal culture at Royal Darwin Hospital.pdf1046000
10137/756000217 Community health program evaluation report .pdf1037000
10137/756200219 Interim report recruitment, retention and education of Aboriginal health workers.pdf1019000
10137/1267PS4 Standard for Professional Services Premises.pdf1046000
10137/764600314 An appraisal of the Salvation Army Sunrise Centre alcohol rehabilitation program.pdf1046000
10137/164400035 Adult Guaridanship.pdf1028000
10137/738200095 NT Government Aboriginal Health Policy.pdf10010000
10137/7972#23 Non-psychiatric Treatment or Major Medical Procedure Approval or Notification Form.dotx10100000
10137/802700534 Darwin LNG plant post construction inspection for mosquito breeding sites.pdf10100000
10137/165000043 Celebrating the Differences.pdf10010000
10137/763400297 Living with alcohol.pdf10010000
10137/763500298 Submission from the Department of Health and Community Services to the Sessional Committee on the Use and Abuse of Alcohol by the Commun.pdf10010000
10137/758700259 Mental Health Services manual.pdf909000
10137/7973#24 Clinical Trial or Experimental Treatment Approval Form.dotx990000
10137/771900329 Consultancy to determine the most appropriate use of the Tamarind site at Parap .pdf918000
10137/803100550 Dengue mosquito control assessment, 13-15 April 2005, Dili, Timor Leste.pdf990000
10137/745600161 Northern Territory Public Hospital System Patient Charter.pdf918000
10137/141400007 Maternal and Child Health Collection 1989.pdf909000
10137/143200023 Introduction to output based.pdf927000
10137/1288Data Receiving Protocol_v2.6.pdf990000
10137/800800511 Nhulunbuy vector surveillance and control annual regional report 2004-2005.pdf990000
10137/756700225 Consumer rights and responsibilities findings from Northern Territory forums.pdf909000
10137/744700153 Royal Darwin Hospital Resident and Registrar Handbook 1985.pdf927000
10137/800600509 Groote Eylandt vector surveillance and control annual regional report 2004-2005.pdf990000
10137/7625Vol. 4 no 1 March 1997.pdf918000
10137/7978#27 Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Authorisation or Notification Form.dotx990000
10137/740600121 East Arm Hospital Chairmans Report 1980-1981.pdf909000
10137/582Feeding Babies 2019.pdf918000
10137/761600281 Survey of NT women's needs for drug and alcohol services.pdf909000
10137/138400003 Statistical Tables for 1990.pdf808000
10137/792200445 An outbreak of Paederus australis Guerin Meneville - Coleoptera-staphylinidae - in Aboriginal communities on the Moyle River flood-plain of NT.pdf871000
10137/7977#26 Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Informed Consent Form.dotx880000
10137/759400273 Grog, Drug use patterns in NT aboriginal communities a report.pdf826000
10137/7981#58 Authorised Psychiatric Practitioner (APP) Appointment Application Form.dotx880000
10137/762100286 Evaluation report Alcohol and Other Drugs Program.pdf808000
10137/758700258 Mental Health Act annual report 1985-86.pdf808000
10137/755700215 Nightcliff Community Health Centre community profile.pdf826000
10137/736800082 This is an Introduction for Remote Area Health Professionals to the Top End-1999.pdf808000
10137/739300107 Alice Springs Hospital Management Board-Annual Report 1991-92.pdf826000
10137/6941Unrestricted Schedule 8 Medicine Prescriptions PHC Remote Information Sheet.pdf817000
10137/737900100 Ten year services plan for Palmerston and the Darwin rural area, Final report.pdf808000
10137/791500402 - Public health bush book vol. 1 2002.pdf734000
10137/158200029 Drug and Alcohol.pdf707000
10137/737100089 Report on the Proposal for Participatory Evaluation of Primary Health Care Programs in Aboriginal Communities.pdf707000
10137/772000330 Consultancy to determine the health precinct needs for Palmerston and rural areas.pdf716000
10137/783100365 - ocrd by rose.pdf725000
