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Title: Biting insects and the rural area strategy plan - 1986
Authors: Whelan PI
Corporate Author: Northern Territory Medical Entomology Branch
Publisher: Medical Entomology Branch, N.T. Dept. of Health
Abstract: The Northern Territory Department of Lands is currently producing a rural area strategy plan to guide the development of the rural area of Darwin. The study area extends from the existing urban development south to the Manton River, and from the Adelaide River westwards to the Blackmore River. One particular aspect of rural planning of concern to the Northern Territory Department of Health is the possible location of rural residential areas within flight range of large and uncontrollable sources of potential disease carrying mosquitoes. This can pose problems by exposing people to endemic mosquito borne diseases such as epidemic polyarthritis, and also in coping with possible outbreaks of introduced mosquito borne diseases such as malaria.
Publication Date: 1986
Type: Report
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