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14-Mar-20193,3'-Disubstituted 5,5'-Bi(1,2,4-triazine) Derivatives with Potent in Vitro and in Vivo Antimalarial Activity.Xue, Lian; Shi, Da-Hua; Harjani, Jitendra R; Huang, Fei; Beveridge, Julia G; Dingjan, Tamir; Ban, Kung; Diab, Sarah; Duffy, Sandra; Lucantoni, Leonardo; Fletcher, Sabine; Chiu, Francis C K; Blundell, Scott; Ellis, Katherine; Ralph, Stuart A; Wirjanata, Grennady; Teguh, Silvia; Noviyanti, Rintis; Chavchich, Marina; Creek, Darren; Price, Ric N; Marfurt, Jutta; Charman, Susan A; Cuellar, Matthew E; Strasser, Jessica M; Dahlin, Jayme L; Walters, Michael A; Edstein, Michael D; Avery, Vicky M; Baell, Jonathan BJournal Article-
5-Mar-2019Influenza Epidemiology, Vaccine Coverage and Vaccine Effectiveness in Children Admitted to Sentinel Australian Hospitals in 2017: Results from the PAEDS-FluCAN Collaboration.Blyth, Christopher C; Macartney, Kristine K; McRae, Jocelynne; Clark, Julia E; Marshall, Helen S; Buttery, Jim; Francis, Joshua R; Kotsimbos, Tom; Kelly, Paul M; Cheng, Allen CJournal Articlechildren; hospitalization; influenza; vaccination; vaccine effectiveness
6-Mar-2019Atypical ductal hyperplasia is a multipotent precursor of breast carcinoma.Kader, Tanjina; Hill, Prue; Zethoven, Magnus; Goode, David L; Elder, Kenneth; Thio, Niko; Doyle, Maria; Semple, Timothy; Sufyan, Wajiha; Byrne, David J; Pang, Jia-Min B; Murugasu, Anand; Miligy, Islam M; Green, Andrew R; Rakha, Emad A; Fox, Stephen B; Mann, G Bruce; Campbell, Ian G; Gorringe, Kylie LJournal Articleatypical ductal hyperplasia; benign breast disease; breast cancer progression; clonal; copy number; ductal carcinoma in situ; pre-malignant breast lesions; whole genome sequencing
4-Mar-2019Improving Access to Safe Anesthetic Care in Rural and Remote Communities in Affluent Countries.Orser, Beverley A; Wilson, C Ruth; Rotstein, Alexandra J; Iglesias, Stuart J; Spain, Brian T; Ranganathan, Pavithra; MacDonald, William A; Ng, Victor; O'Leary, Susan; Lafontaine, AlikaJournal Article-
17-Sep-2019Restrictive Practices - Disclosure Agreement by the NDIS ParticipantDepartment of HealthForm-
6-Jun-2018Clinical ProtocolsPrimary Health Care RemoteFactSheet; Information Sheet; GuidelineCRANAplus; Hearing; WBM; CARPA STM; Clinical Procedures Manual; Womens Business Manual; Cyanide; Poison; Mango rash; Reference Books; Immunisation Handbook; Australian Medicines Handbook; Injectable Drugs Handbook; Medicines Book for ATSIHPs; Public Health Bush book; Cytotoxic; Cytotoxic Spill Kit; Chest Pain; Suspected Cardiac Event; NT Cardiac; Epiphany; MRaCC; Pharmacy; Prescriptions; Oncology; Haematology
2015Aerial mosquito control of Ilparpa Swamp, Alice Springs 23 January 2015Kurucz, Nina; Roberts, AlexanderTechnical ReportAustralia; Northern Territory; Alice Springs; Insects; Mosquitoes; Disease vectors; Vector control; Surveys; Monitoring; Encephalitis; Public health; Medical Entomology
17-Sep-2019Restrictive Practices Authorisation Framework Guidelines for NDIS Service ProvidersChief Health Officer; Department of HealthGuidelinesRestrictive Practices; Authorisation Guidelines
17-Sep-2019Restrictive Practices -Evidence of ConsultationChief Health Officer; Department of HealthFormRestrictive Practices; Authorisation Evidence Consultation; Consultation
17-Sep-2019Restrictive Practices - Application for AuthorisationDepartment of HealthFormRestrictive Practices; Authorisation Application