10137/141900012 Aboriginal Tribal List.pdf707000
10137/722400071 Tenth Regional Directors Conference.pdf716000
10137/763900304 Some statistics on alcohol use in the Northern Territory.pdf725000
10137/785400359 - Adult Assessment & Co-ordinatino Team 6 monthly paper 1985.pdf725000
10137/785500358 - Adult Assessment & Co-ordinaton Team.pdf716000
10137/785600360 - Adult Assessment & Coordination Team 6 monthly report April 1986.pdf725000
10137/763800302 Responsible drinking a study of Territorian attitudes and perceptions.pdf716000
10137/762900289 Impact of alcohol use on the town of Tennant Creek.pdf707000
10137/7222Medical Library old Darwin Hospital-001-2.jpg707000
10137/7979#29 Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Licensing of Premises Application Form.dotx770000
10137/7983#59 Designated Mental Health Practitioner (DMHP) Appointment Application Form.dotx770000
10137/762200287 Taking care of business accompanying brochure.pdf707000
10137/1297Dummy-Community Report.pdf752000
10137/759400274 Smoking, Drug use patterns in NT aboriginal communities a report.pdf716000
10137/759400276 Tablets, Drug use patterns in NT aboriginal communities a report.pdf716000
10137/758700256 Mental Health Act annual report 1983-84.pdf716000
10137/758400250 Report of the Second Regional Dental Officers Conference.pdf725000
10137/757900241 Accident & emergency handbook.pdf707000
10137/757400235 Nursing Services policy.pdf707000
10137/755300211 A directional arrow evaluation of the service agreement process.pdf707000
10137/755200210 Darwin region community health nursing.pdf707000
10137/6944Western Diagnostic Pathology Stores Order PHC Remote CAHS Form.dotx743000
10137/740900124 Gove District Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1990-91.pdf606000
10137/763000290 Northern Territory Living with Alcohol Program.pdf606000
10137/794700477 Mosquito survey, Batchelor August 19-20 1980.pdf642000
10137/807500619 1990 tropical health and lifestyle campaign-Top Health Fair.pdf660000
10137/6941Restricted Schedule 8 Psychostimulants Medicine Prescriptions PHC Remote Information Sheet.pdf615000
10137/740500120 East Arm Hospital Chairmans Report 1981-1982.pdf606000
10137/735800085 Northern Territory women's health services discussion paper.pdf606000
10137/759000266 Second annual conference Mental Health Services Northern Territory.pdf606000
10137/795200482 Aedes aegypti survey, Adelaide River, Pine Creek and Daly River-26-29 April 1983.pdf651000
10137/735400080 Patients Assistance Travel Scheme PATS 1988.pdf606000
10137/757100231 Report on a program of overseas recruitment of registered nurses to the Northern Territory.pdf615000
10137/735600083 Patients Assistance Travel Scheme PATS 1998.pdf606000
10137/735700084 NT Dept Health & Community Services Rural Health Review.pdf606000
10137/164200033 Getting into the Act.pdf624000
10137/739500109 Alice Springs Hospital Management Board-Annual Report 1993-94.pdf606000
10137/795500409 - Darwin Hospitals Group cleaning manual.pdf651000
10137/758600252 Alice springs Hospital Maternity Report.pdf606000
10137/763300296 Responsible serving of alcohol a survey of training issues.pdf606000
10137/743000145 A Brief History of Royal Darwin Hospital.pdf606000
10137/786800393 - Final report on womens refuges 1985.pdf633000
10137/735500081 Patients Assistance Travel Scheme PATS 1990.pdf606000
10137/801400520 Preliminary mosquito survey, Nabarlek N.T., September 1978.pdf660000
10137/784300375 - ocrd by rose.pdf624000
10137/1295NTAHKPI Community Prompt Sheet V1.0.4.pdf633000
10137/762200287 Taking care of business.pdf606000
10137/739200106 Alice Springs Hospital Management Board-Annual Report 1990-91.pdf615000
10137/771200321 Evaluation of Banyan House.pdf505000
10137/793100455 A biting insect survey of Section 2881of the Finniss River region, 10-12th November 1987.pdf532000
