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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
16-Nov-2023A cluster of leptospirosis cases associated with crocodile workers in the Northern Territory, Australia, 2022Stark, Astrid M; Nohrenberg, Michael; Draper, Anthony DK; McMahon, Kimberley E; Hewitt, Thalia A; Lomas, Kelly; Krause, Vicki LJournal Articleleptospirosis; crocodiles; Leptospira; Northern Territory; rainfall; climate change
13-Nov-2023Healthy Patients, Workforce and Environment: Coupling Climate Adaptation and Mitigation to Wellbeing in Healthcarede Souza, Mark; Lee, Aunty Bilawara; Cook, StephenJournal Articleclimate change; sustainable healthcare; cultural safety; biophilic design
7-Nov-2023Trends in the Northern Territory Aboriginal Health Key Performance Indicators, 2010 to 2021Boyd, Rowena; Wright, Alyson; Li, Lilly; Bhat, Sunil; Health Statistics and Informatics; NT PHNReportAboriginal health; Key Performance Indicators; Health indicators
Oct-2023Shingles (Herpes zoster)Department of Health; Centre for Disease ControlFact sheetHerpes zoster, Zoster, VZV, Post-herpetic Neuralgia, Immunisation, Zostavax, Vesicles
27-Sep-2023Public Health Management of Crusted ScabiesCentre for Disease ControlGuidelinesCrusted scabies; Public health
19-Sep-2023Pericoronary adipose tissue attenuation on coronary computed tomography angiography associates with male sex and Indigenous Australian status.Yuvaraj J; Lim E; Vo T; Huynh D; Rocco C; Nerlekar N; Cheng K; Lin A; Dey D; Nicholls S J; Kangaharan N; Wong D T LJournal ArticleHumans; Female; Male; Adult; Middle Aged; *Computed Tomography Angiography; Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples; Retrospective Studies; Australia; Adipose Tissue/diagnostic imaging; *RNA, Long Noncoding; Inflammation
19-Sep-2023Broad spectrum SARS-CoV-2-specific immunity in hospitalized First Nations peoples recovering from COVID-19.Zhang W; Clemens E B; Kedzierski L; Chua B Y; Mayo M; Lonzi C; Hinchcliff A; Rigas V; Middleton B F; Binks P; Rowntree L C; Allen L F; Tan H-X; Petersen J; Chaurasia P; Krammer F; Wheatley A K; Kent S J; Rossjohn J; Miller A; Lynar S; Nelson J; Nguyen T H; Davies J; Kedzierska KJournal Article-
14-Sep-2023Costs and benefits of community water fluoridation in remote Aboriginal communities of the Northern Territory.Zhao Y; Raymond K; Chondur R; Sharp W; Gadd E; Bailie R; Skinner J; Burgess PJournal Article-
11-Sep-2023Case Report: Catastrophic Effects of Using Cannabis Via Bucket Bong in Top End Northern Territory of Australia.Heraganahally S S; Monsi E; Gadil E; Maze D; Lynch SCase Reports-
11-Sep-2023Practice of dialysis access interventional nephrology procedures in the Asia-Pacific region: Getting lay of the land.Jasuja S; Gallieni M; Jha V; Vachharajani T; Bhalla A K; Tan J; Tan C S; Basnet N B; Herath N; Hai An H P; Kim Y S; Kim Y; SampathKumar K; Sahay M; Ramachandran R; Alexander S; Bhargava V; Balasubramaniam J; Voss D; Ogbac F E; Gunawan A; Goh B L; Lin C-C; Khan J; Shiham I; Ayub H; Hein M A; Iqbal S; Srisawat N; Gao B; Sajiv C; Wilkinson C; Pichthida T; Rana D S; Sagar G; Bahl A; Tawakley S; Gaur MJournal Article-