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9-Sep-2023Factors leading to diagnostic delay in tuberculosis in the tropical north of Australia.Vigneswaran N; Parnis R; Lowbridge C; Townsend D; Ralph A PJournal Article-
Jun-2023Comparing the resource implications of old and new colorectal adenoma surveillance guidelines in Australia.Ow, T; Angelica, B; Burn, S; Chu, M; Lee, S; Lin, R; Tran, V; Iyngkaran, G; Bampton, P; Sukocheva, O; Tse, E; Rayner, CJournal Article-
24-Apr-2023Executive summary of consensus clinical practice guidelines for the prevention of infection in patients with multiple myeloma.Teh BW; Reynolds G; Slavin MA; Cooley L; Roberts M; Liu E; Thursky K; Talaulikar D; Mollee P; Szabo F; Ward C; Chan H; Prince HM; Harrison SJJournal Article-
7-Mar-2023The Importance of Frailty Assessment in Multiple Myeloma: A Position Statement From The Myeloma Scientific Advisory Group (MSAG) To Myeloma Australia.Sim S; Kalff A; Tuch G; Mollee P; Ho J; Harrison S; Gibbs S; Prince HM; Spencer A; Joshua D; Lee C; Ling S; Murphy N; Szabo F; Szer J; Weber N; Ward C; Talaulikar D; Zannettino A; Quach HJournal Article-
29-Jan-2023Correlation of spirometry indices to chest radiology in the diagnosis of chronic airway disease among regional and rural Indigenous Australians.Howarth T; Gahreman D; Ben Saad H; Ng L; Heraganahally SSJournal Article; Journal Article-
5-Jul-2022Flexible bronchoscopy indications and outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous patients in the Northern Territory of Australia.Seyedshahabedin, Mohammad M; Howarth, Timothy P; Mo, Lin; Biancardi, Edwina; Heraganahally, Subash SJournal Article-
28-Jun-2022Pulmonary Hypertension in Remote and Disadvantaged Population: Overcoming Unique Challenges for Improved Outcomes.Naing, Pyi; Kangaharan, Nadarajah; Scalia, Gregory M; Strange, Geoff; Playford, DavidJournal Article; Review-
1-May-2022Parathyroid hormone-independent hypercalcaemia secondary to granulomatous inflammation: could this be melioidosis?Grace SG; Currie BJ; Kumar SLetterCalcium; Humans; *Hypercalcemia/etiology; Inflammation; *Melioidosis; Parathyroid Hormone
9-Jan-2022'Neurosyphilis in the Northern Territory of Australia: a clinical guideline'.Birrell, Johanna M; Lowe, Michael; Gunathilake, Manoji; Krause, VickiJournal Article-
20-Nov-2021Validity of the New "Top End Sleepiness Scale" (TESS) against the STOP-Bang Tool in Predicting Obstructive Sleep Apnoea among Indigenous Australian Adults.Heraganahally, Subash S; Howarth, Timothy P; Wirth, Hugh; Short, Teagan; Benn, EdmundJournal Article-