10137/764300311 Review of the impact of public drinking legislation.pdf505000
10137/795600485 Biting insects at Palmerston, mosquitoes.pdf532000
10137/738000092 A Framework for Health Services in the Territory over the next decade-Appendices 1 to 6.pdf505000
10137/793400458 Peppimenarti and Palumpa-mosquito survey, April 1987.pdf523000
10137/793600460 Mosquito breeding in sewage ponds at Batchelor, Adelaide River and Pine Creek.pdf523000
10137/771800327 smoking minimal intervention action plan.pdf505000
10137/783900372 - ocrd by rose.pdf514000
10137/783300345 - Evaluation of Bindi Activity Therapy Centre and Residential.pdf514000
10137/795300483 Aedes aegypti survey, Mataranka, Roper River, Maranboy, Bamyili & Beswick-14-17 March 1983.pdf532000
10137/794000465 Aedes aegypti survey, coastal Arnhem Land January-March 1980.pdf532000
10137/772200336 Creating a healthier future for all Territorians.pdf505000
10137/747900186 Tennant Creek Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1989-90.pdf532000
10137/794100466 Aedes aegypti survey of Groote Eylandt, January 1981.pdf532000
10137/794200467 Vector mosquito survey, Nguiu Community, October 1981.pdf532000
10137/791600403 - Public health bush book vol. 2 1999.pdf532000
10137/739400108 Alice Springs Hospital Management Board-Annual Report 1992-93.pdf514000
10137/801900523 Mosquito survey Port Keats 1979.pdf550000
10137/784100374 - ocrd by rose.pdf514000
10137/795700486 Biting midges (sand flies) at Palmerston.pdf532000
10137/784900351 - Integration of Community Services _ Services for the aged and disabled 1987.pdf514000
10137/738000093 A Framework for Health Services in the Territory over the next decade.pdf505000
10137/754900199 Alice Springs Hospital Handbook 1986.pdf514000
10137/788300384 - ocrd by rose.pdf532000
10137/792100443 A story about water .pdf532000
10137/4002010 02 19_Dr Peter Markey speaks to ABC Leon Compton Measles.wav503200
10137/795900489 Bayview Haven Canal Estate biting insect investigation, July 1991.pdf532000
10137/755400212 Howard Springs Community Health Centre community profile.pdf505000
10137/761900284 Young people and substance use in the Northern Territory in 1998.pdf505000
10137/744800154 Royal Darwin Hospital - Hospital Patients Guide.pdf514000
10137/757700239 Gove Hospital emergency procedures manual.pdf514000
10137/737000088 Northern Territory Childhood and Adolescent Health.pdf505000
10137/793200456 A preliminary survey of the mosquitoes of the Finniss River district, May 1987.pdf431000
10137/788600396 - Sexual Assualt Refferal centre Protocol.pdf413000
10137/754800198 Alice Springs Hospital Handbook 1983.pdf404000
10137/754700197 Submission to the Inter-Departmental Committee On Data Processing.pdf413000
10137/796300493 Mosquito survey of Katherine Meatworks area, 29-30 April 1993.pdf422000
10137/784700349 -Needs assessment report people in the remote aboriginal communities of the EA district 1995.pdf413000
10137/739100105 Alice Springs Hospital Management Board-Annual Report 1989-90.pdf404000
10137/787800377 - ocrd by rose.pdf413000
10137/785100353 -Report on Accommodation & Services for Aged & Handicapped Persons in the Northern Terrritory.pdf422000
10137/786500388 -Alice Springs Hospital Disaster plan 1986.pdf413000
10137/786400387 -Safe food handling techniques.pdf422000
10137/737900099 Ten year services plan for Palmerston and the Darwin rural area, Summary report.pdf404000
10137/785200354 -What is the Helen Phillipps child healthcare assessment team.pdf431000
10137/738300096 Acute and specialist health services more than a hospital.pdf404000
10137/1320Meningococcal Disease CDC Fact Sheet.pdf400400
10137/771700326 Survey report Smoking in Restaurants.pdf404000
10137/8085Electronic Schedule 8 (S8) Reporting for Pharmacies (New procedures from January 2020) Fact Sheet.pdf440000
