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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
Jul-2023NT Immunisation Schedule Additional Notes (for NT Vaccination Schedules)Public Health UnitScheduleNT Vaccination Schedules; Immunisation; Vaccination
Jul-2023Abbreviated Echocardiographic Screening for Rheumatic Heart Disease by Nonexperts with and without Offsite Expert Review: A Diagnostic Accuracy Study.Francis J; Fairhurst H; Yan J; Fernandes Monteiro A; Lee A; Maurays J; Kaethner A; Whalley G; Hardefeldt H; Williamson J; Marangou J; Reeves B; Wheaton G; Robertson T; Horton A; Cush J; Wade V; Monteiro A; Draper A; Morris P; Ralph A; Remenyi BJournal ArticleHumans; *Rheumatic Heart Disease/diagnostic imaging/epidemiology; Prospective Studies; Cross-Sectional Studies; Echocardiography/methods; Sensitivity and Specificity; Mass Screening/methods; Prevalence
5-Jun-2023Dr Greville Oliver Cowdy (Pat) [image]Department of HealthOtherimage; psychiatrist; Royal Darwin Hospital
Jun-2023Australian bat lyssavirus and rabiesCentre for Disease ControlFact sheetFlying fox; Northern Territory; Lyssavirus; ABL; Rabies; Australian bat
Jun-2023Sodium Bicarbonate for Metabolic Acidosis in the ICU: Results of a Pilot Randomized Double-Blind Clinical Trial.Serpa Neto, A; Fujii, T; McNamara, M; Moore, J; Young, P; Peake, S; Bailey, M; Hodgson, C; Higgins, A; See, E; Secombe, P; Campbell, L; Young, M; Maeda, M; Pilcher, D; Nichol, A; Deane, A; Licari, E; White, K; French, C; Shehabi, Y; Cross, A; Maiden, M; Kadam, U; El Khawas, K; Cooper, J; Bellomo, R; Udy, AJournal Article-
Jun-2023Dementia Risk Models in an Australian First Nations Population: Cross-Sectional Associations and Preparation for Follow-Up.Thompson, F; Russell, S; Quigley, R; Sagigi, B; Miller, G; Esterman, A; Harriss, L; Taylor, S; McDermott, R; Strivens, EJournal Article-
Jun-2023The Impact of Lung Function Parameters on Sleep Among Aboriginal Australians - A Polysomnography and Spirometry Relationship Study.Howarth, T; Ben Saad, H; Heraganahally, SJournal Article-
Jun-2023Comparing the resource implications of old and new colorectal adenoma surveillance guidelines in Australia.Ow, T; Angelica, B; Burn, S; Chu, M; Lee, S; Lin, R; Tran, V; Iyngkaran, G; Bampton, P; Sukocheva, O; Tse, E; Rayner, CJournal Article-
Jun-2023Corrigendum to "Lower risk of multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) with the Omicron variant" [The Lancet Regional Health - Western Pacific 27 (2022) 100604].Lopez, L; Burgner, D; Glover, C; Carr, J; Clark, J; Boast, A; Vasilunas, N; McMullan, B; Francis, J; Bowen, A; Blyth, C; Macartney, K; Crawford, N; Carey, E; Wood, N; Britton, PPublished Erratum-
Jun-2023Long-distance transfer of unwell neonates: A case series.Bills, H; Woodward, L; Martin, SJournal Article-