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Title: Operation Bali assist--the Royal Darwin Hospital Intensive Care Unit.
Authors: Stephens, D P
De Keulenaer, B L
Collins, S
Harbison, P W
Weidmann, G
Potter, A W
Citation: Anaesthesia and intensive care 2003-06; 31(3): 300-5
Abstract: On October 12, 2002 the Bali bombing resulted in 62 severely injured patients being evacuated to Royal Darwin Hospital. This paper describes the planning and execution of the Intensive Care Unit disaster plan in the wake of the Bali bombing. There were a total of 20 patients from the Bali blast admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. The disaster operation was successful with all patients admitted, resuscitated, emergency treatment performed and then evacuated to interstate burns units in a timely and efficient manner.
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Journal title: Anaesthesia and intensive care
Publication Date: 2003-06
ISSN: 0310-057X
Type: Journal Article
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