10137/761400279 Statistics on drug and alcohol use in the Northern Territory.pdf404000
10137/795100481 Vector mosquito survey, Katherine, 16th-19th February 1982.pdf431000
10137/783500369 - ocrd by rose.pdf413000
10137/783600370 - ocrd by rose.pdf422000
10137/758900261 A report on the psychiatric services of the Northern Territory.pdf404000
10137/771600325 Smoking in the workplace.pdf404000
10137/511200021 Equity & Merit Management.pdf431000
10137/757800240 Royal Darwin Hospital Accident & Emergency Department work study.pdf404000
10137/142100014 Community Care handbook.pdf404000
10137/802500532 Potential biting insect problems, former explosives reserve lot 4646 Darwin.pdf440000
10137/801500521 Aedes aegypti survey, 20 February 1979.pdf440000
10137/792300446 Howard River East aquaculture project - potential biting insect appraisal of Phelps-Panizza Aquaculture Development Area, December 1999.pdf413000
10137/801600522 Entomology survey, Darwin East, 1979.pdf440000
10137/7222Medical Library old Darwin Hospital-003-2.jpg404000
10137/7222Medical Library old Darwin Hospital-009-2.jpg404000
10137/755600214 Enhancing ambulatory surgical services.pdf404000
10137/755100209 Darwin Central Community Health centre community profile.pdf404000
10137/801800523 Mosquito survey Port Keats 1979.pdf440000
10137/745500160 Northern Territory Public Patients' Hospital Charter.pdf303000
10137/793300457 A survey of the inland region of the Northern Territory for Aedes aegypti, Feb.-Mar. 1987.pdf321000
10137/795800487 Interim control measures for biting insects at Palmerston.pdf312000
10137/757900242 Accident & emergency handbook 1991.pdf303000
10137/801300516 Vector mosquito and quarantine survey, north coast Northern Territory, 2-12 Nov 1985.pdf330000
10137/784400376 - ocrd by rose.pdf312000
10137/784200347 - Review of Northern Territory Taxi Subsidy Scheme.pdf312000
10137/806400589 First National Aboriginal Health Workers' Conference, Darwin, October 1978.pdf330000
10137/739000104 Alice Springs Hospital Management Board-Annual Report 1988-89.pdf303000
10137/754000191 Tennant Creek Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1995-96.pdf312000
10137/755000204 Northern Territory Public Health Patients' Hospital Charter 1996.pdf312000
10137/792800451 Aedes aegypti & vector mosquito survey, Bathurst & Melville Islands 12th to 16th December, 1983.pdf321000
10137/796200492 Mosquito investigation of Barramundi Farms N.T.-Haycock Reach, Middle Arm, 18 May 1993.pdf321000
10137/792700450 Biting midge investigations at Palmerston and the effectiveness of clearing mangroves as a buffer.pdf321000
10137/792400447 Biting insect survey and assesment, Blackmore River Prawn Farm-December to March 2000-2001, final.pdf321000
10137/755500213 Alice Springs rural district recruitment project.pdf303000
10137/786600389 -Alice Springs Hospital disaster plan 1983.pdf321000
10137/740000114 A Brief History of Katherine Hospital 1934-1994.pdf303000
10137/748000187 Tennant Creek Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1983.pdf303000
10137/791900405 - Emergency and disaster procedure manual.pdf321000
10137/796400494 Union Reefs Project Gold Mine baseline mosquito monitoring report, December 1994.pdf303000
10137/788200381- ocrd by rose-no page 1 or 2 in original.pdf312000
10137/741500130 Gove District Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1999-2000.pdf303000
10137/784800350 -Helen Phillipps Chlid Health Assessment Team 1st Annual Report 1983_1984.pdf312000
10137/756400221 Sanderson Community Health Centre community profile.pdf303000
10137/787900378 - ocrd by rose.pdf312000
10137/7222Medical Library old Darwin Hospital-004-2.jpg303000
10137/784700348 - Addendum to needs assessment report People in the remote Aborigial communities of EA district.pdf312000
