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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
Apr-2022S8 Destruction Information sheetDepartment of HealthFact sheetMedicines Poisons Control; Schedule 8 Substances
Apr-2022Defining the roles of Aboriginal Health Workers and Aboriginal Health PractitionersDepartment of HealthFact sheetAboriginal; Health Workers; Northern Territory; NT; Practitioners; Indigenous
Apr-2022Access to Medicinal Cannabis and CBD oil in the Northern TerritoryDepartment of HealthFact sheetMedicines; Poisons; Medical Cannabis; Cannabis; CBD; CBD Oil
Apr-2022Supplying medicines without a prescriptionDepartment of HealthFact sheetPharmacy; Pharmacist; Schedule 8 Drugs; Schedule 4 Drugs; Prescriptions; Medicines; Poisons
2022Syphilis audio fact sheetsDepartment of HealthAudio recording; Fact sheetFact sheet; Sexually transmitted infections (STI); Syphilis; Patient information
Dec-2021NF1 Change of Ownership of a Pharmacy BusinessDepartment of HealthFact sheetPharmacy; Business ownership
Nov-2021Ross River virusDepartment of HealthFact sheetRoss River virus
Nov-2021ChikungunyaCentre for Disease ControlFact sheetArbovirus; Viral; Ross River; Barmah Forest
Nov-2021Box Jellyfish (Chironex fleckeri)Centre for Disease Control; Department of HealthFact sheetStings; Jellyfish
Nov-2021Murray Valley encephalitisDepartment of Health; Centre for Disease ControlFact sheetMurray Valley encephalitis; Encephalitis; Mosquito; Culex annulirostris