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17-May-2021Pharmacological and surgical interventions for the treatment of gastro-oesophageal reflux in adults and children with asthma.Kopsaftis, Zoe; Yap, Hooi Shan; Tin, Kyi Saw; Hnin, Khin; Carson-Chahhoud, Kristin VJournal Article; Review-
16-Mar-2021Review article: Has the implementation of time-based targets for emergency department length of stay influenced the quality of care for patients? A systematic review of quantitative literature.Jones, Peter; Haustead, Daniel; Walker, Katie; Honan, Bridget; Gangathimmaiah, Vinay; Mitchell, Robert; Bissett, Ian; Forero, Roberto; Martini, Ella; Mountain, DavidJournal Article; Review-
23-Feb-2021Review article: Have emergency department time-based targets influenced patient care? A systematic review of qualitative literature.Walker, Katie; Honan, Bridget; Haustead, Daniel; Mountain, David; Gangathimmaiah, Vinay; Forero, Roberto; Mitchell, Rob; Martini, Ella; Tesch, Greg; Bissett, Ian; Jones, PeterJournal Article; Review-
6-Jan-2021Human T-cell leukaemia virus type 1 associated pulmonary disease: clinical and pathological features of an under-recognised complication of HTLV-1 infection.Einsiedel, Lloyd; Chiong, Fabian; Jersmann, Hubertus; Taylor, Graham PJournal Article; Review-
10-Nov-2020Narrative Review of Hyperferritinemia, Iron Deficiency, and the Challenges of Managing Anemia in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians With CKD.Majoni, Sandawana William; Lawton, Paul D; Rathnayake, Geetha; Barzi, Federica; Hughes, Jaquelyne T; Cass, AlanJournal Article; Review-
23-Sep-2020eHealth technologies for screening, diagnosis and management of viral hepatitis: A systematic review.Haridy, James; Iyngkaran, Guru; Nicoll, Amanda; Hebbard, Geoffrey; Tse, Edmund; Fazio, TimothyJournal Article; Review-
3-Aug-2020Updating the model of eye care for Aboriginal populations in remote Central Australia.Mitchell, William; Hassall, Mark; Tim Henderson, A MJournal Article; Review-
1-May-2020Estimating the global burden of scabies: what else do we need?Cox, V; Fuller, L C; Engelman, D; Steer, A; Hay, R JJournal Article; Review-
16-Dec-2019Remote health workforce turnover and retention: what are the policy and practice priorities?Wakerman J; Humphreys J; Russell D; Guthridge S; Bourke L; Dunbar T; Zhao Y; Ramjan M; Murakami-Gold L; Jones MPJournal Article; Review-
13-Dec-2019Septic arthritis of the lumbar facet joint. Case and literature review.Yoon, Joseph; Efendy, Johnny; Redmond, Michael JJournal Article; ReviewEpidural abscess; Facet joint; Septic arthritis; Spinal surgery