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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
23-Dec-2017Antimicrobial resistance in urine and skin isolates in Timor-Leste.Marr I; Sarmento N; O'Brien M; Lee K; Gusmao C; de Castro G; Janson S; Tong SYC; Baird RW; Francis JRJournal ArticleAntimicrobial resistance; Bacteria; ESBL; Extended-spectrum β-lactamase; MRSA; Timor-Leste
Dec-2017Measles information for general practitionersDepartment of Health; Centre for Disease ControlFact SheetMeasles; Information for general practitioners
Dec-2017Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Fact SheetDepartment of Health; Centre for Disease ControlFact SheetPertussis; Whooping cough; Centre for Disease Control
Dec-2017TEAMS : Top End Antimicrobial StewardshipJohn shanksData setPractice guidelines; Antibiotics; Application Systems; Intravenous infusions; Cellulitis; Diabetic; Dosing; Nomograms; Meningitis; Inflammatory disease; Pelvic; Pneumonia; Scabies; Shingles; Sepsis; UTI; Urinary tract infection; Bites; Carbuncle; Epiglottitis; Fractures
Dec-2017Critical incident reporting guidelinesThe Office of DisabilityGuidelineNDIS; Registered providers; Providers; NGO; Policy; Procedures; Insurance scheme; Framework; Service plan; Standards; Quality improvement; Safeguarding
Dec-2017Meningococcal vaccinesNT Health; Centre for Disease ControlFactSheetNeisvac-C; Menitorix; Menactra; Nimenrix; Bexsero; Children; Diabetics; Adolescents; Travelers
Dec-2017Student placement (non-medical) guidelineNT HealthGuidelineNon medical; Placement; Aborignial; Nursing; Torres Strait Islander; Health; Award
Dec-2017NT Road Ambulance Service Scoping ReviewAustralis Health Advisory; Professor Neale Fong; NT Health; NT HealthReportAmbulance review; Ambulance services
Dec-2017Alcohol-attributable hospital admissions and alcohol-related emergency department presentations in the Northern TerritoryHealth Gains Planning; Innovation and ResearchReportHospital Admission; Emergency; Northern Territory; NT; Public Hospitals; Epidemiology
Dec-2017Critical Incident ReportThe Office of DisabilityFormIncident Reporting; NDIS; Disability; Northern Territory; NT; Incident form; NGOs; Workplace safety