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20-Jun-2019Water Supply Management Plan template ‚Äď May 2019NT HealthPlanWater supply
23-Aug-2019Comparison of Operative Logbook Experience of Australian General Surgical Trainees With Surgeons Deployed on Humanitarian Missions: What Can Be Learnt for the Future?Coventry, Charles A; Dominguez, Lynette; Read, David J; Trelles, Miguel; Ivers, Rebecca Q; Montazerolghaem, Maryam; Holland, Andrew J AJournal ArticleMedical Knowledge; Patient Care; Practice-Based Learning and Improvement; Systems-Based Practice; emergency medical teams; general surgery/education; surgical training
22-Aug-2019Snakebite associated thrombotic microangiopathy: a protocol for the systematic review of clinical features, outcomes, and role of interventions.Noutsos, Tina; Currie, Bart J; Isbister, Geoffrey KJournal ArticleAcute kidney injury; Anaemia; Envenoming; Haemolysis; Microangiopathy; Plasmapheresis; Schistocytes; Snake; Thrombotic
29-Aug-2019The impact of perceived heat stress symptoms on work-related tasks and social factors: A cross-sectional survey of Australia's Monsoonal North.Carter, Sarah; Oppermann, Elspeth; Field, Emma; Brearley, MattJournal ArticleHeat related illness; Northern Australia; Thermoregulation; Workplace health and safety
27-Aug-2019Subcostal TAPSE: a retrospective analysis of a novel right ventricle function assessment method from the subcostal position in patients with sepsis.Main, Alison B; Braham, Rachel; Campbell, Daniel; Inglis, Andrew J; McLean, Anthony; Orde, SamJournal ArticleApical four chamber; Right ventricle; Sepsis; Subcostal; Tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion
28-Aug-2019Do Indigenous patients in Australia's Northern Territory present with more advanced colorectal cancer? A cohort study based on registry data.Read, David J; Hayes, IanJournal ArticleIndigenous health; colorectal cancer; observational study
Sep-2019Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients requiring critical care: characteristics, resource use, and outcomes.Secombe, Paul; Brown, Alex; McAnulty, Greg; Pilcher, DavidJournal Article-
2019Adrenal Crisis.Rushworth, R Louise; Torpy, David J; Falhammar, HenrikJournal Article; Review-
7-Aug-2019Indigenous traumatic brain injury research: responding to recruitment challenges in the hospital environment.Fitts, Michelle S; Condon, Taeha; Gilroy, John; Bird, Katrina; Bleakley, Erica; Matheson, Lauren; Fleming, Jennifer; Clough, Alan R; Esterman, Adrian; Maruff, Paul; Bohanna, IndiaJournal ArticleAboriginal and Torres Strait islander health; Brain injury; Disability; Methodology; Recruitment; Westmead post-traumatic amnesia scale
7-Aug-2019Long-term impact of pneumococcal conjugate vaccines on invasive disease and pneumonia hospitalisations in Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.Meder, Kelley N; Jayasinghe, Sanjay; Beard, Frank; Dey, Aditi; Kirk, Martyn; Cook, Heather; Strachan, Janet; Sintchenko, Vitali; Smith, Helen; Giele, Carolien; Howden, Benjamin; Krause, Vicki; McIntyre, PeterJournal ArticleAustralia; impact; invasive pneumococcal disease; pneumococcal conjugate vaccines; pneumococcal pneumonia