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Title: Mosquito survey, Jabiru, March 1979
Authors: Davis, Geoff (Geoffrey Peter)
Corporate Author: Northern Territory. Medical Entomology Section
Publisher: Medical Entomology Section
Abstract: This report is part of a continuing investigation being conducted in the Jabiru area to assess: (1) the potential of mosquitoes to cause pest and disease problems (2) the impact of man's activities upon local mosquito breeding. The previous entomological surveys of June 1977 and May 1978 revealed sufficient numbers of mosquitoes in the area to constitute pest problems and a disease potential at those times. Seasonal variability in the type and availability of mosquito breeding sites necessitates a number of investigations be conducted at different times during the year. This survey considers the mosquito situation in the latter part of the wet season. As developments of the mining site and the nearby regional town proceeds, later surveys will consider the impact of man, as regards the creation of new breeding sites and the alteration of known breeding sites.
Publication Date: 1978
Type: Report
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