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-Real-world experience of metformin use in pregnancy: Observational data from the Northern Territory Diabetes in Pregnancy Clinical Register.Maple-Brown LJ; Lindenmayer G; Barzi F; Whitbread C; Connors C; Moore E; Boyle JA; Kirkwood M; Lee IL; Longmore D; van Dokkum P; Wicks M; Dowden M; Inglis C; Cotter M; Kirkham R; Corpus S; Chitturi S; Thomas S; O'Dea K; Zimmet P; Oats J; McIntyre HD; Brown A; Shaw JEJournal Article; Observational StudyAdult; Australia/epidemiology; Biomarkers/*blood; Birth Weight; Blood Glucose/metabolism; Case-Control Studies; Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2/blood/*drug therapy/epidemiology; Diabetes, Gestational/blood/*drug therapy/epidemiology; Female; Follow-Up Studies; Gestational Age; Humans; Hypoglycemic Agents/*therapeutic use; Metformin/*therapeutic use; Northern Territory; Population Groups; Prediabetic State/blood/*drug therapy/epidemiology; Pregnancy; Pregnancy Outcome; Prognosis
-Elevated reporting of unprotected anal intercourse and injecting drug use but no difference in HIV prevalence among Indigenous Australian men who have sex with men compared with their Anglo-Australian peersT. Lea| | M. Costello| | L. Mao| | G. Prestage| | I. Zablotska| | J. Ward| | J. Kaldor| | J. de Wit| | M. HoltJournal ArticleGay men| |Sexual behavior HIV infections| |Transmission Aboriginal Australians| |Health and hygiene Health behavior Intravenous drug abuse| |Health aspects
2023Characterisation of Corynebacterium diphtheriae isolates in the Northern Territory of Australia.Howes, M; Menouhos, D; Christofis, S; Hennessy, J; Baird, RJournal Article; ReviewHumans; Northern Territory/epidemiology; *Corynebacterium diphtheriae/genetics; Polymerase Chain Reaction; Whole Genome Sequencing
2023Robust and prototypical immune responses toward COVID-19 vaccine in First Nations peoples are impacted by comorbidities.Zhang, W; Kedzierski, L; Chua, B; Mayo, M; Lonzi, C; Rigas, V; Middleton, B; McQuilten, H; Rowntree, L; Allen, L; Purcell, R; Tan, H; Petersen, J; Chaurasia, P; Mordant, F; Pogorelyy, M; Minervina, A; Crawford, J; Perkins, G; Zhang, E; Gras, S; Clemens, E; Juno, J; Audsley, J; Khoury, D; Holmes, N; Thevarajan, I; Subbarao, K; Krammer, F; Cheng, A; Davenport, M; Grubor-Bauk, B; Coates, P; Christensen, B; Thomas, P; Wheatley, A; Kent, S; Rossjohn, J; Chung, A; Boffa, J; Miller, A; Lynar, S; Nelson, J; Nguyen, T; Davies, J; Kedzierska, KJournal Article-
2023Interactions between Australian cancer physicians and the pharmaceutical industry: a qualitative study.Pokorny, A; Bero, L; Fox, P; Karikios, D; McEwin, E; Moynihan, R; Mintzes, BJournal ArticleHumans; Male; Attitude of Health Personnel; Australia; Conflict of Interest; COVID-19; *Drug Industry; *Medical Oncology; Neoplasms; Pandemics; *Physicians; Qualitative Research; Female
2023Major post-partum hemorrhage rate in a I level hospital: data analysis of substandard care and near-miss cases.Zanini, A; Inzoli, A; Andreotti, C; Miglietta, M; Mingozzi, S; Armitano, F; Rezzonico, EJournal ArticleFemale; Pregnancy; Humans; *Pregnancy Complications/epidemiology/etiology; Retrospective Studies; *Postpartum Hemorrhage/epidemiology/therapy; Postpartum Period; Hospitals; Data Analysis