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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
2-Mar-2022Traumatic abdominal wall hernia in a patient with diastasis recti.Chaudhary, Shreyas; Luck, Tara; Cole, JessieJournal Article-
26-Feb-2022Vascular abnormality presenting as appendicitis.McMahon, Matthew; Williams, EvanJournal Article-
18-Jan-2022Pressure relieving interventions for the management of diabetes-related foot ulcers: a study from the Northern Territory of Australia.Berhane, Thomas; Jeyaraman, Kanakamani; Hamilton, Mark; Falhammar, HenrikJournal Article-
17-Jan-2022Emergent craniotomy in rural and regional settings - recommendations from a tertiary neurosurgery unit: surgical technique and future prospects.Raman, Vignesh; Jiwrajka, Manasi; Pollard, Cliff; Grieve, David A; Alexander, Hamish; Redmond, MichaelJournal Article; Review-
2-Nov-2021Abdominal cocoon with eosinophilic infiltrate.Chaudhary, Shreyas; Toro Tole, David; Vishnoi, Veral; Sufyan, Wajiha; Bradbury, RichardJournal Article-
27-Sep-2021Intracranial infected collections and epidemiology in the top end, Northern Territory, Australia. A 10-year case series.Yoon, Joseph; O'Bryan, Claire Maree; Maclachlan, Liam; Redmond, MichaelJournal Article-
3-Sep-2021"The odds were stacked against me": A qualitative study of underrepresented minorities in surgical training.Villanueva, Claudia; Cain, Justin; Greenhill, Jennene; Nestel, DebraJournal Article-
28-Jun-2021Two-year outcomes from the Australian and New Zealand Emergency Laparotomy Audit-Quality Improvement pilot study.Aitken, R James; Griffiths, Ben; Van Acker, Jill; O'Loughlin, Edmond; Fletcher, David; Treacy, John P; Watters, David; Babidge, Wendy JJournal Article-
22-Apr-2021Shotgun pellet ingestion: two cases unique to the Northern Territory.Cui, Rebecca Bei Jia; Kaneko, Yui; Suppiah, AravindJournal Article-
26-Jan-2021Perforated jejunal diverticular disease: an uncommon cause of the acute surgical abdomen.Goh, Barnabas; Harbison, Annabelle; Sufyan, Wajiha; Thomas, SabuJournal Article-