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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
Apr-2021Australian and New Zealand Guideline for Mild to Moderate Head Injuries in Children.Babl, Franz E; Tavender, Emma; Ballard, Dustin W; Borland, Meredith L; Oakley, Ed; Cotterell, Elizabeth; Halkidis, Lambros; Goergen, Stacy; Davis, Gavin A; Perry, David; Anderson, Vicki; Barlow, Karen M; Barnett, Peter; Bennetts, Scott; Bhamjee, Roisin; Cole, Joanne; Craven, John; Haskell, Libby; Lawton, Ben; Lithgow, Anna; Mullen, Glenda; O'Brien, Sharon; Paproth, Michelle; Wilson, Catherine L; Ring, Jenny; Wilson, Agnes; Leo, Grace Sy; Dalziel, Stuart RJournal Article-
16-Mar-2021Review article: Has the implementation of time-based targets for emergency department length of stay influenced the quality of care for patients? A systematic review of quantitative literature.Jones, Peter; Haustead, Daniel; Walker, Katie; Honan, Bridget; Gangathimmaiah, Vinay; Mitchell, Robert; Bissett, Ian; Forero, Roberto; Martini, Ella; Mountain, DavidJournal Article; Review-
23-Feb-2021Review article: Have emergency department time-based targets influenced patient care? A systematic review of qualitative literature.Walker, Katie; Honan, Bridget; Haustead, Daniel; Mountain, David; Gangathimmaiah, Vinay; Forero, Roberto; Mitchell, Rob; Martini, Ella; Tesch, Greg; Bissett, Ian; Jones, PeterJournal Article; Review-
9-Sep-2020Common cognitive pitfalls in emergency medicine.Kilner, Thomas; Butterfield, Emma; Poonian, JasmineJournal Article-
7-Jul-2020Clinical reasoning in resource limited settings: The realities of a remote medical retrieval service.Molnar, Kate; Walczynski, Tracy; Harris, DanielLetter-
6-Jul-2020Safer coalmines, happier, healthier and more engaged canaries.Bonning J; Palmer DJ; Skinner C; MacDonald AJournal Article-
Feb-2020Impact of a ketamine sedation protocol on intubation rates and undesirable outcomes in the transport of patients with acute behavioural disturbance.Shahtahmasebi, Roxanne; Johnson, Rich; Shahtahmasebi, SaidJournal Articleagitation; behavioural disturbance; mental health; remote Australia; retrieval medicine; sedation
28-Mar-2019Clinical risk for substance-affected patients attending an emergency department in the Northern Territory with police: A quality improvement initiative.Brownlea SJ; Miller J; Meagher J; Barzi F; Palmer DJJournal Articlealcohol dependence; did not wait; frequent attender; homelessness; police arrival; vulnerable patient
2019Is it possible to make a meaningful environmental difference in the emergency department? No.Dryden, Amy; Tran, VietJournal Article-
10-Dec-2018Re: Evaluation of the trauma triage accuracy in a Level 1 Australian trauma centre.Cameron, MitchellLetter-