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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
4-May-2021Re: Epidemiology of Escherichia coli Bacteraemia: A Systematic Literature Review.Baird, Rob W; Douglas, Nick MComment; Editorial-
3-May-2021Correction to: Invasive group A Streptococcus disease in Australian children: 2016 to 2018 - a descriptive cohort study.Oliver, Jane; Thielemans, Elise; McMinn, Alissa; Baker, Ciara; Britton, Philip N; Clark, Julia E; Marshall, Helen S; Blyth, Christopher C; Francis, Joshua; Buttery, Jim; Steer, Andrew C; Crawford, Nigel WPublished Erratum-
2-May-2021Incidence and Predictors of Vascular Events Following End Stage Kidney Disease in Childhood.Le Page, A K; Kennedy, S E; Durkan, A; Chaturvedi, S; Walker, A; Sypek, M PJournal Article-
May-2021Genomic epidemiology of tuberculosis in eastern Malaysia: insights for strengthening public health responses.Bainomugisa, Arnold; Meumann, Ella M; Rajahram, Giri Shan; Ong, Rick Twee-Hee; Coin, Lachlan; Paul, Dawn Carmel; William, Timothy; Coulter, Christopher; Ralph, Anna PJournal Article-
1-May-2021Pretreatment With Mifepristone Compared With Misoprostol Alone for Delivery After Fetal Death Between 14 and 28 Weeks of Gestation: A Randomized Controlled Trial.Allanson, Emma R; Copson, Sean; Spilsbury, Katrina; Criddle, Sonya; Jennings, Belinda; Doherty, Dorota A; Wong, Antonia M; Dickinson, Jan EJournal Article-
May-2021Primary prevention of acute rheumatic fever.Wyber, Rosemary; Bowen, Asha C; Ralph, Anna P; Peiris, DavidJournal Article-
May-2021Providing the right tools before the start of life.Brown, KiarnaJournal Article-
23-Apr-2021Hazardous and harmful alcohol use in the Northern Territory, Australia: the impact of alcohol policy on critical care admissions using an extended sampling period.Secombe, Paul; Campbell, Lewis; Brown, Alex; Bailey, Michael; Pilcher, DavidJournal Article-
22-Apr-2021Shotgun pellet ingestion: two cases unique to the Northern Territory.Cui, Rebecca Bei Jia; Kaneko, Yui; Suppiah, AravindJournal Article-
21-Apr-2021Chronic suppurative skin lesions in a young woman.Arkell, Paul; Florindo, Tanizio E; Baird, Rob; Babua, ChristopherJournal Article-