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Title: Incursion of Aedes aegypti in port areas of Darwin NT Australia, April and May 2013
Authors: Kurucz, Nina
Pettit, William J
Series/Report no.: Northern Territory Disease Control Bulletin;Vol. 20, No. 4
Publisher: Medical Entomology, DoH
Abstract: There were 2 exotic mosquito incursions detected at the Darwin port in the Northern Territory on the 23rd April and 3rd May 2013. In April, 5 adult Aedes aegypti were collected in a Biogents (BG) sentinel trap, and 1 adult Ae. aegypti was collected in a BG trap on 3rd May. Larvae and pupae were subsequently detected in a routine DAFF Biosecurity sentinel tyre trap on 14th May. The April incursion coincided with the berth of an international vessel at the international Toll Marine Logistics (TML) port facility, while the May incursion coincided with a vessel travelling on a national route between Cairns, Gove and Darwin. In response to both incursions, all receptacles in the TML port facility and adjacent premises were treated with residual insecticide and adult mosquito control (fogging) was carried out. Enhanced exotic mosquito surveillance was established as per protocol, to monitor for exotic mosquitoes over a period of 7 weeks. There have been no further detections of any adults or larvae Ae. aegypti at TML.
Publication Date: 2013-12-04
ISSN: 1440-883X
Type: Journal Article
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