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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
Dec-2011What is driving Aedes vigilax peaks in the Karama weekly mosquito trap in Darwin: tides or rainfallJacups SP; Carter JM; Whelan PIBulletinDarwin; Mosquitoes; Arboviruses; Disease vectors; Monitoring; Management
30-Nov-2011Community can help eliminate dengue mosquitoes in Tennant CreekDepartment of HealthJournal ArticleDengue; Mosquitoes; Tennant Creek; Vector control; Surveys; Participation; Prevention and control; Community
Nov-2011Case report: West Nile (Kunjin subtype) disease in the Northern Territory of Australia - a case of encephalitis and review of all reported casesGray TJ; Burrow J; Markey P; Whelan PI; Jackson J; Smith DW; Currie BJJournal ArticleAustralia; Northern Territory; Mosquitoes; Arboviruses; Encephalitis; Public health
Nov-2011Arsenic Poisoning Guidelines for Health Care Providers in the Northern TerritorySkov, StevenGuidelinePoisoning; Guidelines; NT Department of Health
Nov-2011Specimen collection postersDepartment of HealthPosterPosters; Sexually transmitted diseases; Specimen handling; Health education
Nov-2011West nile virus (Kunjin subtype) disease in the northern territory of Australia--a case of encephalitis and review of all reported cases.Gray TJ; Burrow JN; Markey PG; Whelan PI; Jackson J; Smith DW; Currie BJCase Reports; Journal Article; Review-
Nov-2011Characterization of Corynebacterium diphtheriae isolates from infected skin lesions in the Northern Territory of Australia.Gordon CL; Fagan P; Hennessy J; Baird RWJournal Article-
Oct-2011Radiation protection code of practice : acquiring a radiation sourceDepartment of HealthInformation SheetLicensing; Registration; Code of Practice; Radiation
Oct-2011Personal Protection from Mosquitoes & Biting Midges in the NTWhelan PIInformation sheetMosquitoes; Midges; Avoidance; Screening; Treatment
Oct-2011"Big MAC": the role of consultation liaison psychiatry in hospital medical advisory committees.Parker R; Chapman D; Notaras LJournal Article-