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6-Mar-2023Epidemiology, management and outcomes of Cryptococcus gattii infections: A 22-year cohort.O'Hern JA; Koenen A; Janson S; Hajkowicz KM; Robertson IK; Kidd SE; Baird RW; Tong SYC; Davis JS; Carson P; Currie BJ; Ralph APJournal Article-
8-Feb-2023Development and evaluation of a multiplex serodiagnostic bead assay (BurkPx) for accurate melioidosis diagnosis.Settles EW; Sonderegger D; Shannon AB; Celona KR; Lederer R; Yi J; Seavey C; Headley K; Mbegbu M; Harvey M; Keener M; Allender C; Hornstra H; Monroy FP; Woerle C; Theobald, Vanessa; Mayo M; Currie BJ; Keim PJournal Article; Journal ArticleHumans; Antibodies, Bacterial; *Melioidosis/microbiology; *Burkholderia pseudomallei; Antigens, Bacterial; Sensitivity and Specificity
30-Jan-2023Key lessons from the COVID-19 public health response in Australia.Basseal JM; Bennett CM; Collignon P; Currie BJ; Durrheim DN; Leask J; McBryde ES; McIntyre P; Russell FM; Smith DW; Sorrell TC; Marais BJJournal Article; Review; Journal Article; Review-
16-Jan-2023Design and Development of an Internationally Applicable Educational Video to Increase Community Awareness in Regions with High Prevalence of Melioidosis and Diabetes.Maisrikrod SC; Currie M; Govan BL; Norton RE; Currie BJ; Ketheesan N; Mayo MJournal Article; Journal Article-
12-Jan-2023A conserved active site PenA β-lactamase Ambler motif specific for Burkholderia pseudomallei/B. mallei is likely responsible for intrinsic amoxicillin-clavulanic acid sensitivity and facilitates a simple diagnostic PCR assay for melioidosis.Somprasong N; Hagen JP; Sahl JW; Webb JR; Hall CM; Currie BJ; Wagner DM; Keim P; Schweizer HPJournal Article; Journal Article-
21-Nov-2022Molecular detection and characterisation of the first Japanese encephalitis virus belonging to genotype IV acquired in Australia.Sikazwe C; Neave MJ; Michie A; Mileto P; Wang J; Cooper N; Levy A; Imrie A; Baird RW; Currie BJ; Speers D; Mackenzie JS; Smith DW; Williams DTJournal Article; Journal ArticleAnimals; Humans; *Encephalitis Virus, Japanese; Phylogeny; *Encephalitis, Japanese/epidemiology; Genotype; *Encephalitis Viruses, Japanese; Nucleotides; Northern Territory; Mammals
9-Nov-2022Japanese Encephalitis Virus: The Emergence of Genotype IV in Australia and Its Potential Endemicity.Mackenzie JS; Williams DT; van den Hurk AF; Smith DW; Currie BJJournal Article; Review; Journal Article; ReviewAnimals; Humans; *Encephalitis Virus, Japanese/genetics; *Encephalitis, Japanese; Genotype; Mosquito Vectors; Vertebrates; *Culex
12-Aug-2022Using Genomics to Understand the Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases in the Northern Territory of Australia.Meumann EM; Krause VL; Baird RW; Currie BJJournal Article; Review-
4-Aug-2022Melioidosis and Burkholderia pseudomallei: progress in epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment and vaccination.Currie BJJournal ArticleAmericas; Burkholderia pseudomallei* / genetics; Humans; Melioidosis* / diagnosis; Melioidosis* / drug therapy; Melioidosis* / epidemiology; Vaccination; Whole Genome Sequencing
1-Aug-2022Therapeutics for rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease.Ralph AP; Currie BJJournal Article; Review; Journal Article; Review-