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Jun-2023The molecular characteristics of non-small cell lung cancer in the Northern Territory's Top End.Downton, T; Wing, K; Cosentino, S; Karanth, NJournal Article-
Jun-2023How often are infusion sets for central venous catheters changed in Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Units? A point prevalence survey.Anstey, M; Maxwell, N; Rickard, C; Hammond, N; Knowles, S; McGain, FJournal Article-
Jun-2023The well-being economy and health in all policies: Fostering action for change.Williams, C; Smith, J; Valentine, N; Baum, F; Friel, S; Williams, J; Schmitt, DEditorial-
Jun-2023Why does PSMA PET improve quality of life?Evangelista, L; Morigi, JEditorial-
Jun-2023Fetal sex and risk of pregnancy-associated malaria in Plasmodium falciparum-endemic regions: a meta-analysis.Unger, H; Hadiprodjo, A; Gutman, J; Briand, V; Fievet, N; Valea, I; Tinto, H; D'Alessandro, U; Landis, S; Ter Kuile, F; Ouma, P; Oneko, M; Mwapasa, V; Slutsker, L; Terlouw, D; Kariuki, S; Ayisi, J; Nahlen, B; Desai, M; Madanitsa, M; Kalilani-Phiri, L; Ashorn, P; Maleta, K; Tshefu-Kitoto, A; Mueller, I; Stanisic, D; Cates, J; Van Eijk, A; Ome-Kaius, M; Aitken, E; Rogerson, SJournal Article; Meta-Analysis; Research Support, N.I.H., Extramural; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov'tInfant, Newborn; Female; Pregnancy; Humans; Plasmodium falciparum; Placenta; *Malaria/epidemiology/complications; Infant, Low Birth Weight; Stillbirth; *Malaria, Falciparum/epidemiology/complications
Jun-2023Improving outcomes for hospitalised First Nations peoples though greater cultural safety and better communication: the Communicate Study Partnership study protocol.Ralph, A; McGrath, S; Armstrong, E; Herdman, R; Ginnivan, L; Lowell, A; Lee, B; Gorham, G; Taylor, S; Hefler, M; Kerrigan, VClinical Trial Protocol; Journal ArticleHumans; Allied Health Personnel; *Communication; *Delivery of Health Care; Health Personnel; Hospitals; Multicenter Studies as Topic
Jun-2023Comparison of two ferritin assay platforms to assess their level of agreement in measuring serum and plasma ferritin levels in patients with chronic kidney disease.Majoni, S; Nelson, J; Graham, J; Abeyaratne, A; Fernandes, D; Cherian, S; Rathnayake, G; Ashford, J; Hocking, L; Cain, H; McFarlane, R; Lawton, P; Barzi, F; Taylor, S; Cass, AJournal ArticleHumans; *Plasma; Administration, Intravenous; *Clinical Decision-Making; Ferritins; Northern Territory
Jun-2023Validating a novel three-times-weekly post-hemodialysis ceftriaxone regimen in infected Indigenous Australian patients-a population pharmacokinetic study.Tsai, D; Zam, B; Tongs, C; Chiong, F; Sajiv, C; Pawar, B; Ashok, A; Cooper, B; Tong, S; Janson, S; Wallis, S; Roberts, J; Parker, SJournal Article-
23-May-2023Some children with idiopathic toe walking display sensory processing difficulties but not all: A systematic review.Donne J H; Powell J A; Fahey M C; Beare R; Kolic J; Williams C MJournal Article; Meta-Analysis; Review; Systematic ReviewHumans; Child; *Toes; Gait; Walking; *Movement Disorders/diagnosis
9-May-2023The Expanding Global Footprint of Burkholderia pseudomallei and Melioidosis.Currie B J; Meumann E M; Kaestli MEditorialHumans; *Burkholderia pseudomallei; *Melioidosis/epidemiology