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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
5-Oct-2019Application to renew registration of a commercial visitor accommodation businessDepartment of Health; Environmental Health officeFormAccommodation
Oct-2019Application to register a hairdressing beauty therapy or body art businessDepartment of Health; Environmental Health officeFormPublic and Environmental Health Act; Small Business
Oct-2019Application to renew registration of a Hairdressing, Beauty therapy or Body art (HBB) BusinessDepartment of Health; Environmental Health OfficeFormSmall Business; Northern Territory
Oct-2019Application to Register a commercial visitor accommodation businessDepartment of HealthForm-
17-Sep-2019Restrictive Practices - Application for AuthorisationDepartment of HealthFormRestrictive Practices; Authorisation Application
17-Sep-2019Restrictive Practices – Summary of Restrictive PracticesChief Health Officer; Department of HealthForm-
17-Sep-2019Restrictive Practices -Evidence of ConsultationChief Health Officer; Department of HealthFormRestrictive Practices; Authorisation Evidence Consultation; Consultation
17-Sep-2019Restrictive Practices - Disclosure Agreement by the NDIS ParticipantDepartment of HealthForm-
23-Aug-2019Health Record Application FormsPrimary Health Care RemoteFormSecurity; Medical Records; Health Records; My eHealth; My Health; NT Clinical Portal; NTCP; PCIS; Primary Care Information System; EACS; East Arnhem Communicare System; Training; User Access; Confidentiality; Privacy; Password; WebClient; Query Group; Change Request; Electronic Health Records; EHR
25-Jul-2019Pharmacy FormsPrimary and Public Health Care RemoteFormS8; Schedule 8; RS4; RS 4; Restricted Schedule 4; EMK; Hospital Pharmacy Order; Department Funded; Medicine Order; Drug Order; S100 Section 100; Vaccine Order; DoE; Local Addition; RMP Specific Medicines; Pharmacy Audit; Site Visit; Deliver; Order; Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme; PBS; PPHC