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Title: An aggression policy that works.
Authors: Kitchener, Denby A
Sykes, Sharon R
McEwan, Allan G
Citation: Australian health review : a publication of the Australian Hospital Association 2004-12-13; 28(3): 357-62
Abstract: In 1999, a survey of the clinical staff in Royal Darwin Hospital showed that most instances of aggressive and abusive behaviour by patients or visitors occurring in the hospital went unreported because staff believed there would not be any follow-up investigation or action taken by management, Australia. In response, a hospital working party was formed to develop and implement an aggression management policy with practical effective strategies. The principal tool used was an Action Plan that delineated an immediate response to the aggression, as well as long-term strategies such as negotiated care and behaviour modification programs. An advocate is provided for the patient and debriefing for staff members. If the aggressive behaviour continues, early discharge of the patient could be initiated. The fundamental principle of the policy is to prevent fostering a culture of acceptance of aggressive behaviour through appropriate early intervention. In 2002, a follow-up survey showed that 82% of aggressive incidents were being reported and dealt with by management in a timely manner -- a significant improvement.
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Journal title: Australian health review : a publication of the Australian Hospital Association
Publication Date: 2004-12-13
ISSN: 0156-5788
Type: Journal Article
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