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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
13-Dec-2019Cancer screening in the Northern Territory 2019Department of HealthReportCancer screening; Bowel cancer; Breast cancer; Cervical cancer
30-Dec-2019Invasive group A Streptococcus disease in Australian children: 2016 to 2018 - a descriptive cohort study.Oliver, Jane; Thielemans, Elise; McMinn, Alissa; Baker, Ciara; Britton, Philip N; Clark, Julia E; Marshall, Helen S; Blyth, Christopher C; Francis, Joshua; Buttery, Jim; Steer, Andrew C; Crawford, Nigel WJournal ArticleChild health; Group A Streptococcus; Infectious diseases; Invasive; Public health
2019My experiences with kidney care: A qualitative study of adults in the Northern Territory of Australia living with chronic kidney disease, dialysis and transplantation.Hughes, Jaquelyne T; Freeman, Natasha; Beaton, Barbara; Puruntatemeri, Anne-Marie; Hausin, Monica; Tipiloura, Gerarda; Wood, Pamela; Signal, Selina; Majoni, Sandawana W; Cass, Alan; Maple-Brown, Louise J; Kirkham, RenaeJournal Article-
19-Dec-2019Melioidosis fatalities in captive slender-tailed meerkats (Suricata suricatta): combining epidemiology, pathology and whole-genome sequencing supports variable mechanisms of transmission with one health implications.Rachlin A; Shilton C; Webb JR; Mayo M; Kaestli M; Kleinecke M; Rigas V; Benedict S; Gurry I; Currie BJJournal ArticleBurkholderia pseudomallei; Melioidosis; Northern Australia; Outbreak; Slender-tailed meerkats; Source tracing; Whole-genome sequencing
2-Jan-2020All-cause mortality following low-dose aspirin treatment for patients with high cardiovascular risk in remote Australian Aboriginal communities: an observational study.Zhao Y; Jeyaraman K; Burgess P; Connors C; Guthridge S; Maple-Brown L; Falhammar HJournal Articleacetylsalicylic acid; coarsened exact matching; marginal structural models; propensity score matching; risk-benefit assessment
Dec-2019Critical care burden of skin and soft tissue infection in Central Australia: More than skin deep.Secombe, Paul; Planche, Yannick; Athan, Eugene; Ollapallil, JacobJournal Articleadult; critical care; human T-lymphotropic virus 1; social conditions; soft tissue infections
Nov-2019Lactation Ketoacidosis: A case series.Al Alawi, Abdullah M; Al Amri, Usama; Falhammar, HenrikCase ReportsAcid-Base Imbalance; Australia; Breastfeeding; Case Series; Fasting; Hypoglycemia; Ketone Bodies; Ketosis; Metabolic Diseases; Oman; Starvation
9-Dec-2019Response to Milne et al. - Management and Outcomes of Prosthetic Valve Thrombosis. An Australian Case Series From the Northern Territory.Quilty, Simon; Burchill, LukeLetter-
Jan-2020#25: Clinical Trial or Experimental Treatment Informed Consent FormMental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs DoHForm-
Jan-2020Over view of major traumatic injury in Australia--Implications for trauma system design.Cameron, P A; Fitzgerald, M C; Curtis, K; McKie, E; Gabbe, B; Earnest, A; Christey, G; Clarke, C; Crozier, J; Dinh, M; Ellis, D Y; Howard, T; Joseph, A P; McDermott, K; Matthew, J; Ogilvie, R; Pollard, C; Rao, S; Reade, M; Rushworth, N; Zalstein, SJournal ArticleEpidemiology; Injury burden; Major trauma; Older adults; Quality improvement; Risk adjustment; System of care; Trauma registries; Trauma system