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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
Apr-2018Resilience training is just a band-aid solution for doctor well-being: Yes.Thiemt, DanikaJournal Article-
Apr-2015Insights into the development of a trauma short course for Australasian emergency medicine clinicians.Buck, Andrew; Jamieson, Jennifer; Perry, Andrew; Rotella, Joe-Anthony; Mitchell, RobInterview-
Oct-2014Emergency weight estimation in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in the Northern Territory: are the current methods accurate?Allison, Nicola; Norton, IanJournal ArticleAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander; children; weight estimation
Jun-2012Australian triage tags: a prospective, randomised cross-over trial and evaluation of user preference.Field, Kate; Norton, IanComparative Study; Journal Article; Randomized Controlled Trial-
Aug-2012International emergency medicine: how to train for it.Sistenich, VeraJournal Article-
Jun-2010Risk factors and associations for the diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections in Aboriginal women presenting to the Alice Springs Hospital emergency department.Fairbairn, Anna P; Tyler, Hilary; Su, Jiunn-Yih; Tilley, Emma LJournal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't-
Jun-2009Investigating pressure bandaging for snakebite in a simulated setting: bandage type, training and the effect of transport.Canale, Elizabeth; Isbister, Geoffrey K; Currie BJJournal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't-
Jun-2007Abdominal pain and jaundice: appendiceal perforation an important differential.Dawes, Tim; Burrows, CameronCase Reports; Journal Article-
Apr-2004Prolonged pre-procedure fasting time is unnecessary when using titrated intravenous ketamine for paediatric procedural sedation.Treston, GregClinical Trial; Journal Article-
2018Cultural competence in the emergency department: Clinicians as cultural learners.Johnson, Richard; Withers, MichelleJournal Article-