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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
28-Mar-2012Numbulwar Community Area Volatile Substance Management PlanDepartment of HealthPlanSubstance abuse; Volatile substance abuse; Community management VSA; Volatile substance use VSU; Numbulwar; Volatile Substance Abuse Prevention Act (VASPA)
2016Pharmacy Premises Committee of the Northern Territory formsDepartment of HealthWorking PaperChange ownership; Pharmacy business; Compliant schedule 7; Relocation; Alteration; Pharmacy department; Pharmacist
2016Companion Card Transfer FormDepartment of HealthFormApplication form; Transfer; Program; Card
2015Northern Territory Mental Health Service Strategic Plan 2015 - 2021Department of Health; Mental Health BranchReportMental Health; Strategic Plan
Jul-2016Alcohol Mandatory Treatment (AMT) quarterly report July to September 2016Department of HealthReportAlcohol; Mandatory treatment; Drug; Statistics; Alcohol Mandatory Treatment reports; Alcohol Mandatory Treatment
Apr-2016Alcohol Mandatory Treatment (AMT) quarterly report April to June 2016Department of HealthWorking PaperAlcohol; Mandatory treatment; Alcohol Mandatory Treatment reports; Alcohol Mandatory Treatment
Jun-2016Long day care menu plannerDepartment of HealthPlanMenu Planner; Diet; Children
2014Healthy food and drink options for staff, volunteers and visitors, in NT Health facilities PolicyDepartment of Health; Nutrition and Physical ActivityPolicyHealthy Choices Made Easy; Nutrition; Policy
2016Northern Territory Needle and Syringe Program mapDepartment of HealthMapNeedle and Syringe Program; Plan
2017Varicella (chickenpox) vaccination year 8 students consent formDepartment of HealthFormVaricella (chickenpox); Consent form