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Title: Review of the Northern Territory Sobering Up Shelters
Other Titles: Sobering Up Shelter Review
Authors: Gore, Cecelia
Corporate Author: Director Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs
Publisher: Department of Health
Abstract: Subsequent to the Alcohol Polices and Legislation Review (Riley Report) conducted in 2017, PwC’s Indigenous Consulting (PIC) have been engaged to review and evaluate the nature of the services provided by Sobering Up Shelter (SUS) services in the Northern Territory and to consider how they may be enhanced and strengthened in line with the key focus areas below: - Identify opportunities for enhancements to ensure SUS are well placed in the service system, ensuring continuum of service for clients. - Identify if the current infrastructure including number and configuration of beds at each existing SUS are adequate to meet community standards. - Identify a high level SUS service model considering factors that may impact on that model with regard to implementation in each geographic area such as peak demand times, staffing levels, key performance indicators and accreditation. - Determine whether the current AUDIT (or similar) screening tool is being completed with every client, whether it is the most appropriate tool to use and identify reasons for low utilization rates in some SUS services.
Publication Date: 2018-12-18
Type: Report
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SUS Review Final Report.pdfReview of all 5 NT Sobering-Up Shelters as Recommendation 3.5.1 Alcohol Policy and Legislative Review1.45 MBAdobe PDFView/Open

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