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Title: Telemedicine in the Northern Territory: an assessment of patient perceptions in the preoperative anaesthetic clinic.
Authors: Roberts, Simon
Spain, Brian
Hicks, Chelsea
London, James
Tay, Stanley
Citation: The Australian journal of rural health 2015-06; 23(3): 136-41
Abstract: We investigated patient perceptions of a virtual preoperative anaesthesia evaluation clinic linking Royal Darwin Hospital to Katherine Hospital. Descriptive study, cross-sectional survey. Regional and rural areas of Northern Territory, Australia. Sample includes 27 respondents, five Indigenous, 18 non-Indigenous and four unknown. Introduction of a preoperative anaesthesia evaluation clinic. We designed a 10-item, 5-point Likert scale questionnaire assessing patient perceptions in four domains: (i) technical quality; (ii) perceived efficacy; (iii) affective patient experience; and (iv) patient preference. Qualitative responses are also reported. Twenty-seven out of 35 patients (77%) completed the questionnaire. Ninety-eight per cent were in positive agreement on technical quality with a mean score of 1.35 (SD: 0.53); Ninety-five per cent on perceived efficacy, 1.35 (SD: 0.65); Eighty-four per cent in negative agreement on affective patient experience (negative perception item), 4.19 (SD: 1.07); Eighty-one per cent in negative agreement on patient preference (negative perception item), 4.23 (SD: 1.14). There were no significant differences in the answers between Indigenous (five patients) and non-Indigenous patients (18 patients). Our study confirms the acceptability of telemedicine in the remote assessment of preoperative patients in the Northern Territory, with positive perceptions in all four domains.
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Journal title: The Australian journal of rural health
Publication Date: 2015-06
Type: Journal Article
DOI: 10.1111/ajr.12140
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