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18-Sep-2021Demographic and clinical characteristics of a population-based paediatric cohort of type 1 and type 2 diabetes in Western Australia (1999-2019).Haynes A; Sanderson E; Smith GJ; Curran JA; Maple-Brown LJ; Davis EAJournal Article-
16-Sep-2021Incorporating Aboriginal women's voices in improving care and reducing risk for women with diabetes in pregnancy - A phenomenological study.Wood AJ; Graham S; Boyle JA; Marcusson-Rababi B; Anderson S; Connors C; McIntyre HD; Maple-Brown LJ; Kirkham RJournal Article-
19-Aug-2021Screening rates for diabetic retinopathy among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women with hyperglycaemia in pregnancy: The PANDORA cohort study.Rohit A; Roulston T; Henderson T; Lee IL; Webster V; McIntyre HD; Connors C; Brown A; Shaw JE; Maple-Brown LJ; Barr ELMLetter-
31-Jul-2021Improving systems of antenatal and postpartum care for hyperglycemia in pregnancy: A process evaluation.MacKay D; Freeman N; Boyle JA; Campbell S; McLean A; Peiris D; Corpus S; Connors C; Moore E; Wenitong M; Silver B; McIntyre HD; Shaw JWE; Brown A; Kirkham R; Maple-Brown LJJournal Article-
30-Jul-2021Gestational diabetes is associated with postpartum hemorrhage in Indigenous Australian women in the PANDORA study: A prospective cohort.Lucas IM; Barr ELM; Barzi F; Longmore DK; Lee IL; Kirkwood, Marie; Whitbread C; Connors C; Boyle JA; Simon D; Goodrem A; Brown ADH; Oats J; McIntyre HD; Shaw JE; Maple-Brown LJJournal Article-
23-Jul-2021Exploring differences in perceptions of child feeding practices between parents and health care professionals: a qualitative study.Rohit A; Kirkham R; McCarthy L; Puruntatameri V; Maple-Brown LJ; Brimblecombe JJournal Article-
18-Jun-2021Feasibility of once weekly exenatide-LAR and enhanced diabetes care in Indigenous Australians with type 2 diabetes. (Long-acting-Once-Weekly-Exenatide laR-SUGAR, "Lower SUGAR" study).Ekinci EI; Pyrlis F; Hachem M; Maple-Brown LJ; Brown A; Maguire G; Churilov L; Cohen NJournal Article-
1-Apr-2021Current evidence and practical guidance for the use of sodium-glucose co-transporter-2 inhibitors in type 2 diabetes.Zala A; Maple-Brown LJ; Shaw JE; Hare MJlJournal Article-
4-Feb-2021Oral health of aboriginal people with kidney disease living in Central Australia.Kapellas K; Hughes JT; Cass A; Maple-Brown LJ; Skilton MR; Harris D; Askie LM; Hoy W; Pawar B; McKenzie K; Sajiv CT; Arrow P; Brown A; Jamieson LMJournal Article-
3-Jan-2021Rethinking third trimester ultrasound measurements and risk of adverse neonatal outcomes in pregnancies complicated by hyperglycaemia: A retrospective study.McLean A; Katz M; Oats J; Wang Z; Barr E; Maple-Brown LJJournal Article-