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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
13-Aug-2023Cutaneous Melioidosis: An updated review and primer for the dermatologist.Schwartzman G; Reddy S A; Berg S H; Currie B J; Saavedra A PJournal Article; Review-
23-May-2023Some children with idiopathic toe walking display sensory processing difficulties but not all: A systematic review.Donne J H; Powell J A; Fahey M C; Beare R; Kolic J; Williams C MJournal Article; Meta-Analysis; Review; Systematic ReviewHumans; Child; *Toes; Gait; Walking; *Movement Disorders/diagnosis
7-May-2023Cardiovascular risk management following gestational diabetes and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: a narrative review.Marschner S; Pant A; Henry A; Maple-Brown LJ; Moran L; Cheung NW; Chow CK; Zaman SJournal Article; Review-
11-Apr-2023The COVID-19 laboratory response in Timor-Leste; a story of collaboration.Sarmento N; Soares da Silva E; Barreto I; Ximenes JC; Angelina JM; Correia DM; Babo SM; Tilman AJP; Salles de Sousa A; Hornay E; Ico LC; Machado FN; Niha MV; Ballard S; Lin C; Howden B; Baird RW; Wapling J; Alves L; Oakley T; Marr I; Draper ADK; Arkell P; Smith-Vaughan H; Fancourt NSS; Yan J; Francis JRJournal Article; Review-
10-Feb-2023Managing blunt cardiac injury.Nair L; Winkle B; Senanayake EJournal Article; Review; Journal Article; ReviewHumans; *Heart Injuries/diagnosis/etiology/surgery; Heart; *Myocardial Contusions/diagnosis/therapy/complications; *Heart Rupture/complications; *Wounds, Nonpenetrating/diagnosis/surgery/complications; Rupture; *Thoracic Injuries/complications/diagnosis/surgery
Feb-2023The prevelance of psychosis in indigenous populations in Australia: A review of the literature using systematic methods.Jewell, J; Mitchell, DJournal Article; ReviewHumans; Australia/epidemiology; *Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples; *Health Services, Indigenous; *Psychotic Disorders/epidemiology
31-Jan-2023A Scoping Review on Determining Australian Nurse Engagement in Eye Care Settings.Machin HM; Daniell M; Entwistle LI; Hafner C; Huigen A; Kaur H; McCulloch J; Osadchiy MJournal Article; Review; Journal Article; Review-
30-Jan-2023Key lessons from the COVID-19 public health response in Australia.Basseal JM; Bennett CM; Collignon P; Currie BJ; Durrheim DN; Leask J; McBryde ES; McIntyre P; Russell FM; Smith DW; Sorrell TC; Marais BJJournal Article; Review; Journal Article; Review-
16-Nov-2022Thyroid nodules in children and adolescents: Investigation and management.Sandy JL; Titmuss A; Hameed S; Cho YH; Sandler G; Benitez-Aguirre PJournal Article; ReviewAdolescent; Adult; Child; Humans; Prognosis; Retrospective Studies; Thyroid Neoplasms* / diagnosis; Thyroid Neoplasms* / therapy; Thyroid Nodule* / diagnosis; Thyroid Nodule* / pathology; Thyroid Nodule* / therapy; Thyroidectomy
9-Nov-2022Japanese Encephalitis Virus: The Emergence of Genotype IV in Australia and Its Potential Endemicity.Mackenzie JS; Williams DT; van den Hurk AF; Smith DW; Currie BJJournal Article; Review; Journal Article; ReviewAnimals; Humans; *Encephalitis Virus, Japanese/genetics; *Encephalitis, Japanese; Genotype; Mosquito Vectors; Vertebrates; *Culex