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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
19-Nov-2021Outcomes following out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in the aeromedical retrieval population of the remote Top End of the Northern Territory, Australia.Urquhart, Colin; Martin, Jodie; Ross, MarkJournal Article-
13-Sep-2021Utility and outcomes among Indigenous and non-Indigenous patients requiring domiciliary oxygen therapy in the regional and rural Australian population.Heraganahally, Subash S; Mortimer, Nathan; Howarth, Timothy; Messenger, Raelene; Issac, Siji; Thomas, Izaak; Brannelly, CoralieJournal Article-
4-Jun-2021Critical care resource use associated with tourism in Central Australia.Robson, Briony; McAnulty, Greg; Secombe, PaulJournal Article-
7-Dec-2020Unintended benefits of a Randomised Control Trial: A demonstration of the impact of coordinated continual professional development in a remote hospital setting.Delima, Jennifer F; Dingwall, Kylie M; Clifford, Sarah; Cairney, Sheree; Smith, James A; Bowden, Stephen CJournal Article-
2020Overdiagnosis of scabies and overprescribing of scabies treatment in a scabies-endemic region.Felmingham, Claire; Tilakaratne, DevJournal Article-
Dec-2019Critical care burden of skin and soft tissue infection in Central Australia: More than skin deep.Secombe, Paul; Planche, Yannick; Athan, Eugene; Ollapallil, JacobJournal Articleadult; critical care; human T-lymphotropic virus 1; social conditions; soft tissue infections
29-Oct-2019Acute post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis in Central Australia.Dowler, James; Wilson, AngelaJournal Article-
5-Apr-2019Stage at presentation for head and neck cancer in the Top End of the Northern Territory.Waran E; Zubair MY; O'Connor NJournal Article-
Feb-2019Malignant otitis externa in Australian Aboriginal patients: A 9-year retrospective analysis from the Northern Territory.Loh, Tze Ling; Renger, Laura; Latis, Sergios; Patel, HemiJournal ArticleAustralian Aboriginal health; access issues; diabetes; ear disease and hearing; necrotising otitis externa
4-Jun-2018Impact of an integrated diabetes service involving specialist outreach and primary health care on risk factors for micro- and macrovascular diabetes complications in remote Indigenous communities in Australia.Hotu, Cheri; RĂ©mond, Marc; Maguire, Graeme; Ekinci, Elif; Cohen, NealeJournal ArticleIndigenous health; diabetes care; remote outreach