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Title: Practical Considerations for Treating Patients With Cancer in the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Authors: Segelov, Eva
Underhill, Craig
Prenen, Hans
Karapetis, Christos
Jackson, Christopher
Nott, Louise
Clay, Tim
Pavlakis, Nick
Sabesan, Sabe
Heywood, Ellen
Steer, Christopher
Lethborg, Carrie
Gan, Hui K
Yip, Desmond
Karanth, Narayan
Karikios, Deme
MacIntyre, C Raina
Citation: JCO oncology practice 2020-05-13: OP2000229
Abstract: Cancer has become a prevalent disease, affecting millions of new patients globally each year. The COVID-19 pandemic is having far-reaching impacts around the world, causing substantial disruptions to health and health care systems that are likely to last for a prolonged period. Early data have suggested that having cancer is a significant risk factor for mortality from severe COVID-19. A diverse group of medical oncologists met to formulate detailed practical advice on systemic anticancer treatments during this crisis. In the context of broad principles, issues including risks of treatment, principles of prioritizing resources, treatment of elderly patients, and psychosocial impact are discussed. Detailed treatment advice and options are given at a tumor stream level. We must maintain care for patients with cancer as best we can and recognize that COVID-19 poses a significant competing risk for death that changes conventional treatment paradigms.
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Journal title: JCO oncology practice
Publication Date: 2020-05-13
Type: Journal Article
DOI: 10.1200/OP.20.00229
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