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Title: 1988 box jellyfish awareness campaign
Authors: Markey, Gloria
Corporate Author: Northern Territory. Dept. of Health and Community Services
Publisher: N.T. Dept. of Health & Community Services
Abstract: Box Jellyfish, particularly Chironex Fleckeri are dangerous from October to May each year. This is commonly known as "Stinger Season". During the 1988 dry season their were several Box Jellyfish stings reported. It became obvious that there was a need to increase community awareness of the presence of Box Jellyfish in North Australia's coastal waters all year round. Similar campaigns have been co-ordinated by Health Promotion Branch for some years. Two other issues approached during the 1988 campaign were; -relevant warnings to Aboriginal Communities -the placement of new warning signs on beaches and coastal reserves.
Publication Date: 1988
Type: Report
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