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9-Sep-2022Outcomes of Cerebral Venous Thrombosis due to Vaccine-Induced Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia After the Acute Phase.van de Munckhof A; Lindgren E; Kleinig TJ; Field TS; Cordonnier C; Krzywicka K; Poli S; Sánchez van Kammen M; Borhani-Haghighi A; Lemmens R; Scutelnic A; Ciccone A; Gattringer T; Wittstock M; Dizonno V; Devroye A; Elkady A; Günther A; Cervera A; Mengel A; Chew BLA; Buck B; Zanferrari C; Garcia-Esperon C; Jacobi C; Soriano C; Michalski D; Zamani Z; Blacquiere D; Johansson E; Cuadrado-Godia E; Vuillier F; Bode FJ; Caparros F; Maier F; Tsivgoulis G; Katzberg HD; Duan J; Burrow J; Pelz J; Mbroh J; Oen J; Schouten J; Zimmermann J; Ng K; Garambois K; Petruzzellis M; Carvalho Dias M; Ghiasian M; Romoli M; Miranda M; Wronski M; Skjelland M; Almasi-Dooghaee M; Cuisenier P; Murphy S; Timsit S; Coutts SB; Schönenberger S; Nagel S; Hiltunen S; Chatterton S; Cox T; Bartsch T; Shaygannejad V; Mirzaasgari Z; Middeldorp S; Levi MM; Kremer Hovinga JA; Jood K; Tatlisumak T; Putaala J; Heldner MR; Arnold M; Aguiar de Sousa D; Ferro JM; Coutinho JMJournal Article-
9-Sep-2022The dilemma of Pituri: a review and case report.Wan M; Quinn C; Butson C; Kingon ACase Reports-
1-Sep-2022Child- and family-level factors associated with toothbrushing frequency in a sample of Australian children.Tadakamadla SK; Rathore V; Mitchell AE; Kaul A; Morawska AJournal ArticleAustralia; Cross-Sectional Studies; Humans; Parenting; *Parents; *Toothbrushing
30-Aug-2022Comparison of polysomnographic characteristics between low birthweight and normal birthweight children in the Northern Territory of Australia: A case-control study.Howarth TP; Heraganahally SS; Gentin N; Jonas C; Williamson B; Jing MX; Suresh SJournal Article-
29-Aug-2022Sustainability of evidence-based practices in the management of infants with bronchiolitis in hospital settings - a PREDICT study protocol.Ramsden V; Babl FE; Dalziel SR; Middleton S; Oakley E; Haskell L; Lithgow A; Orsini F; Schembri R; Wallace A; Wilson CL; McInnes E; Wilson PH; Tavender EClinical Trial Protocol; Journal ArticleAustralia; *Bronchiolitis/therapy; Child; Emergency Service, Hospital; *Evidence-Based Practice; Hospitals; Humans; Infant; Randomized Controlled Trials as Topic; Retrospective Studies
29-Aug-2022Association Between Centralization and Outcome for Children Admitted to Intensive Care in Australia and New Zealand: A Population-Based Cohort Study.Slater A; Beca J; Croston E; McEniery J; Millar J; Norton L; Numa A; Schell D; Secombe P; Straney L; Young P; Yung M; Gabbe B; Shann FJournal Article-
29-Aug-2022Co-design with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities: A journey.Tamwoy N; Rosas S; Davis S; Farthing A; Houghton C; Johnston H; Maloney C; Samulkiewicz N; Seaton J; Tuxworth G; Bat MJournal Article-
28-Aug-2022Roadmap to incorporating group A Streptococcus molecular point-of-care testing for remote Australia: a key activity to eliminate rheumatic heart disease.Barth DD; Cinanni G; Carapetis JR; Wyber R; Causer L; Watts C; Hengel B; Matthews S; Ralph AP; Pickering J; Cannon JW; Anderson L; Wade V; Guy RJ; Bowen ACJournal Article-
25-Aug-2022Long-term azithromycin in children with bronchiectasis unrelated to cystic fibrosis: treatment effects over time.Vicendese D; Yerkovich S; Grimwood K; Valery PC; Byrnes CA; Morris PS; Dharmage SC; Chang ABJournal Article-
18-Aug-2022A successful partnership model for COVID-19 vaccination in Aboriginal communities in New South Wales.Riley T; Guthrie J; Whop L; Walsh N; Jackson A; Weeramanthri TJournal Article-