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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
23-Aug-2023An outbreak of acute rheumatic fever in a remote Aboriginal community.Egoroff N; Bloomfield H; Gondarra W; Yambalpal B; Guyula T; Forward D; Lyons G; O'Connor E; Sanderson L; Dowden M; Williams D; de Dassel J; Coffey P; Dhurrkay E R; Gondarra V; Holt D C; Krause V L; Currie B J; Griffiths K; Dempsey K; Glynn-Robinson AJournal Article-
4-Aug-2023The evidence that rheumatic heart disease control programs in Australia are making an impact.Stacey I; Ralph A; de Dassel J; Nedkoff L; Wade V; Francia C; Wyber R; Murray K; Hung J; Katzenellenbogen JJournal Article-
18-Aug-2022A successful partnership model for COVID-19 vaccination in Aboriginal communities in New South Wales.Riley T; Guthrie J; Whop L; Walsh N; Jackson A; Weeramanthri TJournal Article-
7-Jul-2022An outdoor hotel quarantine facility model in Australia: best practice with optimal outcomes.Curtis, Stephanie J; Trewin, Abigail; McDermott, Kathleen; Were, Karen; Walczynski, Tracy; Notaras, Len; Walsh, NickJournal Article-
2-Sep-2021Sexual health service adaptations to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic in Australia: a nationwide online survey.Phillips, Tiffany R; Fairley, Christopher K; Donovan, Basil; Ong, Jason J; McNulty, Anna; Marshall, Lewis; Templeton, David J; Owen, Louise; Ward, Alison; Gunathilake, Manoji; Russell, Darren; Langton-Lockton, Julian; Bourne, Christopher; Martin, Sarah; Chow, Eric P FJournal Article-
10-May-2021Using community-led development to build health communication about rheumatic heart disease in Aboriginal children: a developmental evaluation.Mitchell AG; Diddo J; James AD; Guraylayla L; Jinmarabynana C; Carter A; Rankin SD; Djorlom G; Coleman C; Scholes M; Haynes E; Remenyi B; Yan J; Francis JRJournal Article-
8-Jun-2020Disparity in distribution of inpatient hospital services in Australia.Francis JR; Verma S; Bonney DJournal Article-
24-Jul-2019Limited progress in closing the mortality gap for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians of the Northern Territory.Wilson T; Zhao Y; Condon JJournal ArticleAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander; Closing the Gap; Northern Territory; life expectancy; mortality
24-Jul-2019A follow-up of sunscreen use and sun-protection practices in Darwin: a cross-sectional survey.Ma JHY; Chatfield MD; Campbell K; Tilakaratne DJournal Article-
Feb-2018Aboriginal children and penicillin injections for rheumatic fever: how much of a problem is injection pain?Mitchell AG; Belton S; Johnston V; Read C; Scrine C; Ralph APJournal ArticleAboriginal children; Australia; penicillin injection pain; rheumatic fever