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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
22-Apr-2009Garfield Samuels (SBS Radio) interviews Julie Hornibrook (Helping Hands Project Manager) about what the project has achieved since its commencement and the future direction if funding is continued after June 2009Samuels, Garfield; Hornibrook, JulieRecording, oralDental care; Dental health; Dental health services; Mobile services; Primary school children; Adults; Interviews; Aboriginal people; Remote areas; Oral surgery; Funding; Australian government intervention
24-Mar-2009Pete Davies (Mix 1049 local radio) interviews Vicki Krause (Director of the Centre for Disease Control at the Department of Health and Families) about Murray Valley encephalitis (MVE)Davies, Pete; Krause, VickiRecording, oralInterviews; Endemic encephalitis; Insects; Mosquitoes; Public awareness; Public health; Prevention and control
28-May-2009Swine flu and Murray Valley Encephalitis and the public health issues involved in awareness and prevention: Daryl Manzie interviews Steven Skov, public health physican with the Department of Health and FamiliesManzie, Daryl; Skov, StevenRecording, oralH1N1 influenza; Endemic encephalitis; Information dissemination; Interviews; Prevention and control; Mosquitoes; Public health and environment
20-May-2009Peter Whelan, Director of Medical Entomology in the Centre for Disease Control, is interviewed by a presenter from Territory FM radio about the recent outbreaks of Murray Valley EncephalitisWhelan, Peter IRecording, oralEpidemic encephalitis; Interviews; Public awareness; Public health; Mosquitoes; Prevention and control; Bird diseases; Viruses
25-May-2009Julia Christensen (ABC Radio) interviews Vicki Krause (Director of the Centre for Disease Control) : swine flu updateChristensen, Julia; Krause, VickiRecording, oralH1N1 influenza; Prevention and control; Interviews; Children; Travel; Symptoms
Oct-2002Guidelines for the control of nontuberculous mycobacteria in the Northern TerritoryDepartment of HealthGuidelineAlgae and fungi; Bacterial and fungal diseases; Diagnosis; Therapy; Prevention and control
2005Northern Territory Head Lice Action Pack!Department of Health and Community ServicesGuidelineHead lice treatments; Public health; Prevention and control; Community health; Public awareness; Health education
6-Mar-2002Review of the Northern Territory Tobacco Act : discussion paper, 2002Northern Territory Department of Health and Community ServicesReportTobacco Act 1992; Smoking; Law and legislation; Prevention
11-Feb-2004Department of Health and Community Services Acute Care Division : Ministerial Briefing 11 February 2004Northern Territory Department of Health and Community ServicesReportMinisterial briefing; Acute Care Division
9-Aug-2006Acute Care Divisional Planning : agenda Wednesday 9 August 2006Northern Territory Department of Health and Community ServicesReportAcute Care Division