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Title: Measles transmission in immunized and partially immunized air travellers.
Authors: Coleman, K P
Markey, P G
Citation: Epidemiology and infection 2010-07; 138(7): 1012-5
Abstract: Most cases of measles in Australia are associated with travel or acquired from travellers from overseas. This study presents a series of three secondary cases of measles acquired through contact with a case of infectious measles acquired in China. Two of the cases were fully immunized siblings sitting eight rows behind the index case on a 4(1/2)-h flight from Singapore. The third case was acquired in the airport where the index case was in transit. The report highlights the travel-associated risk of measles and discusses the heredity of vaccine-induced measles immunity.
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Journal title: Epidemiology and infection
Publication Date: 2010-07
Type: Journal Article
DOI: 10.1017/S0950268809991129
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