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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
Oct-2011Radiation protection code of practice : acquiring a radiation sourceDepartment of HealthInformation SheetLicensing; Registration; Code of Practice; Radiation
Oct-2011Personal Protection from Mosquitoes & Biting Midges in the NTWhelan PIInformation SheetMosquitoes; Midges; Avoidance; Screening; Treatment
2011Alcohol PharmacotherapiesDepartment of HealthInformation SheetDrug and Alcohol Services
2011Healthy Under Five Kids (HU5K) Data Collection Program : 2011 NT Annual ReportRemote Regional Areas; Department of HealthAnnual ReportAnnual Report; Children; Growth; Development
2011A Guide to Laboratory Notification in the Northern TerritoryDepartment of Health; Centre for Disease ControlReportCentre for Disease Control
Jun-2011A year of mosquito monitoring at Robertson Barracks and the nearby Millner swamp, Northern Territory, AustraliaFranklin DC; Bisevac L; Whelan PIJournal ArticleDarwin; Mosquitoes; Surveys; Monitoring; Arboviruses; Disease vectors; Malaria; Public health; Ross River virus infections; Encephalitis
2011Naltrexone & Acamprosate To Assist Dependent Drinkers Maintain AbstinenceDepartment of HealthInformation SheetAlcohol abuse; Drugs; Withdrawal
2011Primary Health Care Alcohol Misuse and Health Intervention FrameworkDepartment of HealthFlow ChartAlcohol
Feb-2011Lyssavirus post-exposure prophylaxis reportDepartment of Health; Centre for Disease ControlReportLyssavirus
Mar-2011Radiation protection : guideline on shielding design for new or old medical facilitiesDepartment of HealthReportMedical facilities; Hospitals; Guideline; Radioactive