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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
Apr-2019Influenza and its preventionInfluenza virus C; Centre for Disease Control; Department of HealthInformation Sheetvaccine; Influenza; Flu vaccine
2019Health Advisory Committees Fact Sheet and Terms of ReferenceSystem Performance and Innovation; Department of Health; Dept. of HealthFact SheetHealth Advisory Committee
25-Jun-2019Cost of dialysis therapies in rural and remote Australia - a micro-costing analysis.Gorham, G; Howard, K; Zhao, Y; Ahmed, A M S; Lawton, P D; Sajiv, C; Majoni, S W; Wood, P; Conlon, T; Signal, S; Robinson, S L; Brown, S; Cass, AJournal ArticleAboriginal; Costs; Dialysis; Expenditure; Remote; Rural
Jul-2019Population data provide evidence against the presence of a set point for hemoglobin levels or tissue oxygen delivery.Fitzgerald, Stephen P; Grote Beverborg, Niels; Beguin, Yves; Artunc, Ferruh; Falhammar, Henrik; Bean, Nigel GJournal ArticleErythropoietin; haemoglobin; population correlations; set point
28-Jun-2019 Letter to the Editor Concerning the Use of Internal Standards: Are We Now Relying on It Too Much?Tachibana, KazamaJournal Article-
20-Jun-2019Northern Territory difficult airway trolley audit.Adams, Tristan Rp; Piper, Benjamin JJournal Article-
30-Oct-2019Early and late mortality after malaria in young children in Papua, Indonesia.Patriani, Dewi; Arguni, Eggi; Kenangalem, Enny; Dini, Saber; Sugiarto, Paulus; Hasanuddin, Afdhal; Lampah, Daniel Adrian; Douglas, Nicholas M; Anstey, Nicholas M; Simpson, Julie Anne; Price, Ric N; Poespoprodjo, Jeanne RiniJournal ArticleInfants and children under-fives; Mortality; P. falciparum; P. vivax
19-Jun-2019Outcomes of anemic patients presenting with acute coronary syndrome: An analysis of the Cooperative National Registry of Acute Coronary Care, Guideline Adherence and Clinical Events.Huynh, Ronald; Hyun, Karice; D'Souza, Mario; Kangaharan, Nadarajah; Shetty, Pratap C; Mariani, Justin; Kilian, Jens; Hung, Joseph; Ryan, Mark; Chew, Derek P; Brieger, DavidJournal Articleacute coronary syndrome; anemia; anticoagulation; antiplatelets; percutaneous intervention
15-Jun-2019Non missile penetrating spinal injury.Yoon, Joseph; Efendy, Johnny; Szkandera, Bartosz; Redmond, MichaelJournal Article; ReviewKnife; Penetrating; Spinal; Surgery
31-Oct-2019Inpatient diabetes care requires adequate support, not just HbA1c screening.Hare, Matthew Jl; Shaw, Jonathan EEditorialDiabetes mellitus, type 2