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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
Jun-2019Arbovirus surveillance using FTATM cards in modified CO2 -baited encephalitis virus surveillance traps in the Northern Territory, Australia.Kurucz, Nina; Minney-Smith, Cara A; Johansen, Cheryl AJournal ArticleFTATM cards; Mosquitoes; flavivirus surveillance; mosquito traps; mosquito-borne disease; sentinel chickens
1991Disease Control Bulletin : Vol. 1 no 1 November 1991 to Vol. 5 no 4 December 1998.pdfKurucz, Nina; Krause, Vicki; Miller, Nan; Merianos, Angela; Burrows, Jim; Patel, Mohomed; Stewart, Tony; Tai, Song Keat, Dr.; Noonan, Chris; Currie, Bart, Dr.; Rhodes, Frank; Whelan, Peter; Centre for Disease ControlNewsletterAcute health care; Community health; Communicable disease; Notifiable diseases; Data collection; Epidemiology; Evidence-based medicine; Disease Surveillance; Disease control; CDC
4-Apr-2019Development and Field Evaluation of a System to Collect Mosquito Excreta for the Detection of Arboviruses.Meyer, Dagmar B; Ramirez, Ana L; van den Hurk, Andrew F; Kurucz, Nina; Ritchie, Scott AJournal Articlearbovirus; excreta; mosquito; saliva; surveillance
12-Aug-2019Jabiru and Cooinda exotic mosquito survey 20-21 March 2019Kurucz, Nina; Medical entomologySurveyMosquitoes; dengue; NT Health; Survey
Jun-2019Mosquito Control and Coastal Development: How they Have Coexisted and Matured in Florida and AustraliaKurucz, Nina; Whelan, Peter I; Journal of the American Mosquito Control AssociationArticleMosquitos; Australia
Sep-2019Mosquito engineering works in 2019Warchot, Alan; Roberts, Alex; Kurucz, Nina; Department of HealthArticleMosquito; CDC