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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
25-Jul-2022A case of treatment-resistant Jessner's lymphocytic infiltrate responsive to oral auranofin.Chen, Jacqueline; Kerkemeyer, Karolina Louisa Suzanna; Ross, Christopher; Ly, HoangLetter-
23-May-2022Local genomic sequencing enhances COVID-19 surveillance in the Northern Territory of Australia.Meumann, Ella M; Menouhos, Dimitrios; Christofis, Stefanos; Kondambu-Saaka, Kwaku M; Harbidge, Jaimee; Dakh, Farshid; Freeman, Kevin; Baird RWLetter-
6-May-2022COVID-19 highlights the need for action on pulse oximeter accuracy in people with dark skin.Brownscombe JJ; Loane H; Honan BLetter-
1-May-2022Parathyroid hormone-independent hypercalcaemia secondary to granulomatous inflammation: could this be melioidosis?Grace SG; Currie BJ; Kumar SLetterCalcium; Humans; *Hypercalcemia/etiology; Inflammation; *Melioidosis; Parathyroid Hormone
18-Feb-2022Letter to the Editor.Withers, AdamLetter-
4-Feb-2022Re: Ruiz-Lozano et al.: The clinical and pathogenic spectrum of surgically-induced scleral necrosis: A review.Lam, Danny; Blah, Tyler R; Francis, Ian CLetter-
Jan-2022Youth-onset type 2 diabetes among First Nations young people in northern Australia: a retrospective, cross-sectional study.Titmuss A; Davis EA; O'Donnell V; Wenitong M; Maple-Brown LJ; Haynes ALetter-
19-Aug-2021Screening rates for diabetic retinopathy among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women with hyperglycaemia in pregnancy: The PANDORA cohort study.Rohit A; Roulston T; Henderson T; Lee IL; Webster V; McIntyre HD; Connors C; Brown A; Shaw JE; Maple-Brown LJ; Barr ELMLetter-
Aug-2021Should the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine advocate for time-based targets as a quality indicator? A Quality Indicator Critical Appraisal evaluation.Jones P; Walker K; Bissett I; Gangathimmaiah V; Honan B; Haustead D; Mitchell R; Mountain DLetter-
11-May-2021Addressing the urban-rural health gap through a northern research collaboration.Williams K; Rung S; Currie BJLetter-