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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
13-May-2018Temporal trends in paediatric bacterial meningitis in a tropical Australian region: 1992-2014.White S; Katf H; Baird RW; Francis JRJournal ArticleIndigenous; bacterial meningitis; immunisation
2018Top End Health Service volunteer program – Companion role description handoutDepartment of HealthFactSheetHospital staff; Consumer
Mar-2018Healthy Workplace ToolkitDepartment of HealthOtherWorkplace; Well being; Workers; Life Balance; NT; Northern Territory
4-May-2018Sub-optimal protection against past hepatitis B virus infection where subtype mismatch exists between vaccine and circulating viral genotype in northern Australia.Cheah BC; Davies J; Singh GR; Wood N; Jackson K; Littlejohn M; Davison B; McIntyre P; Locarnini S; Davis JS; Tong SYCJournal ArticleAboriginal; Genotype; Hepatitis B virus; Indigenous; Vaccine effectiveness
Mar-2018TEHS Volunteer HandbookDepartment of HealthArticleVolunteer; TEHS; Handbook; Program
Mar-2018Visitor guide role description – volunteer program TEHS handoutDepartment of HealthArticleConsumer; Visitor; Volunteeer; Program; Hospital; Roles
Feb-2018LeprosyNT Health; Centre for Disease ControlFactSheetLeprosy; Guideline; Mycobacterium leprae; Disease; Northern Australia; Aboriginal; Multibacillary leprosy; Lepromatous leprosy
Jan-2018Managing Patients with Over-the-Counter (OTC) Codeine Dependence Advice for GPsNT Health; Alcohol and Other DrugsInformation Sheet-
May-2018Mantoux testDepartment of Health; Centre for Disease ControlFactsheetCentre for Disease Control; Tuberculosis; Mycobacterium; TB; Mycobacterium tuberculosis; M. tuberculosis,; M bovis,; respiratory infection; Mantoux test; latent tuberculosis infection; LTBI
11-May-2018Tuberculosis (TB) TreatmentDepartment of Health; Centre for Disease ControlFactsheetCentre for Disease Control; Tuberculosis; TB; Mycobacterium; Mycobacterium tuberculosis; M. tuberculosis; M bovis; TB treatment; respiratory infection; Mantoux test