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Title: Evaluation of PCR for diagnosis of melioidosis.
Authors: Haase, A
Brennan, M
Barrett, S
Wood, Y
Huffam, S
O'Brien, D
Currie, B
Citation: Journal of clinical microbiology 1998-04; 36(4): 1039-41
Abstract: Previously published PCR-based diagnostic tests for melioidosis were evaluated for clinical usefulness. A Burkholderia pseudomallei 16S rRNA-derived primer set had a sensitivity approaching 100% for clinical samples from 22 culture-confirmed cases of melioidosis and enabled diagnosis of 3 culture-negative cases. However, samples from 10 of 30 inpatients from Royal Darwin Hospital with other diagnoses were positive by PCR, giving a specificity of 67% and a positive predictive value of only 70%. Although there are a number of intriguing possible explanations for our results, concerns of inappropriate therapy resulting from a positive result by PCR have led us to forgo the advantage of rapid PCR diagnosis for melioidosis until a better system is validated.
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Journal title: Journal of clinical microbiology
Publication Date: 1998-04
ISSN: 0095-1137
Type: Journal Article
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