10137/802300528 Mosquito Eradication Campaign container survey of Darwin, N.T. first monitoring survey.pdf330000
10137/794300468 Aedes aegypti survey, inland areas, February 1983.pdf312000
10137/802200527 Vector mosquito and quarantine survey, north coast of the Northern Territory 3-9 Augus.pdf330000
10137/794800406 - Katherine and Daly River Region floods.pdf303000
10137/795000408 - Some sources of water.pdf312000
10137/796600496 Union Reefs Project Gold Mine extension of baseline mosquito monitoring report.pdf321000
10137/793900462 Brocks Creek Gold Project-baseline extension mosquito monitoring report.pdf303000
10137/788500395 - Minjilang.pdf321000
10137/8086Good Food for Strong Blood.PDF330000
10137/804000562 Report of the Second Workshop on Curriculum Development, Aboriginal Health Worker Training Program 23 April to 30 April,1981.pdf330000
10137/802400531 Mosquito breeding at Il Parpa Swamp, Alice Springs.pdf330000
10137/801100514 Rustlers Roost Gold Mine baseline mosquito moinoring report.pdf220000
10137/801200515 Mosquito survey, Lajamanu, Kalkarindji and Daguragu-July-August, 1985.pdf220000
10137/802000525 Aedes aegypti survey, Larrimah and Mataranka, September 1980.pdf220000
10137/802100526 Vector mosquito survey, north coast of the Northern Territory, May to June 1982.pdf220000
10137/802600533 Biting insect survey and the Coral Bay Resort proposal.pdf220000
10137/802800537 Mosquito breeding and Bardens Lakes.pdf220000
10137/802900538 Mosquito investigations, 9-10 October 1988, Lasiana Beach Resort, Kupang, Timor.pdf220000
10137/803300552 Preliminary blowfly survey report, August 1991.pdf220000
10137/803500557 Report of the annual conference of the Aboriginal Health Worker Training Programme, Darwin, October 1979.pdf220000
10137/803600558 Anumarra = Working for Health- Aboriginal Health Workers 3rd Annual Conference 1980.pdf220000
10137/803700559 Joint Regional Co-Ordinators & Management Committee Meeting, 20-21 February 1980.pdf220000
10137/804300565 Handbook for overseas nurses-Northern Territory of Australia.pdf220000
10137/804400566 Conference papers [of the] Remote Area Nurses First National Conference, Alice Springs, NT, October 27th and 28th 1983.pdf220000
10137/804600568 Standards for nursing care.pdf220000
10137/804700569 Guidelines for implementation of nursing career structure.pdf220000
10137/804800572 Interim report on the career structure for nurses.pdf220000
10137/804900573 Northern Territory nursing workforce report 1988.pdf220000
10137/805000574 Task Force report on the career structure for nurses in the Northern Territory.pdf220000
10137/805500579 Nursing services.pdf220000
10137/805600580 Nursing service.pdf220000
10137/805700581 A report on nursing manpower in the Northern Territory, 1982.pdf220000
10137/805800583 Graduation and prize giving 1983.pdf220000
10137/805900584 Graduation and prize giving 1984.pdf220000
10137/806000585 Graduation and prize giving 1985.pdf220000
10137/806100586 Graduation and prize giving 1986.pdf220000
10137/806300588 Community health procedure manual.pdf220000
10137/806700594 Aboriginal Health Worker Training Programme information booklet.pdf220000
10137/806800595 Tutors' guide-basic skills .pdf220000
10137/806900607 People's health-Aboriginal Health Worker Training Program, Post Basic Health Course.pdf220000
10137/807200614 Health promotion services in the Northern Territory-progress report and forward plan, 198687.pdf220000
10137/807300615 Healthworks-a health promotion project in the Northern Territory .pdf220000
10137/808100410 - Darwin Hospitals Group cleaning manual revised ed..pdf220000
10137/795400484 Mosquito survey, Nguiu, Bathurst Island-28-30 November 1991.pdf211000
10137/794900407 - Alice Springs fire orders.pdf211000
10137/794600472 Aedes aegypti survey, Groote Eylandt.pdf211000
10137/794500470 Vector mosquito survey, Maningrida, April 1984.pdf211000
