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Title: Mosquito investigation Wagait Beach 14th to 15th January 2015
Authors: Warchot, Allan
Publisher: Medical Entomology, DoH
Abstract: Medical Entomology received a mosquito enquiry from Wagait Shire Council on the 9th of January 2015. The complaint was received around the time of high salt marsh mosquito (Aedes vigilax) numbers in the Darwin Northern Suburbs, and when other areas of the Top End coastline were most likely also experiencing similar mosquito problems. Aedes vigilax has a very long flight range, and thus during major early wet season rainfall events, much of the NT coastline is likely to experience seasonal problems. However, in light of a lack of recent mosquito data from Wagait Beach, a mosquito investigation was carried out on the 14th-15th of January 2015, to determine which mosquito species was the causing the problem, the levels of mosquitoes compared to the most affected suburbs in Darwin, and the likely sources of the problem mosquitoes.
Publication Date: 2015-07
Type: Technical Report
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