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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
23-May-2022Local genomic sequencing enhances COVID-19 surveillance in the Northern Territory of Australia.Meumann, Ella M; Menouhos, Dimitrios; Christofis, Stefanos; Kondambu-Saaka, Kwaku M; Harbidge, Jaimee; Dakh, Farshid; Freeman, Kevin; Baird RWLetter-
15-Sep-2021Assessment of analytical bias in ferritin assays and impact on functional reference limits.Choy, Kay Weng; Sezgin, Gorkem; Wijeratne, Nilika; Calleja, John; Liwayan, Rachelle; Rathnayake, Geetha; McFarlane, Robert; McNeil, Alan; Doery, James C G; Lu, Zhong; Markus, Corey; Loh, Tze PingJournal Article-
13-Apr-2021An evaluation of existing manual blood film schistocyte quantitation guidelines and a new proposed method.Noutsos T; Laidman AY; Survela L; Arvanitis D; Segalla R; Brown SG; Isbister GKJournal Article-
Dec-2020Rapid deployment of pathology services to a remote Australian quarantine setting during the COVID-19 pandemic.Branley, James; O'Sullivan, Matthew; Polkinghorne, Adam; Poljak, Marin; Stephens, DianneLetter-
Oct-2020Use of a rapid faeces multiplex PCR assay for diagnosis of amoebic liver abscess.Douglas NM; Baird RW; Currie BJLetter-
26-Sep-2020Rapid detection of enteric pathogens in a medical assistance team by real-time multiplex PCR.Branley, James; Trewin, Abigail; Gray, Timothy James; Polkinghorne, AdamLetter-
Dec-2019Declining soil transmitted helminth detections in an Australian tropical region.Hung TY; Janson S; Smith P; Legg A; Baird RWJournal ArticleAustralia; Hymenolepis nana; Northern Territory; Soil transmitted helminths; Strongyloides spp
Aug-2019Impact of point-of-care testing for white blood cell count on triage of patients with infection in the remote Northern Territory of Australia.Spaeth, Brooke; Shephard, Mark; Kokcinar, Rana; Duckworth, Lauren; Omond, RodneyJournal ArticleWhite blood cell count; infection; point-of-care testing; remote health; triage
Jun-2019Is total iron binding capacity (TIBC) calculation correct?Rathnayake, Geetha; Badrick, TonyLetter-
Apr-2017Introduction of a rapid diagnostic dengue NS1 antigen-IgM/IgG combination assay associated with a reduced inpatient length of stay.Mayer JK; Freeman K; Baird RWLetter-