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Title: Ichthys gas field development project: biting insect survey of Blaydin Point, Darwin
Authors: Warchot, Allan
Publisher: Medical Entomology, Department of Health and Community Services
Abstract: INPEX Browse, Ltd. (INPEX) proposes to develop the natural gas and associated condensate contained in the Ichthys Field situated about 220 km off Western Australia’s Kimberley coast and about 820 km west-south-west of Darwin. For the Ichthys Project, the company plans to install offshore extraction facilities at the field and a subsea gas pipeline from the field to onshore facilities at Blaydin Point in Darwin Harbour. The mangrove areas surrounding Blaydin Point are expected to be significant sources of the mangrove biting midge Culicoides ornatus. This species is the most significant pest biting midge in the coastal areas of northern Australia, and the mangrove habitat surrounding Blaydin Point indicates the likelihood of very high seasonal numbers. Mosquitoes are not expected to be a significant problem at Blaydin Point in comparison with other areas around Darwin because of the absence of extensive tracts of potential mosquito breeding habitat such as swamps, floodplains and rivers. However, because of the presence of tidal areas, it was expected that the northern salt marsh mosquito Aedes vigilax would be seasonally present in significant numbers. Aedes vigilax is a potential vector of Ross River virus and Barmah Forest virus. As a result of the potentially significant biting-insect issues affecting Blaydin Point, the Medical Entomology Section of the Northern Territory’s Department of Health and Community Services (DHCS) was commissioned by GHD Pty Ltd to conduct a biting-insect assessment of Blaydin Point for INPEX.
Publication Date: 2009-09
Type: Technical Report
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