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Title: Leprosy : short notes on epidemiology, leprosy management, deformity in leprosy, leprosy control, Hansolar medication, use of Selsun for pityriasis
Corporate Author: Northern Territory. Dept. of Health
Publisher: N.T. Dept. of Health
Abstract: Leprosy is caused by a bacillus - Mycobacterium Leprae. Most people who come in contact with infectious leprosy are capable of controlling its spread within the body. Droplet spread from infectious cases is probably responsible for most secondary cases although some may occur from skin to skin contact. Opportunity for infection is the most important factor in determining who becomes infected. Patients are quickly rendered non-infectious after short courses of bactericidal drugs. Spread therefore occurs before diagnosis. Isolation does not achieve control. Vaccination against leprosy is a hope for the future although B.C.G. may have modified some endemics.
Publication Date: 1981
Type: Report
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