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dc.descriptionThe Pharmacy Guidelines section includes:;Section 250 NT Medicines, Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act PHC Remote Guideline;Cold Chain PHC Remote Guideline; Disposal of Unwanted Medicines Following an Emergency / Disaster Event PHC Remote Guideline;Dose Administration Aids PHC Remote Guideline; Drug Storage Room Standards PHC Remote Guideline; Emergency Medical Kits PHC Remote Guideline; Issuing and Administering Medicines PHC Remote Guideline; Medication Incident Reporting PHC Remote CAHS Procedure; Medicine Counselling PHC Remote Guideline; Pharmacy Audits PHC Remote Guideline; Pharmacy Ordering PHC Remote Guideline; Prescriptions PHC Remote Guideline; Reporting Medication Incidents PHC Remote Guideline; Restricted Schedule 4 Medicines PHC Remote Guideline; Return of Unwanted Medicines PHC Remote Guideline; Schedule 8 Medicines PHC Remote Guideline;Standard Drug List PHC Remote Guideline; Standard Drug List Stock Management PHC Remote Guideline; Vaccines PHC Remote Guideline.-
dc.description.abstractThe key purpose of these Guidelines is to provide comprehensive information on the legislation, standards and management for the safe and effective use of medicines and guide clinical practice in remote health centres.en_US
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dc.publisherDepartment of Healthen_US
dc.subjectS250; NT MPTGA; Gazette Notice; Government Gazette; SSTP; Scheduled Substance Treatment Protocol; Authorised Clinical Protocol; Declared Places; Medicines List; S4 S8, RS 4; RS4; S4; S2; S3; S5; Unscheduled; Disposal; Unwanted Medicines; Return; Transport; Breach; DAA; Sachet; Blister Pack; Dosette; Incident; Adverse Reaction; EMK; Standards; Counselling; Site Visit Audit; Regional Hospital; S100; Section 100; Contracted Pharmacy; Pharmacist; Drug Register; DD Register; Witness; SDL; Standard Drug List; Ordering; Stock; Vaccines; Immunisation; Cold Chain; Issue Medicines; Administer Medicines; Prescription; Transport; S8 Notification; RS4 Notification; Delivery; EMK Authorisation; Medicines and Poisons Control; Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme; PBS-
dc.titlePharmacy Guidelinesen_US
dc.title.alternativePharmacy Guidelines PHC Remoteen_US
dc.contributor.corpauthorPrimary Health Care Remoteen_US
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