10137/794400469 Biting insect survey, Tindal RAAF Base, Tindal, Northern Territory.pdf211000
10137/793500459 Aedes aegypti and vector mosquito survey, Nguiu.pdf211000
10137/738100094 A state of change Northern Territory health services, a historical perspective.pdf202000
10137/792900452 Biting insect investigations and comment on the proposed Newtown (Weddell) development, Darwin, NT..pdf211000
10137/742200137 Katherine Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1990-91.pdf202000
10137/741800133 Katherine Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1984-85.pdf202000
10137/756800228 Home and Community Care training resources and information.pdf202000
10137/791400418 School Health Surveillance 1999 Report.pdf211000
10137/756100218 Northern Territory cattle stations health policy.pdf202000
10137/788900400 - Public health counter disaster sub plan.pdf211000
10137/742100136 Katherine Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1989-90.pdf202000
10137/6984NT Hospital Fees and Charges Manual.pdf200200
10137/788400394 - Lone womens centre usage data.pdf211000
10137/741300128 Gove District Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1995-96.pdf202000
10137/754300194 Tennant Creek Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1992-93.pdf211000
10137/788000379 - Missing Number Note.pdf211000
10137/7222Medical Library old Darwin Hospital-006-2.jpg202000
10137/739600110 Alice Springs Hospital Management Board-Annual Report 1995-96.pdf202000
10137/7222Medical Library old Darwin Hospital-010-2.jpg202000
10137/786200385 - GDH emergency procedure manual.pdf202000
10137/786100356 - Darwin Aboriginal town camps a discussion paper.pdf211000
10137/747600183 Tennant Creek Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1988-89.pdf202000
10137/784000373 - ocrd by rose-Page 10 of Appendix 3 is missing in original.pdf202000
10137/746700172 Royal Darwin Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1990-91.pdf202000
10137/783800371 - ocrd by rose.pdf211000
10137/746200167 Royal Darwin Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1995-96.pdf202000
10137/783700346 - Northern Territory Government Disability Services Policy .pdf211000
10137/783400367 - ocrd by rose.pdf202000
10137/783200366 - ocrd by rose.pdf202000
10137/741100126 Gove District Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1992-93.pdf202000
10137/798400506 Jabiru vector surveillance and control annual regional report 2002-2003.pdf220000
10137/796500495 McArthur River Mine baseline mosquito monitoring report.pdf211000
10137/747800185 Tennant Creek Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1984-85.pdf101000
10137/801000513 Jabiru vector surveillance and control annual regional report 2004-2005.pdf110000
10137/747500182 Tennant Creek Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1990-91.pdf101000
10137/788100380 - ocrd by rose.pdf101000
10137/788700397 - Sexual Assault Services Strategy .pdf101000
10137/742000135 Katherine Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1988-89.pdf101000
10137/789100413 Hospital watch - hospitals against crime.pdf101000
10137/747200177 Admission and Discharge Policy-Royal Darwin Hospital.pdf101000
10137/791700404 - Public health bush book vol. 1 1999.pdf101000
10137/798600508 Jabiru vector surveillance and control annual regional report 2003-2004.pdf110000
10137/793000453 Biting insect investigations, Darwin South Stage II-twelve month base line study of species, abundance and distribution of biting insects in the D.pdf101000
10137/746900174 Royal Darwin Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1988-89.pdf101000
10137/746800173 Royal Darwin Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1989-90.pdf101000
10137/803800560 Aboriginal Health Worker Curriculum Workshop-Alice Springs, November 17-19, 1981.pdf110000
