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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
24-Feb-2022Miscommunication and language-discordant care in Australian healthcare settings.Floridis, JohnJournal Article-
24-Feb-2022Finding the patient in emergency department clinician-patient communication.Matthews, AlexanderJournal Article-
1-Feb-2022From Other Journals February 2022.Beck, Sierra; Honan, Bridget; Mallows, James L; Ting, JosephJournal Article-
6-Dec-2021Review article: Management of hyperemesis gravidarum and nausea and vomiting in pregnancy.Lowe, Sandra A; Steinweg, Kate EJournal Article; Review-
Dec-2021From Other Journals December 2021.Beck, Sierra; Honan, Bridget; Mallows, James L; Ting, JosephJournal Article-
5-Nov-2021Barriers and strategies to cultivating compassion in emergency medicine.Matthews, Alexander; Govindasamy, LaksmiJournal Article-
2-Nov-2021Compassion: A powerful skill for emergency trainees.Durand, CharlotteJournal Article-
Aug-2021Should the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine advocate for time-based targets as a quality indicator? A Quality Indicator Critical Appraisal evaluation.Jones, Peter; Walker, Katie; Bissett, Ian; Gangathimmaiah, Vinay; Honan, Bridget; Haustead, Daniel; Mitchell, Robert; Mountain, DavidLetter-
1-Jul-2021Do we do enough paediatrics?Kozlovski, Jennifer; Matthews, Alexander; Bertenshaw, Claire; Ho, James HJournal Article-
29-Jun-2021The Australasian College for Emergency Medicine's paediatric requirement provides an emergency medicine trainee with adequate paediatric experience: No.Watson, SarahJournal Article-