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Title: DNA probes to identify members of the Anopheles farauti complex.
Authors: Booth, D R
Mahon, R J
Sriprakash, K S
Citation: Medical and veterinary entomology 1991-10; 5(4): 447-54
Abstract: DNA probes have been constructed to distinguish between the members of the Anopheles farauti complex of mosquitoes known as species numbers 1, 2 and 3. Partial genomic libraries of the three known species were exposed to labelled total genomic DNA from each species. Colonies showing differential hybridization were selected for further testing. These probes were found which allow identification of the three known species: probe pAf1 (160 bp fragment) hybridizes to DNA from An. farauti nos. 1 and 2; probe pAf2 (95 bp fragment) hybridizes to DNA from An. farauti no. 2 only; and probe pAf3 (1.3 kb fragment) hybridizes strongly to DNA from An. farauti no. 3, less to no. 1 and faintly to no. 2. Increasing the stringency of hybridization reduced the cross-hybridization of probes pAf1 and pAf3. Only radioactively labelled probes were tested. Males and females and individuals from diverse habitats and localities showed the same species/probe hybridization characteristics. This technique allows faster identification of the sibling species than previous methods, and has the added advantage that it allows air-dried and alcohol stored specimens to be identified.
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Journal title: Medical and veterinary entomology
Publication Date: 1991-10
ISSN: 0269-283X
Type: Journal Article
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