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Title: Cementifying fibroma of the maxillary antrum.
Authors: Santos LD
Arianayagam S
Citation: Pathology 1994-10; 26(4): 499-500
Abstract: A 26 yr old Caucasian, previously healthy, noticed a painless swelling of the left palate of 2 mths duration. On examination, a left maxillary swelling was noted with extension into the cheek. The mass was compressible. The CT scan revealed a large expansive tumor. Histological diagnosis of the enucleated lesion was cementifying fibroma. We describe a case of cementifying fibroma of the maxilla, an unusual location for this tumor.
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Journal title: Pathology
Publication Date: 1994-10
ISSN: 0031-3025
Type: Case Reports
Journal Article
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