10137/742400139 Katherine Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1992-93.pdf101000
10137/746500170 Royal Darwin Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1992-93.pdf101000
10137/793700461 Brocks Creek Gold Project baseline mosquito monitoring report.pdf101000
10137/7222Medical Library old Darwin Hospital-008-2.jpg101000
10137/803400556 Health workforce training consultation-Territory Health Services, Operations Central.pdf110000
10137/803200551 Woodcutters Mine baseline mosquito monitoring report.pdf110000
10137/803000547 Mosquito survey of Alice Springs, 20 October 1994.pdf110000
10137/742600141 Katherine Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1995-96.pdf101000
10137/7222Medical Library old Darwin Hospital-005-2.jpg101000
10137/7222Medical Library old Darwin Hospital-002-2.jpg101000
10137/745700162 Royal Darwin Hospital Information Guide 1986.pdf101000
10137/808800626 A framework for implementing Tiwi for Life for the Tiwi Health Board.pdf110000
10137/796100491 The association of blow-flies with wheelie-bins in Darwin.pdf101000
10137/8087Growing Healthy Kids.pdf110000
10137/807600620 Report of a Workshop held 13-14 November 1990 to determine Health Promotion Service directions 1990-91.pdf110000
10137/807400617 Aboriginal community health promotion project in the Northern Territory-10-12 December, 1991, Darwin, N.T.pdf110000
10137/745300158 Patient Information Guide Royal Darwin Hospital-1994.pdf101000
10137/807100611 Bruce and Clarence's book of health.pdf110000
10137/807000608 Health is male's business too-NT Indigenous Male Health Conference, Tennant Creek, 29-31 August, 2000.pdf110000
10137/806600591 The work of the Senior Aboriginal Health Worker.pdf110000
10137/806500590 Action plans-recruitment, retention and education of Aboriginal health workers.pdf110000
10137/806200587 Report on nurse education in the Northern Territory to the year 2000 .pdf110000
10137/805400578 Northern Territory nursing workforce report 1989.pdf110000
10137/745200157 Patient Information Guide Royal Darwin Hospital-1993.pdf101000
10137/800900512 Tennant Creek vector surveillance and control annual report 2004-2005.pdf110000
10137/745000156 Patient Information Guide Royal Darwin Hospital-1991.pdf101000
10137/805300577 Northern Territory nursing workforce report 1987.pdf110000
10137/744900155 Royal Darwin Hospital Resident and Registrar Handbook 1988.pdf101000
10137/805200576 Interim report on the implementation of the public sector 1987 career structure awarded to Northern Territory nurses.pdf110000
10137/805100575 Implementation of nursing career structure, 1987.pdf110000
10137/804500567 Territory Health Services Nurse Practitioner Project-Stage One report.pdf110000
10137/743400151 Report of the Low Dependency Unit Working Party.pdf101000
10137/743300150 Waiting lists for elective surgery in Northern Territory public hospitals-policy & procedures.pdf101000
10137/804200564 Setting the agenda-establishing research priorities for Territory Health Services-a discussion paper.pdf110000
10137/796700502 Northern Gold Burnside project-baseline mosquito monitoring.pdf101000
10137/804100563 Workforce Development Services Central 2001 Report.pdf110000
10137/803900561 Report [of the] Aboriginal Health Workers Conference, 1981.pdf110000
10137/796000490 Mosquito survey of Wadeye, Peppimenarti and Daly River, September 1991.pdf101000
10137/785300355 -Review of burial assistance scheme.pdf101000
10137/786700391 - Directory of domestic and family violence services.pdf101000
10137/740700122 Gove District Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1988-89.pdf101000
10137/1661BDR Monthly Report Dec 2019.pdf110000
10137/785000352 - Disability Services _Five Year Strategic Plan 1997_2001.pdf101000
10137/740800123 Gove District Hospital Management Board Annual Report 1989-90.pdf101000